What does a Libra Man Look for in a Woman?

What does a Libra Man Look for in a Woman?


Libra men want a committed relationship though they may seem too casual for a long term relationship. What does a Libra man want in love and what does he like in a woman? How to attract, woo and win over a Libra man? What makes a Libra man fall in love with someone? What's his best love match according to astrology?

Here is what you need to know about a Libra man when dating him or trying to make him fall for you!

What kind of woman does a Libra man like?

Libra men like intelligent and opinionated women. They value confidence and when a woman can make a strong impression with her brilliant communication and ideas, she is attractive to the Libra man.

He wants to associate himself with beautiful people. So, physical appeal is important for the Libra male while he is finding his soulmate. He loves chasing someone who trusts him and accepts him just the way he is. He wants to be admired and bring in harmony and balance in his relationships.

He is usually indecisive about his life and unwilling to settle for the average. So, a woman who can guide him and respects his space will win over his heart.

Libra man likes and dislikes in a woman

A Libra man likes a woman who respects his individuality. He needs someone with good communication skills to satisfy his curiosity. He wants a good chase before he actually commits. Ruled by the planet Venus, the men born under the Libra Zodiac sign like smartly dressed and well-groomed women who take care of their appearance. A woman who is messy and lacking organization skills could easily irritate the Libra man.

He likes change and values his freedom. If he is controlled or judged, he would be hurt. The Libra man dislikes a woman who tries to control him or questions his motives without a willingness to respect and appreciate his sound intellect and creativity.

What do Libra men like in bed?

The Libra male loves variety in sexual engagements. He admires beauty in all forms. So, he wants to experiment and creatively involve himself when he makes love to the woman of his dreams. He likes unleashing his kinkiness to raise the heat. He wants to feel that he is desirable.

Libras are romantic but also like new experiences. So, when a Libra man has sex, you could expect foreplay, incorporating sex toys and sharing fantasies or engaging in role plays to boost sexual intimacy. He wants to talk dirty and physically entice someone who is ready for an all-nighter. He needs mental stimulation and wants to fulfill his sexual fantasies while moving between a dominant to a submissive role.

What does a Libra man like in women of different Zodiac signs?

Libra Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

As these Zodiac signs are ruled by planets who govern our sexual needs, they share a strong mutual attraction towards each other. If emotions are handled sensitively, this could truly be a fiery combination of a couple who can barely keep their hands off each other. Libra needs to manage their self-confidence and communication so that trust builds while Aries could tone down the temper and aggressiveness in order to live a blissful relationship.

Libra Man Compatibility with Taurus Woman

What goes missing in this relationship is the opposite element. Both Venusian signs lack a strong affinity for each other, They might easily be distracted looking for someone who completes them with Libra seeking fulfillment of emotional needs while Taurus, its physical. Libra's indecisiveness is a bitter realization for Taurus while the latter's controlling tendencies could frustrate the willingness of the former to make efforts for progress.

Libra Man Compatibility with Gemini Woman

The quality they definitely admire about their romantic connection is the ability to respond to mental stimulation over plain physical compatibility. The mutual need for variety will keep the sex life spicy and experimentative. Their love grows stronger as they respect each other's need for space and freedom.

Libra Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

This could be a relationship not easy to come to terms with. The Libra may struggle to understand Cancer woman's emotions and sensitivity while the Libra man's active social life poses trust issues. Their speeds differ because of their opposite elements and this causes friction to develop. An emotionally demanding Cancer woman may have difficulty understanding the detached and free-spirited Libra man.

Libra Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

The air and fire chemistry grows into a deep sexual relationship. With a vibrant social life of both and a tendency to inspire and respect each other's needs, they'll grow fonder of the unique connection they share. They'll be able to respect their lover's boundaries and individualities to sustain the attraction and eventually grow old together.

Libra Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

Potential dissatisfaction with their inherent weaknesses will cause the relationship to crumble if sufficient care is not exercised to build trust and avoid judgements. This relationship needs groundwork right at the beginning due to lack of understanding of each other's emotions and expectations from the relationship.

Libra Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

The similarities of interests will cause a seamless connection to take shape. If they could communicate with honesty and nip their problems in the bud, this could be a relationship that stands the test of time. With a rational understanding of uncertainties and building intimacy through open sharing of feelings, they'll be a perfect match for each other.

Libra Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

There will be possessiveness and obsession in this relationship. An irresistible pull draws them close and deepens the bond eventually. When love happens, there will be enough action leaving room for some friction to arise. However, they'll need to work out their issues of trust and loyalty to imagine a future together beyond an intense sexual connection.

Libra Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman

This relationship has the potential for romance and sensuality. Being experimental-friendly, they'll embark on a journey of exploration together and reveal their hidden traits to each other. They need freedom to express and move at will which needs regulation for trust to be secure in the long-term.

Libra Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

The Libra man and Capricorn woman may suffer from a lack of physical intimacy due to a lack of understanding and emotional reciprocity. Unless there is resolution of their mental needs, there could be a break in their ties. If the couple has to head towards a stable future, they would need greater efforts to show greater acceptance of their differences.

Libra Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Physical connection could be playful and fun because of their unique approach to finding sexual bliss. As air signs, they communicate beautifully and engage in endless conversations which becomes a special feature of their love life. When this couple makes a greater commitment to settle down and respect each other's unique traits, they'll be able to make the relationship last.

Libra Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

Trust may be a difficult factor for the individuals to develop in this relationship. As their approach to emotions and sexuality take opposite paths, they'll struggle to communicate their needs and open up their vulnerabilities to each other.


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