How to Make a Libra Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Libra Woman Jealous?


Libra is one of the most intelligent, friendly, and delightful women of the zodiac. She has both feminine and wild personality traits. She knows how to behave according to the circumstances. She is romantic but you can’t say what’s going on inside her head. It might get difficult to know her to make her jealous, but nothing is impossible.

If you are trying to make a Libra woman jealous to attract her or get her back, here is what astrology can reveal you about the woman born under the Libra Zodiac sign!

Are Libra women jealous and possessive?

Libra women do not get jealous or possessive for the wrong reasons. She will only get jealous at specific instances like:

She gets jealous for real reasons. Libra does not get jealous usually with small things. Instances like her partner admiring other people more than her and when he flirts with them can make her jealous.

Don’t you give her enough attention? Libra women need attention. If you spend more time with others and ignore her, she will act jealous and possessive for sure.

She can know your game. Libra woman is an intelligent creature. If you are playing with her, she will know your game that you are trying to make her jealous. She may turn that game on you and end the relationship. Then, you will end up dumped.

What makes the Libra Woman jealous?

Making a Libra woman jealous can be a tough thing but not a wise thing. As mentioned above, she is really intelligent to know when you are trying to make her jealous, and when you are truly behaving weird. But if you are still looking for ways to make her jealous, have a look at the following ways.

Post photos with others on social media. Making her believe that you are spending time with others and giving them importance can trouble her. So, do this by posting pictures on social media and tagging other people on various posts.

Flirt with other people. If you are planning to make a Libra woman jealous, flirt a bit with other girls in front of her. While doing this, just keep in mind to not cross a limit. She may get you and dump you right there.

Chose the perfect timing. Select the day or time perfectly to do this. If you do this when she is already upset and disturbed because of something major in life, you may end up losing her forever. She will leave you to eliminate a thing to care for. Also, when she is already admiring someone else than you, you probably shouldn’t try to make her jealous as she will get signs to leave you.

Stop praising her. Libra woman loves to be praised. When you don’t praise her focus on someone else’s plus points, she may get jealous and furious.

Use her insecurities. If you want to get her attention, just play nasty and use her insecurities against her. If she thinks that any woman is better than her, praise that woman in front of her. This will work like anything.

Don’t give them attention when they try to make you jealous. A Libra woman may try to outsmart you by making you jealous in return. Just remember not to pay much attention when she is attempting this. Try to act cool about whatever she is doing. She will get jealous for sure.

How the Libra woman shows jealousy?

The Libra woman doesn’t like to fight, and she believes in handling situations with a calm mind. But how she reacts when she is jealous. What are her ways to deal with jealousy? How will she show it? Will she be upset and open her heart about it?

Do not admit. The Libra woman does not like to let others know that she is jealous or embarrassed about something. So, she will never admit that she is jealous.

Gets angry. This is something to know when she gets jealous. She might get upset and angry and not show it because her anger isn’t explosive. She prefers to calm herself by staying alone instead of making the whole room involved in it. Once she is calm, she will be fine but she will never forget how you have behaved with her.

She will flirt with someone else. If you have played a nasty game with her, she will retreat you by flirting with someone else. You may end up feeling hurt.

She may walk away. If she thinks that things are going way beyond her control and that’s why she is feeling jealous and troubled, then she may just walk away from you. She will not take this decision easily. First, she will analyze the condition silently, and then by weighing everything, she will decide this.

Making a Libra woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

Are you looking for ways to get your Libra woman back? Is jealousy a good strategy with the Libra female?

If she loves you, she will come back. Use little jealousy tricks with her after your breakup. If she still loves you, she will long for your company and come back. But don’t go beyond the ‘little’ as it may backfire.

If you have done something terrible, she will never come back. Libra women are intelligent. If you had a breakup with a Libra woman over something terrible you have done, then she will never come back with jealousy. If you apologize, it may work. Tell her how sorry you are for whatever you have done.

She doesn’t want to waste emotional resources. Libra woman cares a lot about her relationships. She wants someone who will make the relationship work and not ruin by playing games. So, if you want her back, make a sincere effort than using a jealousy game. Because she does not want to waste her emotional resources.

Libra woman does not get jealous or possessive easily. There are only a few instances that can make her jealous. Even then, she prefers to analyze situations carefully and then takes her decision. For her, relationships matter the most. So, be careful while playing jealousy games with her.


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