7 Things to know to Make a Taurus Man go Crazy about you!

7 Things to know to Make a Taurus Man go Crazy about you!


You have a crush on him and want to know how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you? How to behave with him? How to attract him and and keep him hooked lifelong? What does a Taurus man look for in a woman and what are the tricks to impress him? If your Taurus guy makes you go weak in your knees and you are looking for answers to make him commit to you, here are 7 things to know to make the Taurus man obsessed with you!

1. Embrace your feminine energy and show it off

Taurus men truly admire the feminine energy. They love the delicate and typical personality traits that make a woman the goddess that she is. He is a lover of simplicity and his partner needs to showcase her raw, kind and nurturing behavior to floor him. The Taurean male is generally dominant, projecting his grit and strength. With their strong belief system that is hard to manipulate, they would like to be around a partner who is caring and makes his house a home. They are perfect homebodies who are either working really hard to make a mark in the world or resting at home which is their ultimate comfort zone. So, when they come back after a long day, they would expect someone who can take the edge off and relax their minds from the humdrum of a busy life.

2. Ensure a well-balanced life

The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign prefer stability in their partners. They like to have things planned and organized. They work very hard to achieve their goals and also seek the same outlook in life from their partners. They like a woman who has a well- thought of plan in life and progresses forward with honesty. They are humble and rooted and are quite stubborn in their expectations when it comes to their life partners. If you suffer from a split personality or lead a haphazard life with no goal or ambition, it will surely push away a Taurus man. So, to make a Taurus man love you hard, you will have to motivate him and help him achieve the version of himself that he aspires to be.

3. Express your appreciation and love

If a Taurus man loves you, he will make sure you have access to the best that money can afford. He loves to hear words of appreciation and admiration when he does so much for his partner. Communicate to all that you love about him. Cook him a sumptuous meal. He loves the earthy rustic feel of homes. Decorate his place and make it cozier, just the way you know he likes. Even though conversations around him could end up being very materialistic, never forget to talk about the underlying value of things that money can’t buy. Ensure that he knows you have his intentions rather than just the price tags.

4. Never keep him guessing to make him more interested

If you are someone who suffers from a flaky attitude, never in control of your decisions; the Taurus man will walk away in the blink of an eye. He is extremely intolerant of those of are indecisive and change plans at a moment’s notice. It is usually difficult for a Taurus man to be outgoing and always on the move to catch up with people’s paces. So, a social butterfly who craves random company will make the Taurus man uncomfortable.

A real connection can take time to develop and blossom. Any rush will make him impatient. Work on the depth of the relationship that you share with the Taurus man. Give him the security of your presence without lingering doubts. Be decisive and discuss your relationship issues with him in order to win his trust. If you hide your emotions, have difficulty in matching your words with your actions, the bull can be easily ticked off.

5. Sensuality is key to make the Taurus man addicted to you

Taurus men are highly sensual beings. They respond to touch deeply. Sex with the Taurus man will proceed with long foreplays. Usually not big fans of quickies, they like to engage in sexual bonds slow but one that is satisfactory on an emotional level as well. Make sure you never rush the intimate moments with the Taurus man be he likes to laze around after sex or probably surprise you by pulling off an all-nighter.

To a Taurus man, the act of seduction comes naturally and he loves being teased. His sexual appetite is difficult to satiate. He loves to feel, smell, taste and touch and you would be surprised by his level of immersion in the act when he makes love to you. Make sure you set the right expectations and unleash your kinkiness without being shy. Learn to build the anticipation and set the right mood in his comfort zone in order to make the most of your private moments with him.

6. Show him your vulnerable side to conquer his heart

In order to deepen your connection with a Taurus man, one needs to share their fears and deep feelings with him. Let him see the side of you that makes you the most insecure. When building the foundation of a strong relationship, the Taurus man expects to see things beyond the superficial facade. Anything that smells of fakeness and deceit can never hold a Taurus guy for a long time. He is a compassionate person. He loves to do things for those he cares about the most.

So, despite an intense urge to engage in a physically intimate moment, when he is genuinely interested in you and serious about the relationship, he takes moments off his busy schedule and make sure he fulfills you with a sense of security. So, take off the high walls that you keep to guard yourself and let him in. This will instill in him a sense of belonging in your life.

7. Display your strength and independence

The Taurus man looks for a woman who can mirror the same values that he has towards life. The relationship will have already started on a great note when the belief systems match. Given the fact that the Taurus man has a hard time blending with those who operate on a different tangent, if a woman lacks the confidence to take on life with courage, strength and passion; the attraction may never take off to a higher ground.

He wants someone who knows what she is up to. He is quite materialistic and will burn the midnight lamp to earn the things that capture his attention. In fact, this earth sign values money and knows his way around it. While he would do everything in his capacity to give a woman the life that she can only dream of, he also expects her to be strong in her own two feet rather than depending on him to take her responsibility. Make sure you have your finances in place and you know how to manage your money well. If you have parasitic tendencies, it will be difficult to hold his attention for long.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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