How to Make a Libra Man Jealous?

How to Make a Libra Man Jealous?


One characteristic of the Libra zodiac sign is that they are just. They would never do anything unfair to someone. At least in their eyes it never is. So, why would he engage in something like jealousy? Jealousy is, after all, an unfair emotion that arises out of an unfair judgement of those around us. But here's another lesser-known but strong personality trait in the Libra man: the ability to love like Romeo with the jealousy of Othello. So, what makes the Libra man jealous? Will making him jealous help to make him come back after a breakup? Or will it lead you down a path of destruction?

Here are all the advice you need to make a Libra man jealous and the answers to your jealousy related questions!

Are Libra men jealous and possessive?

I only have two simple words to answer this: Extremely Jealous. Yes, sure, they know how to maintain balance and all. But a jealous Libra man can be a real pain in the ass too. The Libra zodiac sign, especially the Libra male is capable of extreme harm too. The scales don’t often tip, but when they do, all hell breaks loose.

This is mostly because deep down he is vulnerable and very delicate. He cannot rationalise with something so strong as an unfaithful partner. Or a bad relationship. He will act out in either of those situations.

He’s also a very needy man. A lot of the times a Libra man doesn’t even need the presence of a third party to get jealous. He asks for a lot from his partner. When he doesn’t get that, it makes his jealous of whatever is keeping her away from his needs.

He might even fake jealousy sometimes. If there’s one thing that can be said about this man, it’s that he will give any relationship he’s in, his all. That might even make him act jealous when he really isn’t.

A Libra who has made up his mind cannot be made jealous. It might be difficult to make him jealous if he has already made an opinion about the situation. It takes a Libra guy very long to decide anything. But when he does no force in the universe can change his opinion on it.

What makes the Libra man jealous?

The next questions are, what makes a Libra man jealous? Have you heard of reverse psychology? In essence, it is about encouraging the opposite of what you intend to do, in order to get what you want. So, to make him love you more, you will have to do things that he will dislike. Or in other words, do these things to make him jealous:

  1. Ignore him on Social Media. The Libra man is a social media animal. He is very active and so responsive that you might get irritated by how quick he is to respond to texts. So, the way to make him jealous is by avoiding him in his habitat. Stay online as much as you can. Even if you do anything, make sure you are active. But don't text him. Don't initiate or respond to his texts. It wouldn't hurt if you start posting more too. Let him know you are living a life worth posting about. A life that you are not sharing with him.
  2. Respond late to his texts. Now, you shouldn’t ignore him all the time. you will have to respond to some of his messages or your jealousy plan might backfire. But when you do respond, do so after making him wait. He doesn’t need to get a response from you right away. Make him wait. You can even see his message and even then, choose to respond a little while later. Anything that suits you.
  3. Don’t respond to his attempts to make you jealous. The Libra man is all about serving justice. Sometimes it manifests itself in an evil form. This means that he will try to make you jealous by doing things that you hate the most. When he does that act like you didn’t even notice. Is he posting pictures with another woman? Like that photo and add a comment about how good they look together. Is he avoiding you? Pretend like you didn’t even notice.
  4. Let him know you are passionate, for other men. Now there’s a difference between making an ordinary man jealous, and a Libra male. The difference is that you shouldn’t actually flirt with anyone. Only let him know that there is a possibility that you might. You can do this by admiring other men. Talk about their sensuality. Not with respect to yourself but in general. Or with respect to other women. Even discussing how someone else’s girlfriend feels about another man will make him jealous.

How the Libra man shows jealousy?

It’s easy to spot a jealous Libra guy. They are just so bad at hiding their anger and frustration that they become easy to spot. Even in a crowd.

A jealous Libra male will suffer from anxiety and irritability. The usually calm and composed Libra man will now be seen huffing and puffing almost all the time. It won’t be pleasant to see him like that. But this is what you asked for.

He will become very weird around you. Even though you are the one being suspected of having an affair, his behaviour will get weird. Suspicious isn’t a very good colour on the Libra zodiac sign and that begins to show.

He will try very hard to make you jealous. Payback is just one of the ways in which Libra shows jealousy. So, he will give you a taste of your own medicine by making you jealous.

When all of his tantrums have passed, he will talk to you about what’s bothering him. This will be the right moment to let everything out. Just share how you feel with him and express the desire to work things out.

Making a Libra Man Jealous After Breakup: Will it Make Him Come Back?

Will the Libra man come back if you make him jealous? The simplest answer to this is, yes. You will get the Libra male's attention if you can make him jealous. But jealousy along won't bring him back. After a while, he starts seeing jealousy as an unfair emotion. So, you have to act fast.

Be honest about your feelings. I know that usually, you should hide how you feel. But in this case, just let him know how you feel. Take caution about how you do it though.

You don’t want to come across as clingy. He will start to find new reasons to avoid you if it gets too much for him. So, just let him know how you feel and step back.

More importantly, always keep your wits about you. Getting dramatic and emotional won't help your case at all. You have to come across as this calm, collected and composed human being, capable of handling mature, adult relationships.

Lastly, don’t forget to flirt with him. Honesty alone won’t get him back. You have to make him see the romantic potential of getting back with you.


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