What Does a Pisces Look Like?


It is easy to be mesmerized by the Pisces gaze. They have a light in their eyes which speaks of the purity in their soul. They have a kind and alluring nature which makes it extremely easy for them to make friends. There’s just so much that can be said about the Pisces that several books could be written on the topic. One thing we often overlook is how much their looks contribute to their overall personality. The Pisces first attract attention through their physical appearance. It is very difficult to ignore a Pisces man or woman when you are in their presence. Because theirs isn’t an overwhelming presence. It’s a soft, warm, innocent appearance that makes you want to trust them. So, what makes the Pisces look like an angel?

Here is what astrology can tell us about the Pisces physical appearance!

Physical Appearance of the Pisces

Your Zodiac sign doesn't decide what facial features you will have. That's for genetics to dictate. However, the Zodiac sign does influence the effect that those physical features have on others. Or the way that these features appear to the person looking at you. World-renowned Astrologer, Linda Goodman, gives an amazingly accurate description of the Pisces’ physical appearance in her book Sun Signs.

Pisces have very noticeable hands and feet. In proportion to the rest of their body, their hands and feet are either small or large in size. Moreover, these will probably be very strong and rough appendages. Or very delicate and dainty in feel and in look.

They usually have flawless skin and hair. The skin feels silky soft. Their hair is fine and wavy. Pisces usually take the light hair trait. But you will find many dark-haired Pisceans too.

Pisces eyes are the most mesmerizing and intriguing of all their features. They usually have heavy-lidded eyes, but it's not a must. But the eyes of a Pisces have a strange and attractive light in them. A light which makes the onlooker drown in their beauty.

Why are Pisces so attractive?

But of course, their physical appearance isn't the only thing that attracts people. When we talk about the looks of a Pisces, we are referring to a complete package. It isn't limited to their physical appearance. There are so many aspects of their looks derived from their personality.

A kindness reflects from their personality that makes people trust them. If you meet a Pisces male or female, you will never feel threatened by them. How could you? It feels like they can’t even hurt a fly. Everyone is attracted by kindness.

They are charming introverts who catch many people’s attention. Introverts hate being in the spotlight. Pisces are true to that trait. Yet, they have such a charming appearance that they always find themselves surrounded by at least a few people. Even if they are in a corner, someone will find them and start a conversation.

Pisces are really good listeners. I am a firm believer in the fact that this is their most attractive personality trait. Pisces men and women talk less and listen more. This is the one thing that all of us look for in people around us.

Their romantic notions of life are extremely fascinating. Every time we hear a dreamer talk about life, there’s groan that comes out of our moths, unconsciously. This does not happen when you talk to a Pisces man or woman. They make you believe in the ideal world. And you want to follow them to the end.

What do other zodiac signs think about Pisces?

So, how does the Pisces look translate into opinions? What do different people think about them? Let’s look at what people of different Zodiac signs think about the Pisces natives.

1. Aries

The extroverted Aries thinks that Pisces is way too sensitive for their own good. They always worry that someone will take advantage of their kind-hearted Pisces friend. But Pisces are the only people whose advice the Aries depend on.

2. Taurus

Taurus appreciate people with strong character. They are attracted to Pisces because of their conviction towards life and their ideals. Taurus is inspired by the kind-hearted nature of Pisces women and men.

3. Gemini

Gemini is one of the few zodiac signs who don't get along with Pisces all that well. The thing is, the Gemini has a hard time believing in the kindness of Pisces. Their own dual nature makes them skeptical of the Pisces.

4. Cancer

Pisceans and Cancerians share a lot of values. This brings them closer. Cancers see Pisces as extremely agreeable human beings. In fact, these two signs are very compatible with romantic relationships.

5. Leo

Leos appreciate the Pisces attention to detail and etiquette. Yet, they find them weak and pushovers. Leos cannot stand people who don't match their rigor and outgoing nature. It's not that they don't like Pisces. But if they could, they would change them.

6. Virgo

Pisces are the only people who don’t get offended by the Virgos critical nature. This makes them very warm towards Pisces. Virgos find Pisces extremely dependable and sincere.

7. Libra

Libra and Pisces connect in their shared love for romantic notions for life. Libras do get disturbed by the Pisces’ lack of a sex drive. Well, there isn’t a lack of it. But isn’t as strong as the Libra. This is not something that they like.

8. Scorpio

Pisces are some of the few people whom Scorpios trust. They tend to be enamored by the innocence of the Pisces. Scorpios and Pisces usually end up getting married. They are a match made in heaven.

9. Sagittarius

Pisces are too cautious and introverted for Sagittarius to try and be friends with them. Sagittarius don’t dislike the Pisces. They just aren’t interested enough to have an opinion about the Pisces.

10. Capricorn

The sweet-natured Pisces is a breath of fresh air for the Capricorn. The ambitious Capricorn are used to being surrounded by competitors. Pisces by nature don't believe in competing or winning at the expense of someone else. Capricorn often turns to their Pisces friends when they are looking for some meaningful companionship.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is interested in people who challenge the norms. They surround themselves with rebels. Aquarius like Pisces, but they just don't like to hang out with them much. But they appreciate the Pisces' sincerity and honesty.

12. Pisces

Well, Pisces know their own faults. So, whenever they meet people from their own zodiac sign, they end up giving them advice on how to live life better. Not realizing they suffer from the same issues.


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