10 Ways to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You After Breakup

10 Ways to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You After Breakup


Sagittarius men may be difficult to reach out to post breakup. If you were manipulative in the past he could have given up on you entirely. So, how to make a Sagittarius man jealous after breakup? Will a Sagittarius man chase you after breakup? What happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man after separation? How to communicate with a Sagittarius man who is acting distant?

If you are puzzled with these questions, here is all you need to know to make a Sagittarius man miss you like crazy after a breakup.

1. Apologize sincerely

You become the bigger person by apologizing if you were mistaken. Accept responsibility for what went wrong. Sagittarius men greatly value the ideal of honesty and sincerity. They wouldn’t hesitate to resort to harsh behavior if you took advantage of them or failed them in some way. Resolving a conflict amicably leaves the room open for future communication rather than a radical confrontation and disagreements. Tone down your ego and create room for a resolution.

2. Avoid being available

Maintain a distance for sometime. Texting and calling should be off the charts. If you initiate a conversation and express desperation, he fails to see your worth and takes your presence for granted. In case he wants to take some time off as well, just leave him alone. He is too liberal a man to accept any force in building a connection. Wait for him to connect with you. If he doesn’t, you might as well accept the fact that he doesn't really miss you.

3. Express that you miss him

Considering that a long time has passed since you broke up with the Sagittarius man, it won’t do much harm if you choose to say a ‘hi’. If you notice a lukewarm response, better stop dragging the conversation. Respect his choice of no-response as well. However, a positive response might stir a nostalgic conversation that you should take advantage of. Tell him that you miss him. Recollect and cherish the memories of your best moments together. He might just be flooded with memories too hard to ignore.

4. Stay graceful

It will pay off when you manage to hold your emotions back and connect neutrally. It takes some pressure off him when you meet physically or connect virtually. The Sagittarius male appreciates classy women, one of high ethics and impeccable manners. Understand patiently before you burst forth.

5. Take time to respond to him

It is a good idea to restrain yourself from immediately responding to his messages or calls. However, don’t keep him hanging without a response too. This could be disastrous if he is high on ego. Be careful about what you tell him when you reconnect. Unless your choice of words sound convincing about a change of heart or open-mindedness, he isn't the one to fall for tricks. If he had disappeared or ill-treated you, hold onto your position rather than crawling on all fours to please him. Stay firm so that you don’t lose your self-esteem while trying to have him back.

6. Embrace self-love

Your Sagittarius man won't fail to notice the vibrancy in your persona when you are dedicated to bring a sea change in yourself or at least work towards your inherent weaknesses. Devote yourself to learning a new hobby or pursuing a goal that you couldn’t in the past. The man born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign loves resourceful and ambitious women. He got attracted to your intellect and overall worth in the past. Discipline yourself to achieve that dream body. Revamp your old self and he won’t help but express anguish over what he lost.

7. Don’t commit to someone right away

You may not be able to achieve any success in making a Sagittarius man miss you if you are already in a relationship within a few days of the breakup. It might just have the opposite effect where he is more disgusted than jealous. They are too independent and detached to cry over someone who moved on so quickly. Raise your value by making yourself exclusive. Unless it's a premium membership club stating specific rules of entry, you may not really stand out in the crowd of people. Just like everyone else, your Sagittarius man also craves for rarity.

8. Stop complaining

Being a negative loser even after the relationship is over will never be good for your image. In case you happen to cross paths or exchange messages once in a while, you should showcase your maturity rather than playing the blame game which has no end. Have a warm approach towards the Sagittarius male while giving him ample space to open up his heart to you. Even if the relationship ended on a bad note, accepting it and letting go is the only way to go.

9. Take some time off without a warning

Sometimes it pays off to leave without a trace. While it does make you look weak on the outside, you need to stay away from everything else and reflect. The Sagittarius man will rarely commit to a relationship unless he feels strongly attached to someone. If you create a vacuum in his life, he might put on a detective hat and start searching for you. Also cut ties with people he knows. If you wish to, take a break from social media too. Sounds like a dire step but your complete absence may be difficult for the Sagittarius man to handle.

10. Wish the best for him

If you have managed to stay friends with your Sagittarius ex, always wish the best for him. If not, you still should. He is a lively and optimistic guy who wants to slay. He is known for an energetic warrior-like character that doesn’t accept defeat. It doesn’t matter whether you are still in his life or not, it reflects well on you when you stand your ground but still want the best for him. The Sagittarius man longs for genuine company though he does attract many people, he can only rely on a few. If you were his one and only, he surely realizes what he lost. You can still love him from a distance and share great memories. Big-hearted women are always an asset.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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