What Does a Libra Look Like?

What Does a Libra Look Like?


Genetics and astrology cannot compete with one another. If one were to compare the two, genetics would always have the upper hand. However, there are a few things that astrology has an influence over. When it comes to physical appearance, genetics dominate. However, it is the demeanor of the human being in question that can be attributed to the influence of their Zodiac sign. This influence can be to the extent that it shapes the physical features in a manner that makes them distinct. The way your smile can change the way people perceive your beauty. The way you talk can have an effect on the image you form in someone's subconscious mind. And in ways like these, we start appearing similar to others from our Zodiac sign. That's how you might feel like one Libra looks similar to the other. If you have ever wondered, why are Libras so beautiful? The answer is not in asking how do Libras look? But in how they do appear.

To understand that, here's an article on what does a Libra looks like!

Libra physical traits

It would be hard to give an exact description of the typical Libra features. As I said, it is about how their looks are perceived and not how they are really.

The Venus dimple is very noticeable on the Libra men and women. Their ruling planet Venus blesses them with beautiful dimples. It might not be a very noticeable dimple, but it will add to their beauty. If there isn't any dimple on the cheeks or the chin, it might be on the knees. But be careful before you start going around checking people's knees.

There is pleasantness in their facial expressions that is unlike those around them. Libras exude harmony and balance. While it won't be right to say that they have an internal balance. The scales are always tipping to one side or the other. But this internal turmoil doesn't reflect on their face. And they have a calming and pleasant face.

Even anger cannot cause an imbalance in their mild and neutral expressions. It's like Linda Goodman said in her book, Sun Signs, “A Libran is the only person on earth who can say, "I hate you and I'm going to punch you in the nose," and sound as if he's reciting Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?"”. In that sense, they can appear a bit emotionally impaired. But assuming that would be a disservice to the empathetic Libra men and women.

Much like their appearance, their voice is sweet and calming. They talk clearly and seldom raise their voice to a level that might make those around them uncomfortable. This is a big reason why Libras can resolve conflicts with ease. They can calm anyone angry and make them understand their point.

Libra woman physical appearance

What does a Libra girl look like? All Libras, be it male or female, have a pleasing appearance.

Naturally, Libra women are invariably pretty. This doesn't mean that all pretty women are Libra. All zodiac signs have their own beauty. But Venus beauty is a class by itself. After all, Venus was the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

A distinction can be drawn among the appearance of Libras and other Zodiac signs though.

Libra women often appear to be really sweet and traditionally feminine. Their look isn't that of a sexy and foxy woman (they have to try really hard to look like that). Their beauty is more traditional. It is soft and tender. They always have an innocence about them which is quite distinct from other zodiac signs.

Libra women also have curvy body. This is not to say that they are overweight. Even if they are, they are completely in control of gaining and losing weight. But what I meant by curvy is that their body lies a slim hourglass. The closest comparison that I can think of is that of the Kardashian sisters. And well, Kim Kardashian is a Libra female.

Libra girls have a beautiful smile that will make you forget all your worries. Linda Goodman described this as a “smile like a soft, white cloud”. And this comparison couldn't be any more accurate. Because there is a clear beauty to their smile that distracts you from your present. You might notice that in the middle of a conversation you would feel fixated with their smile. It is hard to forget the smile of a Libra woman.

Libra man physical appearance

Of course, Venus is equally influential on her male and female subjects.

Naturally, Libra men are just as handsome as Libra women are beautiful. There's just one distinction that many Libra men might not like. A few Libra men have soft, sweet facial features too, like the female Libras. This doesn't mean that they look any less masculine. But they can be termed beautiful as well as being called handsome.

Libra men, almost without fail, have beautiful lips. This is what makes them such amazing kissers, I'm guessing. Both Libra men and women have bow-shaped lips. Of course, the men don't have as pronounced lips as the women. But both share an almost candy-like red color.

Their hair is seldom straight. In fact, most Libra men have curly or wavy hair. Which makes sense because of their element in Air. It is very hard for the Libra males to keep their hair from flowing like the wind. The more disciplined Libras stick to crew cuts. Others just accept things for what they are.

Another distinct feature of the Libra males is their laughter. They have distinct laughter that is bright and filled with merriment. Like the smile of the Libra woman, this laughter is hard to forget. More so because it conveys true joy. It is infectious that way.

What makes Libra attractive?

Their appealing physical features are certainly a contributing factor to their appeal. But why are Libras so attractive and irresistible?

Their romantic nature plays a big part in what makes them physically attractive. Anyone who has dated a Libra male or female knows how romantic they are. They understand what romance means and they live it. Be it in the gifts that they send, or the messages that they write.

Their innate sense of justice is definitely something that makes them so attractive. Only a corrupt person would not like someone as just as the Libras. They never partake in anything unfair. Nor do they let injustice happen to anyone around them. Many of them end up being activists, and well, revolutionaries do make for excellent lovers.

Their kind-hearted and gentle demeanor is a breath of fresh air. In this hard-hearted world, it is really difficult to find people who are kind and compassionate. Equally hard is finding people who make you feel calm and at peace. Libras with their mature and balanced demeanor certainly make for extremely attractive partners.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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