5 Most Boring Zodiac Signs in Bed (ranked)

5 Most Boring Zodiac Signs in Bed (ranked)


Sex with each zodiac signs can be unique. While some are outright desirable and freaky, others can be a bit protected, private or simply detached from bodily pleasures. So, what zodiac signs have a bad sex drive? Which star signs lack excitement in the bedroom? Who according to astrology make the least interesting sex partners?

If you are wondering which zodiac signs perform the worst in bed, here are the 5 most boring Zodiac signs (ranked) when it comes to sex.

1. Cancer: the worst Zodiac sign in bed

An ocean of overflowing emotions, you’ll almost dread the fact that you landed in the bedroom with a cry baby. Their sensitivity is so pronounced even when they sleep with you that it almost feels like being around someone motherly. Sounds terrible, unless you are into older partners who give you that feel. Their overprotectiveness is almost scary. You never know what action of yours is too much for them. If you are into sex that respects no boundaries, you’ll have a hard time with Cancerians. They’ll be guarded till you are proven your worth and that’s like too much of work when all you are looking for is pure sex with no strings attached.

Sex with a Cancer man or woman is slow and far from the openness of experiences against the standard sex norms. They love foreplay and oral sex. This could drag endlessly long and end up frustrating you if you are looking for quickies. They are too fearful of opening up to protect their heart. You’ll have to be careful with the way you communicate while having sex lest they would end up all teary eyed and kill your mood for making love.

2. Virgo: the most boring Zodiac sign in bed

They’ll leave you feeling terrible about yourself no matter how popular you are with the opposite sex. Nothing that you’ll do is ever enough. You’ll be left questioning your own sexual skills if you ever have sex with a Virgo partner. They are painfully critical and you’ll be treated like a guinea pig in the bedroom where they’ll practically experiment all they have rote learned. It’s almost like they are ready with a list of ingredients precisely measured and unless everything fructifies as they anticipate, you’ll only hear them crib.

Hook ups with Virgo can never be too outrageous or aggressive. It’s either the rightly researched way, or no sex at all. They are mechanical beings, too absorbed in the idea of perfection. By the time they are aroused, you’ll be ready to leave. In case you fail to perform, you’ll be reminded of it over and over again. They love order and if you prefer wild encounters, be prepared to be terribly disappointed. Let’s say Virgos are into vanilla sex and if that sounds exciting to you, well, good luck!

3. Capricorn: not the best Zodiac sign in bed

If you are looking for a sex mate who specializes in improvisation, Capricorns should be the last on your mind. Sex, anywhere and anytime is not their scene. Their coldness will bore you to death. If you run a thousand wild thoughts throughout the day, they only think of work. If you prefer kinkiness and or have unusual sexual preferences, they are all about a conservative and pragmatic modus operandi. It’s dreadfully tiring to break their uptight demeanor even when they have sex. After play? Sorry, they are dressed up already to go back to work!

Sex will feel more like a task than something to enjoy and seek pleasure in with Capricorns. With someone so righteous and duty bound, you’ll almost feel like a sinner if sex is all that you seek. They love routine and that could derail all your hopes of having child-like fun during sex. Anything impromptu is not their scene. While they could stun you with their patience and libido, the lack of newness and creativity makes sex so dry, technical and boring that a purely ecstatic sexual bliss will be hard to achieve.

4. Sagittarius: not the best performer in bed

While this eccentric fire sign does have a bad rap for chasing multiple people at the same time, you’ll feel disillusioned by their actual performance in the bedroom. Their sense of detachment and longing for a solo adventure makes them a bit self-centered so sex could just feel like a one-sided affair. You’ll have a hard time looking for the parts where your satisfaction fits in. While they’ll raise your expectations trying to leave you hot and heavy with their quest for spirituality and endless stories of spontaneous adventures, you’ll be left searching for variety in the bedroom.

A Sagittarius male or female seeks intellectual fulfillment more than carnal satisfaction. Sagittarius men or women surely don’t fall into the category of the most dirty and lusty or experimental-friendly among the zodiac signs of astrology. Their obsessive desire to stay in control makes them too closed to let go and immerse themselves in kinky acts. Once they are done, they would expect you to feel sexually validated. Everything moves as per their plan, suited to their needs. If you don’t buy into the idea of being a mute prey as exciting, you’ll want to give sex with a Sagittarius a pass.

5. Pisces: the least fun Zodiac sign in bed

They are never really present. You’ll almost hate yourself for initiating sex in the first place with a Pisces as you’ll never really be convinced of their interest in you. They are thinking about a million ways to merge with the unknown even when they have sex. They’ll seem simply lost. It's all about fantasies for them more than proving their sexual strength. Pisces men and women are dreamers. Illusionary experiences seem strangely satisfying to them. You’ll have to deal with their emotions, pacify them and then perhaps they could be in the mood for sex. They are caring, so caring that anything scandalous could scare them away.

Foreplays are long and sometimes they would just expect that and no intercourse at all. Pisceans are attached to old memories. So, if something flashes back during sex, they could break down instantly and expect some mollycoddling. They seek a soulful experience through sex which unites them with the supreme energy. Such obsession with any meaningful sexual encounter might be tedious for a carefree partner who longs for a wild stimulation that’s far from the heaviness of a purpose. She is looking for depth of emotions and love. She is far from plain physical intimacy. Sex life could be terribly boring when your Pisces partner could barely communicate what she truly needs and sometimes, too anxious and nervous to experience passionate kinky sex.


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