7 Things to know to Make an Aquarius Man go Crazy about you!

7 Things to know to Make an Aquarius Man go Crazy about you!


If I were to name two people whose attention is the hardest to get, one would be a Sagittarius and the other would be an Aquarius. The thing is, they are very selective about where to focus. And most humans don't make it to their list. They will never pay attention to anything that isn't interesting. You always have to keep up with them. The worst of the two is the Aquarius male. Even Venus could not keep him interested. But how will you win his heart if you don't have his attention? How to get an Aquarius man to chase you? How to make him obsessed with you? And how to know if he is serious about you and the relationship? Thankfully, astrology knows his personality and psychology enough!

Here are 7 things to know to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you and go crazy about you!

1. You will never attract an Aquarius man by being a sheep in the herd

Other than performing the bodily functions important to sustain life, have you ever seen him do anything ordinary? This man is from another planet, I tell you. So, naturally, he will never fall for an ordinary woman. How to keep an Aquarius man hooked, you ask? Do it by standing out from the crowd. Make him see that you are no ordinary Susan. Play on what makes you unique. What makes you different from all the rest? That is sure to catch his attention. Start by dressing up nicely. Do you want to catch his eye? You have got to look at your best. Don't do what others around him are doing. He already is getting enough of that. You need to be the promise of a new way of life in his eyes. Another adventure that he can be a part of.

2. Don’t give him your Aquarius man too much attention if you want to make him addicted to you!

This advice is only for people who are not in a relationship with an Aquarius male, yet. If you swoon over him day and night, he wouldn’t care a fig about you. You have to make him feel like he needs to work for your attention. This means that you will have to play hard to get. Now, this is easy to do. Just remember that there is a fine line between playing hard to get and sending a message that you are not interested. Give him enough attention so that he knows you are interested in him. How do you do that? One example could be of choosing to hang out with him over someone else. Do it once and that too will work like magic.

3. Engage him with your intellect

Stupid, ignorant people will never get his attention. Unless he wants to study how can someone by this ignorant? You need to show that you have an interest in the world around you. Because he has a lot of interest in it. Try to stay updated on what's happening in the world as much as you can. Especially in his favorite subjects. Know enough to be able to have a conversation with him. Chances are that the things that he is interested in are things that people don't usually care about. So, if he were to find someone he can talk to about his passions, he is sure to appreciate them.

4. Don’t be an open book. Let him unravel who you are

My brother is an Aquarius. When he was a kid, whenever we wanted to get him interested in something, we would turn it into a puzzle. We would talk about that thing as if it were something of a mystery. Got him excited about it and then he would spend all his time trying to get to the bottom of it. That's how he learnt maths. What did we learn from this example? You have to appear like a mystery to your Aquarius guy. Make him interested in you but don't give him all the answers. Leave things unsaid. Lead him on by acting like there is some great mystery behind your actions. Trust me, he will be hooked.

5. Focus on being his friend in love

It is very important for you to know that his friends are the most important people to him. He will never date someone if they were from outside his friend circle. Even if he does, he wouldn’t be serious about that relationship. So, before you take him down romance alley, try to earn his trust in friendship lane. But don’t let it get to the point where he friend zones you. This is why it is important to maintain that mystery around you. So, that he knows if he wants to go deeper, it will require a commitment of another kind.

6. Don’t display negative emotions around him

If there is one thing that he will never respond to, its negativity. You will always have to find a positive route to deal with him. Anger and drama and jealousy will push him away from you. If he knows that he can depend on you to bring light into his life, he will not let you go. There are very few people in their life like that. Believe it or not, even in their family they don't find people who can deal with them positively. So, they really appreciate that in the people that they love. Even if you want to criticize him, try to do it in a manner that is not confrontational.

7. Always be supportive of him to keep him hooked

Just like he doesn’t find enough people who have a positive outlook, he doesn’t find people who are supportive of him. Let him know that you are there for him. And that you believe in him. He will have some wacky ideas. But you need to trust his instinct and intellect to bring him to the right path. If you be the person who he can always depend on, he will never let you go. If you have trouble in always being supportive, develop mechanisms that help in conveying your concerns in a positive manner.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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