How to Make a Leo Woman Fall in Love with You Madly?

How to Make a Leo Woman Fall in Love with You Madly?


Has a Leo woman lately enticed you? Or this warm-hearted and love driven zodiac woman has left you spellbound? Leo is definitely not called royal without a reason. The woman born under this zodiac sign possesses a personality of awe and admiration. It isn’t a great feat to make a Leo woman fall in love with you madly, but the process might take some time.

Knowing the right facts about her psychology and personality as well as some astrological secrets can help you swoon you way into her heart. Here are some secret tips to help you make a Leo woman fall for you madly!

What a Leo woman wants in a man?

The women of this zodiac sign love with all their heart and expect the same on your part. They treasure your love with deep passion and since Leo women are themselves bestowed with some ideal traits, they look for the same in a man.

Leo women are huge fans of commitment. They are committed to their work, their passion and even their lifestyle. Hence commitment is what they look for in an ideal partner.

Confident, strong minded men are what they look for in a man. The women born under the Leo zodiac sign are attracted to men who are clear and strong headed. Mental strength is enticing and this is the first thing that attracts her to a man. She also looks for the trait of confidence in her ideal partner. A little knowledge of self-worth and confidence, can steer your way to a Leo woman’s heart.

Independent spirited men, who do not instruct her what to, touch the heart of a Leo female. She wants her man to be free spirited himself and let her do what she wants. She hates being treated like a kid.

How to drive a Leo woman crazy?

If you want to catch the attention of a Leo woman and drive her crazy about you, here are some secrets to do so.

Be humble when you are around her. Leos are huge fans of kindness and humility. So when you are around her, try to be humble and down to earth. This is a quick cue to impress her. High tastes and elaborate behavior is a turn off for her.

Treat her with tokens of love and appreciation. The women of this zodiac sign are fond of all things that are portrayed in the Hollywood type romance. Treat her with flowers, but remember that she loves gifts of value. Show her that you have put a thought and some efforts into selecting a gift, or a card for her.

How to make a Leo woman miss you like crazy?

Leo women cannot hide their emotional very well, hence you will get to know when she misses you.

Spending time in someone else's company is surely going to make your Leo woman miss you like crazy. Leo women need attention all the time, and what to be the centre of your universe. If you spend less time with her and talk about your other friends with much enthusiasm, hangout with them and enjoy their company, she will be a crave dor your attention and will miss you like crazy.

Try playing the jealousy card. A Leo woman is quick to get jealous and she will get a little insecure if you hang out with other women, whether pals or colleagues. Do not go deep into making her jealous, otherwise she might turn into the Goddess of fury.

How to keep a Leo woman interested?

A Leo woman will love you as long as she likes your company, so how do you keep her interested to be with you? Here are some tips to help you keep a Leo woman tangled in your love.

Be sensitive and understanding towards her. Pay attention to what she does, what she likes, which colours are her favourite, how she loves spending her free time. She will stay forever fond of you if you understand her and connect with her on an emotional level. Find out what her needs are, what stresses her, etc. A Leo female will want to be with you, when she sees that you care about her choices.

A good conversation always keeps her interested. Leo women love humorous and hearty conversations. Talk to her about her passion, her favourite activity, arts, theatre, etc.

How to get her to commit?

Leo women might not commit too soon, but here are specific ways of tapping into what she needs to settle down and commit.

Show her your zany side, be fun and adventurous. Making a Leo woman believe that you are just the right kind of thrill in life she had been looking for, is the best way to get her to commit. She is a non-conformist, and has eyes for a thrilling future.

Let the Leo woman know you want her. A women of this zodiac sign reciprocates the same kind of attention that she receives. If you show her that you want her in your life, will make her want you too. Do not hesitate in asking her out. With other signs coming out openly about your feelings for them real soon, might be too pushy, but with a Leo it will be just the right thing to do.

How do you know if a Leo woman is falling for you?

With the right behavior and attitude you can capture the heart of a Leo woman. Here are some cues to know if a Leo woman is falling for you or is interested in you.

Social acknowledgement. If a Leo woman acknowledged you socially or takes you to meet her friends or family or introduces you in her work sphere, she surely likes your company and has feelings for you.

If she follows your advice, it's a clear sign she trusts you. She might talk about private issues or family matters with you, and wants to share everything about her life, then she surely has started falling for you.

She is spontaneous when she is around you. She will let her guard down and just be herself when in your company. She will visit you unannounced and arrange weekend or outing plans with you, and will try her best to give you time and attention. This is a sure cue of her falling in love with you.

Best love compatibility with a Leo woman

The Leo female is compatible with men from quite a number of zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, etc. She is not much compatible with Pisces men.

A Leo woman is most compatible with either an Aries or a Sagittarius man. Being a fire sign herself, she is a suitable match for these fire signs. A Leo shares most of her traits and interests with that of an Aries and a Sagittarius.

Gemini and Libra also harmonize well with her. These two air signs are quite the match for Leo woman. They make for an ideal fire and air pair.

A Leo woman also gets well along with a man of the same astrological sign. Both of them will be attracted by the Leonine qualities of each other. Star signs Taurus and Scorpio are poles apart from what a Leo would fall for. Pisces men are also not compatible with a Leo woman.


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