7 Things to know to Make a Scorpio Man go Crazy about you!

7 Things to know to Make a Scorpio Man go Crazy about you!


Scorpio men will love you to the moon and back when they have fallen hard for you. They will take you on a roller coaster ride and expect you to dive deep in their ocean of emotions or just stay away. Brutally sensual and dedicated in love, he is someone you'll cherish for life. How to attract a Scorpio man and get him to chase you? How do you conquer a Scorpio man's heart? Ultimately, how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you?

To have a Scorpio man fall in love with you like crazy, here are 7 things you should do to make him miss you and want you bad!

1. Be firm in your commitment

The most coveted quality of a Scorpio man is his dedication in love. He is a serious personality who likes his emotions respected. He wants a woman who'll showcase her determination to die for love. He operates on the extremes and if a woman is all over the place with no no focus in life, he'll be repelled. If you desire a Scorpio male to fall for you and get addicted to you, impress him with your inner strength and dependability. He'll put you to test and analyze you closely so that he is sure of who he lets into his private space. If you dilly-dally, he'll be turned off.

2. Never play with his trust

The Scorpio man is lethal when he suspects fishiness in behavior. This is a water sign that seeks vengeance when wronged or hurt. It is hard for the Scorpio male to forgive someone who has toyed with his emotions or hurt his self-esteem. He is very protective and possessive of the one he holds close to his heart. He wants to respect his lover and be all over her if she reciprocated his feelings. He is a control freak. He wants to dominate and feel secure in love. If the Scorpio man is assured of unconditional commitment, he'll also commit and pursue you for life.

3. Make passionate love to him to make him obsessed with you

He wants to be wild in bed. He'll forget about the whole world when he is making you moan. He talks dirty and loves having uninhibited sex with the woman he desires intensely. He expects his lover to cooperate and learn. He like exploring and makes love to a woman like he owns her body and soul. He is emotive and expresses his depth of feelings and involvement through his stunning sexual strength. He wants you to look at him like he is all that you could ever ask for. Make him feel special and nurtured. He wants the chemistry to brew slowly and burn long. Hell be patient in bed and learn about your anatomy to be the best sex partner. So, let him take charge and dare to build an intimate relationship that knows no boundaries. When the sexual potential is limitless, the Scorpio man would not be able to keep you at a distance.

4. Keep your promises

Scorpios admire women who are driven. They love career- oriented individuals who want to take charge of their lives. He values his time and expects himself to be seriously cared about. Know what you want and get to the point to drive home your thoughts with clarity. The men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign dislike indecisiveness. If you could make a mark with your commitment to time, organizational skills and resourcefulness, he'll be able to trust you and keep the attraction thriving. Stay true to what you promise and ensure that you deliver what you stood for. He wants to be a powerful couple and when you prove your mettle, he'll chase you harder.

5. Let him take charge

Unless a Scorpio man feels in control, he may not really enjoy your presence in his life. He'll chalk out plans and execute them as per his whims. If you desire a Scorpio man intensely, you'll enjoy the mind games he plays with you. He is flirtatious and he likes to entice you with his playful tricks. Don't be fooled by his calmness on the outside, he is a ticking time bomb. His terms are clear and he would expect you to follow his lead and rely on him blindly. Stop questioning his motives and go with the flow. He will be amused by your energy and pro-activeness if you engage with him spontaneously and trust his intentions for you.

6. Dress to impress him

He wants you to stun him with your persona. Stand out in the crowd with your confidence and assertiveness. He loves to be in the company of strong and intellectual women. Dressing sensibly and conducting yourself in a refined manner will keep him hooked on you. Learn the art of presenting yourself gracefully for he wants a mate who respects boundaries and displays maturity in behavior. It's a deadly combination with a Scorpio man when a woman of compassion, intellect and beauty becomes his muse. You'll feel an intense burst of sexual energy whenever he is around, drawing you hypnotically close with his magnetism and charm.

7. Admire him

Like any other sign of the zodiac, even the Scorpio man wants to be held in high regard by the women he wants to date or pursue a long-term relationship with. He wants to feel confident of your presence in his life. You'll have to make consistent efforts to reassure him of your commitment and loyalty so that he does not fall prey to his dark tendencies of jealousy and revenge. If you have plans of sneaking around, he'll know for he has an intuition that'll dig out your secrets in no time.

He is daring and adventurous, super sexy when he is in his element. Just show your appreciation for the person that he is and learn to convey your opinions gracefully without trying to prove your superiority. He is intolerant of dishonesty. So, be careful when you express your disagreements. If Scorpio men can be their true self when you are around without feeling the need to hide things under the rug, they'll latch on to you for life.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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