The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Libra Soulmate

The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Libra Soulmate


Libras are diplomatic, tactful, soft and graceful. They have a high sense of justice and prefer maintaining balance in their life over extremities. Which is the best match for the Libra Zodiac sign? What signs are sexually compatible with Libra men and women? Who should a Libra marry and what qualities attract a Libra male or female to other Zodiac signs?

Here are 5 Zodiac signs as per astrology that are the best Libra soulmate!

Aries Zodiac Sign

Libra is ruled by Venus while Aries is ruled by Mars. There happens to be a fatal attraction between these two signs. They are energetic, vibrant, and ready to take risks. There remains fewer chances of monotony or stagnancy creeping into a relationship between Aries and Libra natives. They love having fun together and trying out the unknown which means that their shared activities are usually exciting and unpredictable. Aries and Libra individuals will feel an intense attraction towards each other which points to a passionate sex life. They are those couples who hold no inhibitions while trying the weirdest positions or locations to make the most of their sexual encounters.

The Libra native is creative and bold, never shying away from expression of their opinions. Aries has a tendency of making grand plans which points to their amazing leadership qualities. In each other they find an unspoken and effortless quality to depend upon and seek support. However, Aries could end up making instantly reckless decisions which may disturb the sense of peace and balance of the Libra man or woman.They would always need to keep the communication channels open and transparent in order to experience a healthy relationship that lasts an eternity.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius is detached from materialistic life while Libra is all about refinement, aesthetics and quality lifestyle. Despite this difference they somehow find a way to get along because of the polarities in their elements, air for Libra and fire for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a truth seeker and Libra strives to maintain a beautiful balance and harmony in all their relationships. Both share a love for freedom and seldom compromise on what they feel an ideal life should be, until they find completeness in each other's company. There will always be respect for space and spontaneity in their bond which is paramount for this relationship to sustain and thrive.

Sagittarius and Libra have an active social life and they enjoy the idea of exploring new horizons and learning something new. Intellectual and physical compatibility is seamless between this couple. Sex life is wild and steamy for they are capable of being intimate without expecting intense emotions or control in the bedroom. While an overtly casual approach of Sagittarius may annoy Libra who needs to feel secure and content, their love for ideas and mutual ability to arouse common interest is what cements their bond for a lifetime.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Libra and Scorpio natives will struggle to keep their hands off each other. They truly love sex and see it as an expression of their suppressed emotions. Scorpio ruled by the war lord Mars and Libra ruled by the creative Venus will struggle to resist the temptation of getting naked and exploring each other. Scorpio natives are aggressive, loyal, protective and caring in their relationships. With Libra being reckless, it is the Scorpio man or woman that can convince them of stability and peace. The romantic tension between them is too hard to ignore or let go. This relationship will always experience its highest highs and lowest lows but they are nonetheless a great match.

They will be drawn to each other like a moth to fire and Libra will somehow enjoy the domination of Scorpio and their love for unquestionable loyalty in a long-term relationship. They have a phenomenal potential to fulfill each other's expectations from life as they value and fantasize love deeply. They are usually quite popular with the opposite sex as their charisma, charm, intellect and passion is irrefutable. Scorpio and Libra have a deep-seated need for a lover and this is why they would be on the lookout for someone they connect with both sexually and emotionally.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini and Libra are the most talkative signs of the zodiac. They'll always find something interesting to share with each other and spend long hours discussing ideas and expanding their creative horizons. These are signs that feel dead without a partner they can talk to and seek the comfort of a conversation with. Libra and Gemini are air signs who value their freedom and seek adventure to keep monotony at bay. Their intelligence quotient is pretty high and it's difficult for them to feel bored in each other's company.

As communication forms the cornerstone of this relationship, everything else just falls in place with transparency and right intentions. They are also inclined towards keeping their sex life healthy and interesting. They would be excited to share an entertaining and out-of-the-box sex life as they are both open-minded and accepting of variety and individual choice. Gemini and Libra share a beautiful understanding and can respect personal space which makes them super comfortable and happy in each other's company.

Libra Zodiac Sign

As these belong to the same Zodiac sign, there happens to be a seamless understanding of each other's needs and expectations in a committed relationship. They are diplomatic and tactful in handling people and such good public skills helps them navigate through their everyday life with ease. Trust is a major factor for Libras and this develops with time as they start to know each other and share their stories. Understanding and relating to a partner's life choices and perspectives makes relationships easy. This is something that this couple is blessed with as they demonstrate similar maturity and responsibility in matters of love.

As long as both can feed each other's curiosity and be willing to accept change, this relationship will seem like a match made in the heavens. Their craving for the perfect harmony and an ideal mate might seem too far fetched but it also fuels their desire to keep the relationship ever exciting and fun. They use their creativity in the bedroom and have a great ability to dirty talk and arouse each other's anticipation. Social life is vibrant and this means they'll always find people to support them and learn about love and life.


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