10 Libra Woman Sexuality Traits you should know!

10 Libra Woman Sexuality Traits you should know!


If your ruling planet is Venus, you cannot be disappointing in bed. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Greek and Roman mythology is filled with stories of Venus’s sexualiy (Aphrodite in Greek). Such is the influence of Venus on Libra that they can brag to have invented love. The fictional depiction of lovemaking was probably based on the abilities of a Libra female. These women know how to make a man have a good time in bed. And they have been known to use their gifts to control and manipulate their men too. So, what is this supernatural power like?

Here are 10 Libra woman sexuality traits you should know!

1. She’s the pure and honest angel that you dreamed of

Literature and cinema make us believe that the perfect woman is like an angel sent from heaven. She is kind, she is sweet, she is coy, she is pure. Her honesty makes you fall in love with her. And you feel this honesty in her when you bond with her sexually. The Libra woman will make you feel all that and more. these women are the depiction of the perfect sexual experience, personified. She will be everything you have ever dreamed of.

2. She loves to try new things

She is an angel, but not one that is above seeking pleasure. The Libra female is as excited about trying new things as a Scorpio woman. She will rarely say no to something new. She isn’t the kind of woman who is comfortable in only what she knows. The Libra girl knows that there is a world of experiences out there just waiting to be explored. And she is an angel after all. What kind of angel will deny you new experiences? This doesn’t mean that she would shy away from speaking up when she doesn’t like something. Or if she isn’t comfortable doing something.

3. Honesty is equally important to her in bed

If there is one quality that Libras are know for, it is their love for honesty. And you can be certain that the Libra female will bring this to the bed. She believes that the best way for both the people to enjoy is for them to express themselves truthfully. Any time she feels that she isn’t comfortable doing something she will speak up. the Libra woman will voice her concerns or suggestions, unabashed. This might be difficult for those who don’t like to be distracted by small talk during sex. But the way she does it becomes a part of the erotic experience.

4. You need to be on the same level as her, physically and mentally

Women of this zodiac sign believe that being good at sex is a skill that can be developed over time. So, they don’t stress much over a partner who isn’t as good as they are. However, it is extremely important for her that her partner is in the same space, mentally, as her. She cannot have sex for the sake of it. or to satisfy her or her partner’s desires. Her partner should be as aroused as she is for her to have the experience she is looking for. He needs to have same expectations from the experience as her. Or else it becomes difficult for her to deliver.

5. It’s a quid pro quo rationality

Libras are big on fairness and justice. They believe that people should ask for exactly what they give. Or that they should be given what they deserve. How this translates into bed is interesting to understand. The Libra female loves to give her man the same satisfaction as she wants. But if he’s unable to give her what he gets, then a problem might arise. A man who only takes and doesn’t give back will not be in her good graces. Nor will he get to enjoy her magic for long.

6. She is a seductress in bed

Anyone who has read the Greek or Roman mythology knows how easy it must be for a zodiac sign, ruled by Venus, to seduce. It isn’t easy to resist the charm of a Libra female. Many men have lived unsatisfied lives dreaming of what it must feel like to make love to a Libra woman. She doesn’t need to do much to make anyone go weak in their knees. A smile is enough to make anyone fall in love with her. There is rarely a man whom the Libra woman is not able to seduce. Especially when she is aiming for it.

7. It is just as easy to confuse her casual flirtation for genuine interest

The Libra woman oozes with sensuality. And this zodiac sign is known to be flirtatious. While she is just having some fun, it isn’t difficult for a man to fall in love. And I don’t blame him either. Because in his mind, she fell in love with him first. Sadly, that is far from the truth. Unlike the Leo or the Scorpio woman, the Libra girl doesn’t have much control over the vibes she gives. Her sweet, charming personality is the same for everyone. Add to that some flirtation and anyone can mistake her conversation for interest.

8. Balance is essential to her

While sex is great and all, she isn’t one to forget that there are other aspects to a relationship. The Libra woman likes to ensure that she puts enough effort in everything else. When she feels that there has been too much lovemaking and too little bonding, she will step back for a while. And if she feels that lovemaking is long overdue, she wouldn’t waste in minute in correcting the error. The good thing is, it isn’t difficult to arouse a Libra woman. That is the core competence of their zodiac sign. Yet, it is important to remember that you cannot keep her happy only by having a good time in bed.

9. Foreplay and little romantic gestures are just as important

While sex is the epitome of romantic expression, there are other facets to lovemaking as well. The Libra female likes to think of sex as the culmination of romance. The effect of romantic gestures and not its cause. So, she likes to have a holistic romantic experience. This involves foreplay, and little kisses on the forehead. It involves getting her a bouquet for no reason. Or taking her out to dinner. Even better, cook her dinner for no reason at all. Believe me, all of this pays off.

10. It can be difficult to know what she wants

The third most prominent Libra's personality trait is their indecisiveness. It takes Libra ages to make a decision. This involves knowing what they like and don’t like too. So, whenever you are trying a new thing it will be difficult to know if she’s really into it or not. Her feelings towards you might be the same. She will remain unsure about a lot of things in your relationship. The best way to overcome that indecisiveness is to earn her trust. This behavior might be frustrating for you initially. But if you keep your patience and earn her trust, soon she will start trusting your judgement where she has difficulty making her own.


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Maria Alifa


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