Why are Pisces so Attracted to Sagittarius?

Why are Pisces so Attracted to Sagittarius?


Wandering philosophers, Sagittarius is extremely appealing to Pisces because of their burning energy, sharpness and depth of knowledge. They are smart, honest and blunt. Their emotional unavailability imparts a sense of exclusivity, making them dangerously attractive and hence, chase worthy to the needy Pisces. So, what makes Sagittarius so appealing to Pisces? Can Sagittarius and Pisces be more than friends? What do Pisces like about Sagittarius?

Here are the personality traits that explain why Pisces are so attracted to Sagittarius according to astrology!

Sagittarius are spiritual

Sagittarius natives have an inclination towards mysticism. They are seekers of knowledge and higher learning. With an optimistic bent of mind, it's easy for them to understand and be accepting of a wide variety of opinions and ways of life. This is why a Pisces man or woman might have a feeling of comfort and see enough potential to build a stable relationship with the Sagittarius man or woman.

Sagittarius are adaptable

The men and women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are social beings. They love a vibrant company. As a fire sign, they need to seek validity and acceptance of people around them. Though they do not feel the need to conform to standards or rules, they do care about being lies and admired by all for the knowledge they share and the unique experiences they bring to the table.

Sagittarius are so intelligent

Unless a Sagittarius finds a partner who can communicate with them intelligently, they may not be interested in pursuing a serious relationship with them. They are curious and have a deep knowledge of the spiritual world. Pisces too have a spiritual if not a religious bent of mind. They want to enrich themselves with conversations about everything beyond the material plane. They want to expand and grow and Pisces too would like to hop to a new place with them in their quest for knowledge that was never known before.

Sagittarius are extremely optimistic

No matter what challenges they face, Sagittarius males and females will always manage to find the silver lining. They will motivate and inspire the Pisces native to look for the brighter side to the rainy days. When Pisces men or women feel neglected or misunderstood, they have a tendency to feel depressed and inflict self-harm upon themselves. Around a Sagittarius, Pisces will see hope and possibilities. They'll widen the horizon of Pisces and make them believe in their uniqueness. As a sexually actively sign, Sagittarius will make Pisces feel deeply sexy and confident.

Sagittarius are flirty

Pisces natives are mysterious and very sensual. They love to get physical with someone they emotionally connect with. Their innocence and charm is hard to resist. A Pisces male or female loves the dirty talking and role playing activities with Sagittarius. Sparks could fly in no time when these individuals are sexually attracted to each other. Pisces loves attention and if Sagittarius pays attention to their selfless efforts, this should be a connection that's so satisfying. Sagittarius will reciprocate as long as they don't feel coerced to reciprocate emotionally.

Sagittarius are successful in life

Sagittarius are so focused on their goals that no distraction seems to deter their efforts. They are competitive and love to take challenges head on. They have a wide perspective about life. So, when a Pisces man or woman feels hopeless and dejected, the Sagittarius native will stand tall with them and guide them through their problems. Sagittarius wants to feel respected for their intellect. They are free and extremely detached from material pleasures regardless of the joys it brings them. They want to stay in control of their lives.

Sagittarius is so good in bed

The Sagittarius man or woman is so hot, passionate and experimentative in bed. They hate the monotony of routine and this is something that might be truly attractive to Pisces. They have great stamina and sexual prowess to raise the heat between the sheets. Sagittarius loves to flirt and attract the attention of Pisces. Sex with them knows no limitations and therefore, with a Sagittarius, the Pisces males and females will be able to make their fantasies come true. The intensity of the passion will be high and it's hard to resist each other's tempting advances.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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