10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Libra (Man & Woman)

10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Libra (Man & Woman)


Libra natives are peace lovers. They are diplomatic and have an acute sense of balance. When triggered, they'll reveal the ugly side of their personality. So, what are the bad, negative personality traits and characteristics of Libras? How do Libra men and women behave when they are angry? What are the weaknesses of Librans?

Here are 10 facets of the Libra Zodiac sign's personality when Libra natives exhibit their dark side.

1. Libras can be unapproachable

The Libra native may have difficulty in expressing their anger. They'll usually suffer internally more than they'll ever let people around them know. While maintaining peace and harmony in their environment, Libra would rather keep themselves calm amidst chaos in order to give off an air of aloofness. This would help them buy time to find a logical solution. The instance they realize they aren't treated as they expect, they'll withdraw and shut out all sources of conflicts or animosity around them. While it could be an escape mechanism for the Libran, such behavior is bitterly perceived by others.

2. Librans can't be your secret keeper

Trusting a Libra man or woman with your secrets may not be a great decision especially if you end up having a troubled relationship with them. Preserving secrets is not one of their best traits so in case you have revealed to them crucial information, they may gossip about it with their friends and family. It would be a good idea to avoid a messy situation with a Libra as they are fiercely protective of their boundaries and owing to their communicative nature and a big circle of friends, your secrets may not die with them.

3. Promiscuity could be a dominant personality trait of the Libra Zodiac sign

Libras are the charismatic personalities of the zodiac in astrology. Social butterflies, they need to be constantly engaged and entertained in order to feel lively and validated. They could easily lure the opposite sex with the intelligence and seductive charm. It could be hard to trust a Libra with their indecisiveness. Since they don't plan to settle down soon, they'll move on quickly. He or she could come across as boastful and a liar to someone who is easily irritated by their fickleness. If the Libra man or woman is on a dating spree, they'll try all means to attract a mate and swiftly move on once their needs are met.

4. Libra natives could be self-centered

Their obsession with maintaining a balance in life is not questionable. This could be easily perceived by others as selfish. Libra men and women are self motivated to keep away all distractions or problematic circumstances that cause chaos and drama in their space. Their own priorities are of supreme value to them and they couldn't care less even if called out for being hypocritical in their strides to bring forth justice and peace. They'll draw boundaries quite quickly and bail out when actually required to stand up for a cause and fight to redress an unjust situation.

5. Libra men and women may be indifferent to emotions

They might seem quite standoffish and insensitive when they don't feel motivated enough to associate themselves with others. They are picky and unless someone has won a special place in their heart, they'll figure out a million logical reasons to avoid doing so. Such dispassionate bent of mind could make it hard for the Libra individuals to empathize with someone turning them sociopaths. So, when rationality takes over compassion and kindness, it might cause them to disregard others feelings.

6. They could hold grudges forever

Since Libra natives are not physically aggressive or obscene, they could hold long-term grudges. When constantly hurt, they'll give up on trusting people with their heart. This could cause them to become cold and lacking reciprocity. They choose their battles meticulously. So, when they want to avoid someone forever, they'll keep the painful memories alive while being neutral on the outside. Widely known as the peacemaker in troubled circumstances, they may silently plot their revenge without leaving a trace of their plans. Pushover and a people-pleaser as they are infamously perceived, their contempt lingers for a long time.

7. They could be psychologically manipulative

Being skillful communicators, Libras are smart manipulators. They are cunning and could become sneaky around those they don't like. They are judgemental and may give in to gas lighting and ghosting tactics to weaken the morale of those they dislike. Since they can tilt their fine balance and take sides to get their motives fulfilled, it is difficult to rely on them. Such sly instincts make them wear a mask that easily hides their true intentions. If they consider you a threat, they'll fake it around you and you may never notice their superficiality.

8. They could be undependable

They are highly indulgent being ruled by the pleasure loving planet Venus. It's hard to decipher their thoughts and actions. Being air signs, they'll lure you with brilliant ideas but there could be no real guarantee of the materialization of their tall ambitions. They will usually be in a fix while making prominent decisions. You might find it hard to depend on them as they generally fail to make definite plans and show up when needed. With an unpredictable mindset, it is difficult to cope with their pace and ideas of perfection.

9. Libras are unforgiving

They maintain high standards in their choice of acquaintances, friends and lovers. Libra individuals are never violently reactive. When negativity consumes their mind, Librans could get trapped in a web of vicious tendencies. While they may not make a big deal of an unpleasant situation, they'll remember the misdeeds and never trust anyone again.They'll have a hard time admitting to their mistake and build an air of ego around themselves that makes it inexplicably difficult for them to own up to the wrongs they commit intentionally or not.

10. They are impatient

Libra males and females would hastily execute tasks in a jiffy. They could complain about people or secretly become furiously frustrated and restless when things don't happen their way. Once ticked off, they'll blame others for their lack of responsibility. Their impatience is triggered more so by their desire to establish their superiority and tactfulness in complex scenarios. They desire being liked by all and such a diplomatic trait could easily drive their restlessness.


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