Libra Man and Virgo Woman: Love Compatibility?

Libra Man and Virgo Woman: Love Compatibility?


The Virgo Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, while Libra is ruled by Venus. This seems like a difficult match, for the ruling planets shed light on different styles of communicating their feelings for each other. The planets highlight the opposite sides of personalities that will clash quite often. Is a Virgo woman a compatible match for a Libra man? Is a wedding between them possible? What makes them however attracted to each other?

Discover what astrology has to reveal about the love compatibility between a Libra man and a Virgo woman.

Virgo woman and Libra man initial attraction

A Libra man is quite artistic. He admires women who take care of themselves and are well groomed. Blessed with a keen eye and orderly demeanour, a Virgo woman is neat and loves structured clothing. This is appealing to a Libra man who may easily fall for her aesthetic detailing of clothes and grace.

A Libra man has a primal instinct to be fair in all cases. He likes to take the diplomatic route to solve any problem of the most complex nature. To him justice reigns supreme and he would do everything to make sure people around him are happy. This is a trait that draws a Virgo woman closer to a Libra man.

An intellectual stimulation is what draws them to each other. The relationship between a Libra man and Virgo woman is founded on their mental instincts. However, when emotions surface, they could have a hard time expressing themselves compassionately or having their actions reciprocated with the same intensity as the other expects.

The Libra man and the Virgo woman in bed

Are the Libra man and the Virgo woman sexually compatible? Their sexual compatibility is somewhat difficult...

She doesn’t display sportiness when it comes to trying new things. While a Virgo woman is guarded, always trying to gauge every move with utmost care, a Libra man can find the behavior extremely frustrating after a certain point. Sex life needs work and with a lack of initiative and fun, it could be down in the slumps.

Virgo woman are slow when it comes to sex. The air sign Libra moves pretty fast and cannot comprehend the snail’s pace of a Virgo woman when it comes to intimacy. Although the Virgo woman has quite an adaptable character, it is still a struggle for her to reach the pace which a Libra man demands from her.

Soul sex is a far cry between these Zodiac signs. It is difficult for them to satisfy each other. With better communication and understanding of each other’s expectations, they could however still reach a mid way to find a solution. They need to show a higher level of understanding towards each other’s unique personalities and work on giving and receiving emotions on a better scale if not equal.

Relationship problems between the Libra and the Virgo

A Libra man can find it extremely frustrating to handle the objectivity and practical side of a Venus woman. A Virgo woman is always trying to protect herself from being too emotionally attached to someone in the fear that she may have her heart broken. To a Libra man, a relationship needs to be like a fairy tale, he is quite creative that way while a Virgo woman is focused on the concrete reality and has no time for building castles in the air.

For a Virgo woman, emotions take a back seat and she is focused on routine. She is comparatively rigid and stiff in the understanding of a Libra man. She likes everything tidy and organized and doesn’t take things on face value, giving much thought to things beyond what meets the eye.

A Virgo woman is quite critical of people, always trying to reach the highest level of perfection. A Libra man will never have the patience to handle the kind of criticism that she is capable of unleashing. Virgos are generally perceived as boring because of their lack of spontaneity and conservative nature.

This couple will suffer from a lack of trust due to the highly sociable nature of the Libra man. The Virgo woman will find it difficult to understand why the Libra man needs to use his charm over everyone that he meets and spend more time around his friends and acquaintances or even with strangers than her.

A Libra man is quite easily upset with the reserved character of his Virgo partner. She always seems to have high walls built around herself. It just seems to tell him that there is something that she is always hiding from him.

Is a wedding between a Libra man and a Virgo woman a good idea?

A lack of an emotional connect could ruin everything that they took time to build. It is difficult to find another couple in the Zodiac that could be so dissatisfied with their partner as a Libra man and a Virgo woman. This affects the overall respect both have for each other and leaves the relationship on crossroads.

If they have managed to go through the initial hurdles of the relationship, they will do quite well. Especially with finances and stability in their professional lives. In case their are working in the same professional areas, it could be a relationship where they help each other grow and move forward. They can be quite rational in this regard which could help them sustain the relationship for quite some time.

They could still manage to have fun in each other’s company. The Virgo female can manage to find a middle ground, unlike other Earth signs that are far more rigid. A Libra male being the indecisive one will have trouble making instant decisions. So, this could slow down is pace and help him catch up with his stubborn partner, the Virgo woman. However, the Virgo woman should keep in mind that pushing her ideas at the cost of hurting the Libra man’s ego is no good move. She should be patient and let him come up with his alternatives when deciding on their shared activities.

With the natural tendency of the Libra man to maintain balance and keep extremities under control, they would try hard to keep their Virgo woman happy. For a while they might even try to keep their emotions at bay and give in to the logic of a Virgo woman. However, when the floodgates of emotions open someday, a Libra man will find it hard to contain himself and blow things way out of proportion to reach normalcy.

With enough care and patience, the Virgo woman and the Libra man can handle their differences in a mature way. When the Virgo woman takes over the unattended responsibilities of the Libra man, a sense of incompleteness and inferiority could creep into him. If the fragile egos could be contained, the relationship could manage to sail despite the rough sea.


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