The 5 Most Successful Zodiac Signs in Life

The 5 Most Successful Zodiac Signs in Life


Do you believe your stars have a role to play in making you rich and successful? Well, hard work, patience and perseverance surely add to your chances of being successful but planets do have an influence over our destiny and make some impact. Which Zodiac signs are the most likely to succeed, to be rich and famous? Which signs do most billionaires belong to? What personality traits make some Zodiac signs most likely to climb to the top?

Here is a list of the top 5 most successful Zodiac signs in life! (in no particular order)

1. Capricorn

Rigs to riches: this is how the story of a Capricorn goes. By their intelligence, sheer hard work and grit, the Capricorn native is destined to rise to the top. These guys are the achievers of the zodiac. They would rarely procrastinate, will push themselves hard until they reach their goals. They love material success, to them a job that uplifts their status is fulfilling. In fact, the Capricorn’s self-esteem and prestige is so intertwined with his or her work that they would rarely stick to a job that does not elevate their image.

They seek validity in society, are conservative in their approach to life. Work is worship to the Capricorns. The obsession with status is so dangerous that nothing is ever enough when it comes to their careers. So, despite the success, they may not live a life of containment unless they have other planetary conjunctions that have a beneficial influence. They don’t fear grinding themselves (often to a point of physical breakdown in the long-run), are averse to slacking so much that they would burn the midnight lamp to reach to the top. With the task-master Saturn as their ruler, success comes slowly but surely as they continue to pay off their karmic debts through their work.

2. Leo

The Lion is born to rule and serve the masses. While he or she does crave for power and glory they are people-centric. They wouldn’t hesitate to amass wealth and prestige by hook or crook. A Leo male or female is all about creativity and learning. He wants to work with people and for the people. Often his ego is attached to his level of success in life. They are excellent team leads and with their optimism, they can take charge of the most challenging crisis in life. While Leos may appear selfish or conceited, they are generous. Their charisma is evident in an authoritative body language and behavior, so that people are naturally drawn towards them as soon as they walk into a room.

Leo naturally commands respect. Their determination and action-oriented approach to innovative ideas makes them a realist in the truest sense of the term. While they do love their pleasure seeking escapades, their commitment to a goal is the foremost. Fame and success is synonymous with Leos as they appear born rulers. It is not surprising to come across a Leo native aiming to acquire a top-ranking position in a company or in fact, being at the helm of affairs as the CEO of an establishment. Their company is lively and this makes them a great boss to work for. Thus, being able to work amidst people rather than secluding himself in an ivory tower would most likely make them succeed in their endeavours. Money, just follows.

3. Scorpio

Do or die is their mantra. Scorpios would fight for their spot. They represent the commander-in-chief of the battlefield. They are disciplined, feisty and ever ready to struggle for a win, much like their ruler Mars. They are focused and fearless. Their aggressive approach to whatever they put their mind to is most likely to help them reach the zenith of success. Also, Scorpios are all about transformation. This points out to their ability to rise like a phoenix no matter the perilous task that they have to deal with.

They are fierce about protecting their territories. In this context, their work. With the strength to move mountains to ensure stability in their lives, success is what they are born for. However, they also have a hidden emotional need for a strong partnership that drives them. Once they find their perfect partner to ride with, the Scorpio Zodiac sign is unstoppable. A combative character demands a cause to fight for. A Mission that fuels their sense of purpose. Thus, an intensely passionate zest to emerge a winner is likely to make them famous and rich.

4. Taurus

Everyone loves money. Taurus natives, a little too much. The Venus ruled seeker of beauty and pleasure loves all the luxuries that money can buy. The bull is determined to achieve whatever that makes their life comfortable and worthy to live for. They work to “maximise pleasure and minimize pain”. They also love enjoying the fruits of their labour and aren’t reluctant to show off what they own. Such a materialistic wants drives their engine of growth.

This is the bull, calm on the outside but seething with rage on the inside. They would toil hard to reach the pinnacle of success. Quite creative, they love the aesthetics of everything around them. Their materialistic tendencies makes them hoarders of things they appreciate. The Taurus personality doesn’t necessarily crave for a partner to steer them towards success. They are capable, steady and dependable which makes them quite confident of reaching their desired spot in life. A one man army, this is how they get going in the world. Their idea of success equals material comforts. As long as they are able to keep their boss and family happy, the Taurus is content.

5. Aries

This is a tough contender for the top spot. It is not hard to find an Aries all fired up for a cause. They are the go-getters, optimistic, righteous and adaptable to the shocks of a system. They are adept at keeping their emotions at bay when involved at work. So ambitious, they are most likely to taste success in all their undertakings. They somehow know the golden route to fame. An Aries loves the job they do and this means they would give it their all regardless of who or what comes around.

Aries men and women also get along with people well given their gift of the gab and natural extroversion. When everyone else fails, the ram figures out a way. They need success in life as their egos are so tied up to their public accomplishments. The Aries native is stubborn and smart. They have a clear idea of how their life is supposed to be. They need to be occupied with work, they need to stay active. The Aries is unstoppable when he pursues with unceasingly intense passion. Hence, they are most likely to be famous, rich and successful.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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