How to Know if a Libra Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Libra Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


The Libra Man is a passionate lover when he finds his ideal match. He is picky but once he decides to settle down, you are all he wants. However, he does have a bad reputation for being a playboy of the zodiac. How to know if a Libra man is playing You? If he is just using you for sex? If the Libra guy you are dating is not trustworthy? What are the signs Libra man is not really interested and just taking advantage of you?

Here are a few red flags and signs you should be able to notice when the Libra man is faking his emotions and not genuinely interested in pursuing a serious relationship with you.

1. Libra guy hides his feelings

When a Libra man tries to avoid eye contact or keeps secrets from you, he mistrusts you. He does not feel confident of your presence in his life. Therefore, he will conceal his feelings so that he does not feel vulnerable around you. He is only desirous of a casual relationship that does not take away much of his time and energy.

2. Libra man is using you if he takes favors

He needs you desperately only when it is about materialistic satisfaction. He asks you for gifts or worse, demands you to pay for his expenses. He wants you to take care of his luxuries and comforts without reciprocating in any manner whatsoever. You are his cash cow and as long as he is able to reap the benefits to his heart's content, he will repeatedly lie about his love for you. He is basically a gold digger who does not care about your emotions.

3. Libra man is not interested when he flirts with other women

Libra men are attractive. When has his eyes all over the place, he does not feel attracted to you. He wants you to be around just for the company. He fishes for compliments elsewhere or projects himself outrageously around the opposite sex. He wants to impress them and get cozy with them. He has plenty of female ‘friends' who are more important than you.

4. Libra man never really misses you

No longer how long you have been away from him, he seems to forget about you when you are away. He has never told you that he wants you with him or expressed his disappointment when distance grows because of other priorities. He is not fond of you and hence, your absence doesn't create an emptiness in his life. In fact he seems to be perfectly at peace, never missing you or communicating his sadness when you are gone.

5. If a Libra man does not pay attention, it's a sign he doesn't really want you

He does not care a bit about your needs. He acts cold around you. Your feelings have no worth for him and he is quick at blaming you every time. He neglects you or humiliates you when you long for his support. It's a dysfunctional relationship basically when the Libra man leaves you feeling lonely and depressed. He does not make you feel like you belong in his life. So, he discusses nothing with you at all.

6. Libra man is not obsessed about you

You don't find him excited to meet you. He makes plenty of excuses to show that he is occupied or has other engagements. He has no time for romancing you or making you feel special. He does not value you enough and isn't thrilled to express his passion towards you. When the Libra man is in love, he is very articulate about his feelings. He would hate to be away from you and make efforts to show his warmth and kindness.

7. Libra man will not marry you when he only has time for sex

Libra men can be involved in philandering when they are in a playful mood, not wishing to take responsibilities for their partner. Sex with him is great because he is totally mindful when he is immersed in the sexual performance. Libra men are freedom lovers and need a lot of space to be themselves without strings attached. If he indulges in booty calls or makes time for sexual intimacy only, he does not picture a family with you. After, sex he seems totally detached and unconcerned.

8. Libra man is not serious about you when he plays mind games

As great communicators, the men born under the Libra Zodiac sign can infuse wit and sarcasm in their conversations. They are sweet talkers and will charm you to bits when they are smitten by you sex appeal. They need perfectly groomed gorgeous women in their lives. So, when they wish to chase you for physical satisfaction, they'll toy with your feelings and extract joy out of your selflessness. He'll definitely act selfish and conceited when you are only an object of pleasure to him.

9. Libra man does not want a serious relationship with you when he is critical

The Libra male could get critical when he does not think you are good enough. He picks flaws with you and makes you feel inferior. He is constantly irritated with everything that you do and gets angry at the littlest of things. You are only his sidekick or a caretaker and nothing more. He is too comfortable with your presence and does not express his gratitude towards you. He is playing you just for short-term gains and once he finds someone better he'll make a quick exit from your life.

10. Libra man is testing you when he stops texting

He ghosts you whenever it is convenient for him. He is not answerable to you about his movements or actions. He goes missing for a few days or months and comes back again to bombard you with overwhelming emotions. He stops texting or calling you at his sweet will. He closes all communication channels with you because he is ignorant or the least bothered about your hurt. So, when the Libra man does not prioritize your words or convenience but uses you as a stop gap arrangement, he enjoys the sadistic pleasure of causing you pain.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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