How to Make a Cancer Woman Fall in Love with You Madly?

How to Make a Cancer Woman Fall in Love with You Madly?


Have you fallen in love with a Cancer woman? Artistic, romantic, gifted with strong intuition, the women born under the Cancer zodiac sign are appealing and have a captivating aura. It might be difficult to impress and attract a Cancer woman, but trying to make her fall in love is different. She has a vibrant personality, and you must understand a few things about her psychology if you want to really charm her.

Here are the tips from astrology you will absolutely need to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you madly.

What a Cancer woman wants in a man?

A Cancer woman is an in and out romantic. She might not openly exhibit it, but she wants a Hollywood-like love-story. An ideal method of courting and wooing her takes the course of all ideally romantic gestures.

A traditionally romantic man is her weakness. She is bound to fall for someone who believes in wining, dining, romantic dates, walking by the beach holding hands and star gazing on a beautiful night- just as much as she does. A man who matches her hard-core level of romance is sure to secure a place in her heart.

She finds men with humor charming. She enjoys light hearted humor, and tends to exhibit a liking for men who can make her laugh. So you now know that if she laughs at your jokes, it's a good sign that she is interested in you.

A man who takes it slow is her ideal type and partner. A Cancer woman will not like to be rushed into anything. She believes in relationships that grow strong gradually and not in a day. She will just not appreciate being rushed into a romantic commitment.

How to drive a Cancer woman crazy?

Since a Cancer woman is an absolute romantic at heart. Anything romantic, chivalrous and sweet will drive her crazy and impress her impeccably.

Show her your romantic side. Send her flowers and wine. Arrange a carefully thought of date. Buy thoughtful gifts for her. In every gesture you make, let you love and gentlemanly charm speak.

Be a real gentleman. She would not mind you pulling chair for her, lending her your jacket on a cold night. Be the gentleman she has been dreaming of. Treat her with respect and love. She will hold you in high esteem in a durable way if you behave like a real (gentle)man.

How to make a Cancer woman miss you like crazy?

Here are some of the ways that will make her miss your presence badly, and she will want you even more.

Spend some time apart. Do not go rushing to her when she calls or remembers you. Whether it is spending a day apart or spending a weekend away from her, it will make her miss your company. Give her some alone time.

Do not keep a track of her. Do not be overly available even on phone calls or social media. Enjoy the company of your friends, post pictures with them. She will miss you fondly and will want to see you even more.

How to keep a Cancer woman interested?

A Cancer woman needs love and attention. But apart from these, compassion and kindness goes a long way in keeping her engaged.

A woman of this zodiac sign has a weakness for kind and compassionate men. These two characteristics and traits of personality in a man will keep her interested in a relationship. Your kind gestures and lovable nature will attract her towards you, each day.

Be supportive of her, her choices and decisions. Show her that you love her and you believe in her. If she is going through a tough time, she is likely to talk less and cut off from her social tie and even friends. Support her and she will never let you go.

How to get her to commit?

A cancer woman is not easy when it comes to commitment, but with the right gesture and required effort, you can compel her to say a yes to your proposal.

Validate her, connect to her emotionally and understand her. Once she sees that you can understand her, she will want to commit herself. For her emotional connecting is the other word for commitment.

Casual is not a word for her. She is looking for a serious relationship. If you are a fulfilling person in her life and you put dedication into the relationship, she will be gentle with the commitment.

How do you know if a Cancer woman is falling for you?

Women born under this zodiac sign may or may not always show their feelings, but it is usually evident in their gestures, words and behaviors. Here are some of the signs that she likes you more than a friend.

She will find occasions to be closer to you and spend time in your company. A Cancer woman does not avoid physical contact, she will figure out ways to be near you. This is a clear sign of her affection and feelings for you

A Cancer woman in love will be concerned about you. Cancer women are generally speaking concerned about the well-being and health of the people they consider special. So if she is falling for you, she will ask you questions and will want to know more about you, your day, interests, etc.

Best love compatibility with a Cancer woman

Cancer best matches with water signs, since it is a water sign itself. It is also a good match with the earth signs.

Some of the signs that are most compatible with Cancer are Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. Taurus and cancer share similar traits and complete each other’s’ shortcomings. A Scorpio and a Cancer form an encouraging relationship, wherein both constantly help each other grow. With a Virgo, a Cancer forms a lasting bond of love.

While Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are not ideal matches for a Cancer. With a Gemini, a Cancer connects on an emotional level but their traits are highly contrasting, which might often lead to arguments and misunderstandings. While a Libra and a Cancer are wildly different from each other in traits, choices and even dispositions. Women of this zodiac sign are not known to form peaceful relationships with Aquarius men.


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