The 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs in Relationships

The 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs in Relationships


A little bit of jealousy makes a relationship spicy, doesn't it? But how much of it is really healthy? While all zodiac signs display some territorial behavior in varied proportions, there are those that can't do without undivided affection. How do Zodiac signs react when they are jealous? What makes the zodiac signs controlling in relationships? Which zodiac signs are the most jealous and possessive?

Here is a list of the top 5 zodiac signs that cannot contain their jealousy!

1. Taurus

A Taurus in your life can be very loving and kind, never hesitating to fully express their feelings to someone they love. The Taurus sign is usually calm on the outside, trying really hard to keep their envy at bay away from the public eye. A full-blooded war is on the cards if a Taurus male or female has contained jealousy for a long time. Being neglected or compared with someone breeds resentment which could well blow out of proportion on a certain day without prior warning.

They are intelligent and often hoard on bitter memories to use them conveniently against someone. They sometimes treat those they like as their personal property, being inconsiderate of the free will of the person to lead a life of their own. That’s how suffocating it could be with the Taurus man or woman.

Their stubbornness makes them believe that they do the best for their people and this should make others obliged and grateful for life (even if that means a lifetime of involuntary servitude). If suspicious, they start looking for clues to establish their facts and break up or cut off ties to avoid fueling their fear of ever being rejected or mistreated.

2. Leo

The mighty Lion ruled by the Sun is one of the most powerful and resourceful zodiacs in astrology. They are boastful and want to be the best and also have the best. Tolerance to those trying to outwit or challenge them is pretty much zero. They command authority and often project a god-like attitude with egos that are bruised in no time.

They are protective of everything that they own and unless paid due respect and admiration, they are never satisfied. Sing their praise and worship them, the Leo man or woman is settled. Unless they are attended to and enthusiastically endorsed by all, they will be wounded. Criticise or tell them about their incapacity to accomplish something, they wouldn’t mind chopping your head off.

They are proud and never hesitate to make a shameless display of it wherever they go. This comes from a deep-seated need to be accepted and loved by all. The lover of a Leo is cautiously protected. If the lover tries to press the jealous button (even casually), Leo would flare up and roar. Their honour and dignity cannot be tampered with. Jealousy may consume them from the inside, causing them to harden and distance themselves from an otherwise happy life.

3. Scorpio

The most possessive sign of the Zodiac, both Scorpio men and women suffer from trust issues. They are highly territorial and guarded round the clock to sniff any betrayal or threat from a third party. If they face any competition in their love life, their emotions would spiral downwards. They give in their all when they fall in love. Hence, it is unacceptable for them to be disregarded or taken for granted.

Scorpios crave for a hundred percent attention from their mates. A certain level of sneakiness in their behavior is noticeable with their spying habits. Their lack of faith pushes the relationship into a state of unfulfillment. Scorpio needs to be aware of all that is happening with their partners and their whereabouts. They want certainty in their behaviors.

The water sign will have its emotions all over the place in their relationships which makes them care too deeply. They have their walls up, trying to prevent a potential heartbreak. When you hurt a Scorpio with your insensitivity to their feelings, they are capable of unleashing their evil ideas of destroying someone or causing them hurt of higher intensity. They are vengeful and nothing would satisfy them unless they feel good about themselves again and never return.

4. Aries

The Aries man or woman is always trying to shield their heart from pain. They are warriors who defend their belongings ferociously. They are built in the spirit of warfare and when they sense disturbance in their paradise, they are a force of destruction that is hard to defy. Easily provoked by external interference in their relationships, it is hard to tame their inner turmoil and fear of loss.

If they are with a partner who fails to display loyalty and is flirting with multiple people, they wouldn’t pull themselves away from a direct confrontation about their feelings. They are passionate in love and also assertive in their needs. There is no way to convince them that you could have a casual interest in someone when you are committed in a relationship already.

If there is a third party taking an active interest in their partner, a heated discussion is on its way. The Aries native wouldn’t shy away from telling them off right away. As much dedicated as they are when they desire to win over someone’s heart, they are adept at keeping them in their lives even if it means he pays a price or faces dire consequences. This daredevil is a tough competitor to beat. If one has plans to rub them the wrong way, they will handle it aggressively.

5. Virgo

It is very hard to understand what’s truly going on with a Virgo when they are jealous. They have mastered the art of masking their emotions. When they go green with jealousy, the Virgo native withdraws and acts distant. They find immense joy in uncovering details of everything. They are inquisitive and an active interest or involvement in people's history gives them some form of sadistic pleasure. They will observe and analyze, digging deep and bring out old skeletons in the closet.

If they are terribly disturbed by someone's presence, they will detach and move away. More often than not, it is a struggle for them to decipher how to manage their emotions and to react accordingly. This is because even when they pretend to be unemotional, they care deeply. They are really sensitive and when their possessions face a threat, they become insecure. They never forget or fail to observe even the most calculated action of their partner whether they are in a public or private space. If caught in the act, it remains sealed in their heart only to grow and blow up someday. This could make them so clingy that it almost drives their partners away for good.


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