7 Things to know to make a Sagittarius Man go crazy about you!

7 Things to know to make a Sagittarius Man go crazy about you!


Your worst fears are true. Your Sagittarius man isn’t made for love. Or for love in the traditional sense of things. You see, the Sagittarius man isn’t one to settle down and lead a mundane life. Living with the love of your life might seem all the adventure they need, for some. But not for the man born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. So, what does it take to make the Sagittarius man fall in love? How to make him addicted to you?

Here's are all the things to know to make a Sagittarius man get obsessed and go crazy about you!

How to make a Sagittarius man fall in love with you?

This isn't a man whose affections you can be 100% responsible for. Unless he isn't ready to get in a serious relationship with someone, nothing can happen. What you can do, is a strike at the right moment.

Be bold enough to ask him out. If you will keep waiting for him to ask you out, you might never go out with him. Don't be afraid of rejection. If he is a true Sagittarius, he will say yes. He will give it a shot once at least.

Never back down from an adventure. It is unrealistic to expect you to be a traveler. Or have a life filled with adventures. But you can be open to new experiences. If you are a stay at home kind of a person, you will never get along with this man.

Bring out your intellectual side. He doesn’t want a person whose personality is superficial. He wants to be with a well-rounded person. engage him with your mind, as much as you do physically.

Don’t try to chain him. His freedom is the most important thing to him. If he feels even the slightest effort to control him on your part, he will run faster than you can call him. Rather than trying to cage him, try being a part of his life.

He is not a man that you can’t get by being sexy. You have to be as appealing to his eyes, as you are to his mind. Dress sexily when he’s around. And you don’t need to be above flirting your way into his heart.

How to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

Now once you have his attention, you should move to the next step. Turning his attention into something serious. You won’t do that if he doesn’t see something exciting in you.

Be mysterious and exciting. He needs to feel that there is more about you that he needs to know. At the same time, he will only explore a mystery which sounds interesting to him. Tap into the things that you know will get him excited.

You can’t bring any drama or pessimism from your life around him. He isn’t the guy who will fall in love with a damsel in distress. He hates drama, much less, getting sucked into someone else’s drama. Always remain optimistic around him.

Be positive energy that he wants to be around. Rather than the mess that he needs to run away from. If he feels happy around you, he will be interested in you. but this doesn’t mean that you have to be scared of being honest around him.

Be the person who he knows will never bullshit him. Being candid with him will help you gain his trust. And I don't need to remind you that trust is the foundation of any relationship. You have his trust, you have him.

Above all, never lie to him. This not only includes being honest but also being your true self around him. He can tell when people are trying to fake it.

How to make a Sagittarius man miss you?

It is difficult to get him to miss you. But so long as he doesn’t miss you, he will not truly be yours. To get there you will have to do the following:

Start by putting some space between the two of you. If you don’t give him the time to miss you, he won’t. So, maybe pass on some plans he makes to hang out. Make sure that it doesn’t happen often, but should be important enough for him to notice your absence.

Apply some psychological tricks to get him to think more about you. Make sure to use your best perfume when you meet him. Let him associate you with a smell. Play on your quirks. Make sure he notices them. But they shouldn’t be things that put him off.

Don’t try to make him jealous to get him to miss you. He hates the feeling of jealousy. If he starts feeling jealous because of you, he will distance himself from you. Worst still will be if he finds out that you have been trying to make him jealous.

Leave your texts on cliff-hangers. Leave him wanting for more. Just when you know that he’s interested in a conversation, take off. Leave him wanting to know the end. That will certainly put you on his mind.

How to get him to commit?

This business keeps getting tricky and trickier. To make the Sagittarius male commit, he has to see something valuable in you. By this, I mean that he needs to see you as someone without whom he can't live. How will that happen? Let's see.

We have already covered that he needs to trust you. He should know that he can depend on you. That you will never be dishonest with him. And that he can share his life with you.

The next step is for him to see you as a partner in his adventures. He cannot stick with one thing or at one place for long. He needs to be sure that you are compatible with this dynamic lifestyle. He doesn’t mind traveling alone. But he would love to have some company too.

You need to be the wind in his wings. Be sure that you always support him. It is one thing to be critical of him. He appreciates constructive criticism. What he doesn’t appreciate is someone who gets in the way of his success. Be the one who pushed him forward, not stop him in his tracks.

And have a personality and life that is independent of him. If he feels that you are someone who will live their life through him, he will never commit to you. he doesn't want that kind of responsibility in a relationship. Only for his children, should he choose to have some, will he take that kind of responsibility.

How to keep a Sagittarius man interested?

Now, this part is important. Why? Because the Sagittarius guy is the most difficult to keep interested.

You will need to be in touch with his feelings. His feelings, like his life, are very dynamic. If you don’t know what he needs, he will fly away.

Try to resolve any issues maturely and peacefully. Remember he hates drama. So, avoid it. If you sense a problem, try discussing it with him. If you leave it to work itself out, that might not happen. Instead, address it as soon as it surfaces.

Convey your feelings to him. Don’t expect him to know what you need or feel telepathically. The best way for him to understand you is for you to be good at communicating your needs.

Treat him the way you want him to treat you. Give him the respect and voice that you want to have. But at the same time, don’t get lost in his thunder. Make him see you.

How do you tell if a Sagittarius man likes you?

How do you know if all your hard work paid off?

He will grow close to you. You will be the first person to hear about everything. The good, the bad, the great, the ugly. He will share everything with you. But not only that.

He will be your support system. He will always be there when you need him. And not because he feels he has to. But because he would want to.

He will flirt too. But he is a flirt. Well, he won’t flirt around if he’s interested in you. he has a way of sticking to the person he likes the most.

You will begin to feel like a part of his life. That will be because he wants you to be there for everything. He wants you in everything for the long haul.


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