The Dark Side of a Libra Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Libra Man in a Relationship


The air sign of the zodiac represented by the Scales, the Libra man is the solution-finder amidst mayhem and tyranny. However when preyed upon, they aren’t the ones to tolerate injustice. What happens when you hurt a Libra man? What are the negative traits and the weaknesses of a Libra man in a relationship? How does a Libra man behave when he is mad? What can you expect from a Libra male when he is angry?

Here are 8 facets to a Libra man’s personality at his darkest hours.

The Libra male could be detached

When a Libra man is hurt, upset or annoyed, you may not find him venting his anger outrageously.

The sense of maintaining a perfect balance in all aspects of his life makes him aloof. The detachment allows him to think rationally before making any move. He will try his level best to avoid extremes of behavior for that goes against the very foundation of his values of fairness and justice.

He is a very patient man. Before concluding or judging a situation, he takes some time off deciding the best option for himself (depending on the situation that he is confronted with). He will seldom entertain some drama to disturb his inner peace and harmony. In case he has been hurt or neglected, the Libra man will ignore you, cut you off and never look back.

He might publicize the problem

To a Libra man, his family and friends hold the highest value.

He knows how to prioritize and balance all relationships pretty well. In the event of some confusion, he would seek help or consult his close ones to arrive at his final decision.

What may be private to you might become quite public without your knowledge. This might seem like a breach of trust but with a Libra man it is difficult to keep family and friends away when he is disturbed.

The Libra men have a huge ego that is difficult to tame and being rubbed the wrong way can trigger them to forget certain boundaries that you may have clearly laid down in the relationship.

The Libra man is prone to promiscuity

The Libra man is a skilled charmer and a diehard romantic at heart. He surely has his ways to attract and mesmerize any woman he lays his eyes upon.

His sociable nature might clash with a partner who is reserved and is traditional in her approach to love. The Libra man is looking for a woman up to his expectations. He wants his best match, never settling till he finds the perfect one.

He is quite adept at using communication as his trump card and there would rarely be an argument that the Libra man would lose. This helps him win over multiple mates through mental stimulation.

He is often indecisive in his choice of a partner. The flakiness could forever set him out in search of the one who he thinks fits his bill. Being tied down to a single partner may not go well for long for Libra men are very capable of being poly-amorous or bisexual.

The Libra guy is highly self-centered

There is nothing quite more pivotal to a Libra man than his own happiness.

He could go cold all of a sudden and severs all ties with someone who doesn’t make him truly happy. As long as his idea of balance is met, he is content. The lofty ideals of justice are relative in reality but the Libra man doesn’t mind being called out for making a selfish choice in his relationships.

Libras are quite obsessed about their space and any form of intrusion or unruliness can put someone in their bad books for life. At times, he might choose to avoid a conversation altogether at the cost of being labelled a rebel. His sense of diplomacy is often a turn off when his partner needs him to stand up and defend her against all odds.

The Libra man is more logical than emotional

The Libra man is quite picky about his battles.

Though your Libra guy is always trying to dissect a problem from all angles in order to arrive at a just decision, this coerces him to be emotionally withdrawn. His sensitivity towards a partner may descend making him appear carefree or indifferent to her feelings.

Emotional ties could sometimes get a bit too heavy on his shoulders for he wants to be seen as wise, rational and neutral at all times. He earns a bad name for being a people pleaser.

A pushover attitude only makes him look weaker, someone without a firm grounding and voice. The very strength of being the peacemaker everywhere could turn against him when he makes a choice to shut away his heart and only look at a problem through the lens of objectivity, forgetting how important feelings are.

He brings up old grudges during fights

The memory of a Libra man goes back to ages. So, even when he appears to be nonchalant, he is smartly gathering all information to be used against someone at the right time. While he is not always a revenge seeker, he definitely keeps track of everything, never missing the devil in the details. In case of a clash of opinions, he won’t hesitate to bring up old skeletons from the closest and hurt you in the slyest way possible. While he might justify it in honor of the greatest good, the “truth” may be deeply hurtful. In case you ticked him off, try all you want but forgiveness is hard to come by unless he decides otherwise and agrees to start afresh.

The Libra male is passive aggressive

Count on the Libra man to give you a cold shoulder when he isn’t in the mood for you. Instead of confronting you he might just brush everything under the rug to look like the bigger person in the relationship. He will resist all contacts and make you feel like you never existed in his life. He acts stubborn and consciously avoids or disregards all your efforts. The Libra men could push themselves to a great extent in order to avoid a difficult conversation. Being vulnerable makes them fearful and the last thing that they would like is to be defenseless before their partner. He is scared of being lonely and hence, passive aggressiveness helps him express his discontent without the danger of losing someone he is fond of.

The Libra man is superficial

Your Libra guy is a lover of beauty and everything that’s refined on the surface level. He appreciates beauty in all forms. Being ruled by the planet Venus, he is trying to find the person closest to his idea of perfection. Even romance and lovemaking to him is an art and he wouldn’t hesitate to perfect his craft, experimenting beyond boundaries. The Libra man wants his woman well-dressed at all times and sets standards that might seem unrealistic to her after a certain point in the relationship. He spends lavishly on luxury and that potentially becomes a problem to a partner with a non-materialistic approach to life.


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