7 Things to know to Make a Libra Man go Crazy about you!

7 Things to know to Make a Libra Man go Crazy about you!


Libra men are in love with the idea of love. They are utterly romantic in nature and secretly looking for someone to commit to. He will fall in love with a girl who accepts him for who he is. But there a a few things you should know about his personality, his behavior and his expectations in love. What does a Libra man want in a relationship? What qualities does he like in a woman? How to win his heart, make him obsessed with you and keep him hooked?

If you are trying to attract and woo a Libra man, here are all the tips you need from astrology to make him go crazy about you!

1. Respect his individuality

To make a Libra man go crazy about you, love him the way he is. If you are expecting him to succumb to your pressures and be a slave, it's a mistake. He will be mad about you when you support him, motivate him and just let him chalk his own way. Acceptance is major when you deal with the air signs who are generally all over the place. He loves his freedom and wouldn’t trade it with anything.

He may often be misunderstood for his indecisiveness and active social life but he thrives in the company of people to seek the validity of strangers. He has a hard time trying to convince people of his way of conducting life. As long as you stick to him and just let him be, he’ll be crazy about you. Stop pointing out his flaws and criticizing or micro-managing him. He’ll love you more if you do not force him to conform to standards that he does not believe in.

2. Dress well to look gorgeous

The men born under the Libra Zodiac sign are absolutely smitten by gorgeous looking women. You must make it a point to dress gracefully. To impress a Libra man and make him fall for you, you need to pay attention to your appearance in public as well as in private. Undoubtedly, he’ll spoil you with good clothes and perfumes. He is a fan of all that’s visually appealing. He is a romantic guy and you’ll often notice him making great efforts to charm you and get all mushy when you look extra fabulous. He does have an eye for beauty and unless something draws him physically and he feels the sexual tension, it's hard to keep him forever.

3. Experiment with sex to make him obsessed with you

The charismatic Libra men are pleasure seekers. They love experimenting with different sex positions. The closer you get to him, the more you’ll know how sexually vivid his imagination is. They will easily switch from a dominant to a submissive role during their acts of lovemaking. If you are equally wild and passionate about sex, he’ll keep you up all night. He needs intensity in the bedroom, he wants every encounter to be memorable.

If you are sexually passive, he may lose interest. So, make time for erotic moments and heighten his anticipation through dirty talking before the act. Show some creativity in the bedroom to turn him on: play with lights, decorate your room with flowers, buy sex toys, treat him to aphrodisiacs, treat him to a massage and tell him all that you would like to do with him.

4. Communicate intelligently

Like all air signs in astrology, Libra men are smooth communicators. They are effective articulators and can use this power to charm people. This helps them make amazing connections and sustain them for a long time. They are open to learning and accepting diversity without being judgemental. In short, they value harmony and balance in their relationships.

Try to maintain a loving relationship with your Libra man, it's important to strengthen your bond. If you showcase extremities of behavior, he’ll be easily irritated. So, when trouble brews in your partnership, be transparent and let him know. They are great problem solvers. If you keep your emotions bottled up, it will only drive him crazy in a negative way.

5. Organize yourself

The Libra male likes neat spaces. The way you live reflects a lot about your personality and state of mind. Men of this Zodiac sign are intelligent and can pick off subtle clues easily. They love the aesthetics of surroundings and unless that attracts them, they would keep a distance. They can be too picky in their choice of women as they test the grounds before actually committing to someone.

A very small tip but it goes a long way in keeping your Libra man interested in you. Pay great attention to how you arrange your home and what vibes it lets off. Unkept, messy and chaotic people don’t appeal to them anyway. Declutter your space, let go of the disarray and make sure there’s enough space to breathe and make room for positive energy at home. He leads a particularly ordered lifestyle and would always go for a woman who vibes similarly.

6. Help him find balance

Libra males are well groomed. They are pleasing to look at and are blessed with talents. He can be very poetic and a cheesy romantic when he is in the mood. He has great ideas which only need to be materially transformed for him to derive some satisfaction in life. Very idealistic, he is sort of dreamy and far from reality often. Very nomadic, he is seeking balance in the chaos.

As much he loves complimenting people and taking care of them, he also seeks the love of a woman who makes him feel special. Help him find a balance in life so that he finds a role model in you. While you should also let him maintain his individuality, just be there like a guide when he seeks some advice. He should be able to feel comfortable around you to open up and give up the life of a wanderer to long for a home.

7. Trust is key in a relationship with the Libra man

He has a unique way of leading life which may be hard to fathom for those who love the idea of plan and routine. He is his own master and hates being told what to do. You’ll often notice that just like he gets bored with people easily, he is also likely to change his work unless he finds something with a greater purpose. He will struggle to open up if he sniffs controlling tendencies and mistrust.

The Libra guy wants to be trusted. So, you need to be able to have blind faith in his abilities to find himself and his passion. Stay patient with him or he’ll be off to his next adventure. There is enough disarray in his life although he may not project it. Stop trying to make him see the world the way you do. If you could provide him sufficient reasons to give up floating from one adventure to the next with a balance of consistent efforts and easiness around him, he would go crazy about you.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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