How to Make a Scorpio Man Feel Guilty?

How to Make a Scorpio Man Feel Guilty?


If a Scorpio man has hurt you and you need him to apologize and make amends with you, it will be a tough ride, for they seldom give in and accept their mistakes easily. It is difficult but with some tricks you can get him to ask you for forgiveness. So, how to make a Scorpio man regret hurting you? What hurts a Scorpio man the most? How to make him apologize and say sorry? And do Scorpios feel guilty?

If a Scorpio man has done you wrong, here is how astrology can help you to make a Scorpio man feel guilty and apologize to you:

How to make a Scorpio man say sorry?

It's not easy to make a Scorpio man say sorry. They are often hot and cold and it's hard to say why. They will seldom accept their mistakes since they believe that they can never be wrong in the first place.

This doesn't mean Scorpio men are haughty or too full of themselves. But they tend to do things with honesty, even the act of making enemies. This Zodiac sign isn't scared of anyone or anything. So, they don't feel the need to beg for forgiveness if they don't consider enough merit in it.

If a Scorpio man truly cares about you, they would travel great lengths to prove it to you. So, if they end up hurting your sentiments and they learn about it, they will make sure they apologize to you even if that takes quite a while.

How to make a Scorpio man apologize?

To make a Scorpio man say sorry, you need to have strong facts to prove they are wrong. Scorpios aren't talkative or argumentative. Scorpios hate being dominated or made to feel guilty of things they do. You'll need to support your stand with concrete points that he cannot counter.

Hold your grounds instead of bargaining with your Scorpio guy. He pretty much has strong manipulative techniques up his sleeves. He would convince you hard to surrender and consider his perspective right.

The men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign won't easily budge. He will seek forgiveness if he knows that he can cause you deep pain that has caused you to walk away from him. If he did care for you enough, he will regret what he did and want you back in life.

Scorpios are reluctant to accept the fact that they could ever be mistaken. Since they tend to be controlling they would want you to believe that they won't accept whatever you dump on them.

How to upset a Scorpio man?

A Scorpio native will be easily upset if you are disloyal and do not hold them in high regards. They want to be your one and only if they get into a relationship with you.

You will break their heart if you build hopes and dreams and shatter that with no intention of pursuing them. They don't like being taken for granted or neglected. So, when you make them feel less important to you, they'll lose their cool and walk away from you.

An upset Scorpio man is dangerous, for they will submerge themselves in negative thoughts and consider you an enemy who would have to pay for the pain they've been made to deal with.

Scorpios aren't great at forgiving people. They let their pain and betrayal pile up until then explode one day and cause irreparable damage.

Scorpios can be disappointed when they feel invisible in a relationship. They want to be the most important people in your life even if they don't scream for it.

If you lie to them or keep secrets from them, Scorpio men will stop trusting you and soon lose interest in you. But it's good to cut ties with a Scorpio male if you don't desire him anymore rather than making them unhappy or sad. It will save you from unnecessary fights and conflicts which you won't win.

How to make a Scorpio man regret hurting and losing you?

If you wish to make a Scorpio man regret hurting you, you'll need to be firm and tell him what upset you. Since they are master manipulators, they would want you to soften and give in to their demands, even if they can sometimes be wrong. They like to control people and have their needs met. So to make them apologize and convince them they did you wrong, you must not argue without facts.

Take a break from them and start maintaining some distance from your Scorpio guy. If they continue to receive all the benefits of having you around, they may not realize the mistakes they made.

So, keep them away and let them realize that upsetting you was a mistake. Also, avoid responding to their texts or calls. Keep them off the hook so they understand that you won't give in to their strange habits or demands.

If you were hurt, make it clear to them so they make efforts to mend their ways and make you happy.


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