The 5 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs (ranked)

The 5 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs (ranked)


Some Zodiac signs have weird ways of moving out of relationships or disconnecting from someone they no longer feel so strongly about. While cheating can happen regardless of which zodiac one belongs to, some zodiac signs have a stronger tendency to engage in sneaky behavior. So, before you get a shock in your romantic connections, it's helpful to know and stay alarmed. Which zodiac signs are the most unfaithful and disloyal? Which zodiac signs are most likely to cheat on their partner and break your heart?

Here is the list of the 5 Zodiac signs that cheat their partners the most (ranked in order):

1. Gemini: The Zodiac sign most likely to break your heart

Geminis are quite child-like, fickle, and witty. They are smart and eager to make connections. As an air sign, Gemini likes to talk and usually gets along with people like nobody else among the zodiac signs. They love making friends and can pull off a conversation with anyone, no matter how boring the other person is.

Geminis also tend to fall in love in no time and fall out of love equally soon. Yes, they tend to fall head over heels in love with someone who can win them over with intelligent conversation. When things get boring or monotonous, the Gemini native is also quick at giving up and moving on to someone else.

Yes, Geminis can be quite promiscuous because they are swift and tend to have trouble expressing themselves emotionally.

2. Libra: the most flirty Zodiac sign

Venus ruled Librans are quite creative and personify grace and charm. Libras are also indecisive and difficult. They are not just good-looking but also tend to ooze an aura that's hard to ignore.

Libras are all about balance but despite the best of efforts, they struggle to bring balance into their lives. They can have quite a messed up love life simply because they need someone who showers them with love, compliments and yes, some material pleasures too.

Libra males and females aren't the fighters who would stick through thick and thin. They could also have a privileged upbringing and therefore, when they don't receive the attention they desire, they could call off the relationship.

They are flirty and this can become quite a questionable thing when they fall in love. They are quite open-minded and bodily pleasures mean so much to them. While some flirting can seem harmless, it certainly crosses all boundaries with Libra men and women. They fail to hold themselves back and usually give in to temptations.

3. Sagittarius: the Zodiac sign prone to cheating

The knowledge seeker of the zodiac is free-spirited and loves to live life untethered. They are in search of the ultimate truth and this means that nothing is out of bounds when the Sagittarius man or woman wants to explore and gain experience of.

They do hold strong ideals but they are quite clear of not settling too easily in a relationship. It's hard for a Sagittarius native to settle down easily because they are on a lifelong quest to experience and seek divine knowledge.

Sagittarius is also known to be quite swift in their moves. They're eccentric and tend to have an unconventional thought process. They aren't quite willing to settle down early in life since they want to explore the world and gain much from their experiences.

Sagittarius love meeting new people and being in places that take them out of stagnancy. So, when things get monotonous, this sign also tends to freak out and give up easily instead of sticking up for their partner.

4. Pisces: the most disloyal Zodiac sign

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are also known to be quite unfaithful in love.

The Pisces is far from the attachments of the material world. It's a mystical sign that's known to be quite indulgent in pleasurable activities. Pisces loves having sex, and they dive into the act for the utmost bliss.

They love their peace and tend to get quite involved in promiscuous activities, which gives them a bad reputation for being cheaters in romantic relationships.

Pisces is a mysterious sign of the Zodiac. They represent the oceans and their emotions run deep. Hence, it's difficult to understand what they truly desire.

They love to spend time alone, often lost in their thoughts and secluded from the whole wide world. This tendency to cut themselves off can signal danger in the relationship because Pisces individuals can get lost and refuse to be answerable for their whereabouts.

5. Leo: the cheater among the Zodiac signs

Leos tend to be proud, self-centered and obsessed about themselves. They have huge egos which they desire to be stroked often if someone is to remain in their good books.

Leo males and females are absorbed and wish the world to revolve around them. The sun-ruled Leo desires to be appreciated and adored for who they are. They want to rule your world, especially if they have expressed their intense love for you. This means that when you fail to give them what they expect, they can be easily distracted.

Leo men and women can be power-seekers. They want to dominate and control the lives of those they are close to. So, when they feel the control diminishing, they feel threatened. Or, they could start to believe that they no longer hold sway over you. This doesn't bring in happiness for Leos and they tend to look for more love, loyalty and admiration somewhere else.


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