How to Make a Pisces Man Jealous?

How to Make a Pisces Man Jealous?


I'm actually surprised that you would want to make him jealous? What's happening? Are you sure you aren't overthinking things? Has he slipped into his fantasy world for longer than usual? He will come back, don't worry. Pisces are the most mature boyfriends you will ever find. Their only problem is that they slip into their fantasy world quite often. Otherwise, there is nothing that cannot be worked out by sitting down for a talk over tea. Still not convinced? Still, want to make him jealous to get his attention? But how will he react? Is this the best move to make him come back?

Here’s all you need to understand about the Pisces jealousy and the psychology of this man.

Are Pisces men jealous and possessive?

The Pisces zodiac sign is not known to be jealous. But the Pisces man does get jealous. It happens very rarely. But when something involved his loved one, the Pisces man may become susceptible to these immature emotions.

He is an emotional man. So, naturally, when his lady love seems to be paying someone else attention it gets to him. He isn’t an aggressive man so you won’t see him huffing and puffing. But his pain would be visible. However, he trusts his partner too much to get jealous easily.

Chances are he wouldn’t even notice that you are trying to make him jealous. You could be flirting with someone right next to him and he won’t notice. It’s just how much he trusts the person he’s in love with. Do you really want to trouble this poor soul? But it is this trustworthiness that gets in the way.

His desire to have someone loyal by his side makes him naturally jealous. Only if he doesn't fully trust you will he get jealous. You don't want that, do you? But sometimes it's his mistrust of those around you that troubles him.

Despite his maturity, he is a man after all. And sometimes even the slightest of indications of problems can trigger his jealousy and possessiveness.

What makes the Pisces man jealous?

Sometimes women confuse the Pisces male slipping into his fantasy world with him being aloof. So, try to understand what it is that got your Pisces man troubled. If you are trying to win him back after a breakup, then talking it out will be a lot smarter. But well, who am I to tell you what to do. All I can do is give you the tools and some advice. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your Pisces man jealous:

  1. Talk about other men with him. He might not notice when you are flirting with someone next to him. But he will know when you talk to him about that other man. Admire those men. Appreciate what they do for you. Praise their success. Anything that makes him suspect that you have a crush on them. You can even share the attention other men give you.
  2. Slip into your own fantasy world. If he’s going into his imaginary world often, you do that too. Stay aloof. Act like you didn’t even notice he was there. Give him exactly what he’s putting you through. The Pisces guy is emotional enough to see that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. But don’t let it get too far or he just might feel like you are drifting apart.
  3. Spend less time with him. This classic move works most of the time with a lot of men. If you spend more time with friends and colleagues, he is sure to notice. The fact that your partner doesn’t even want to spend time with you is hurting. The Pisces man shows his jealousy in the form of sadness and not anger. The less time you give him, the sadder he will grow.
  4. Play on his insecurities. You will have to be a very cruel woman to use this move. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The reason the Pisces male slips into his fantasy world is to protect himself from his insecurities. If you observe him long enough, you will start seeing these insecurities. Use them against him. If he’s worried about being left alone, then make it seem like you are the only one constant in his life. Become the strength that will help him overcome all his fears.

How the Pisces Man Shows Jealousy?

It is easy to spot a jealous or troubled Pisces man. His behavior towards his emotions makes it difficult for him to hide how he feels. The Pisces guy reacts to jealousy with sadness and not anger.

If you see him in despair for no apparent reason, know that something’s up. He’s not a man with a temper. So, he doesn’t behave crazy or shouting the way other men do. He internalises his jealousy. But this despair isn’t constant either.

He keeps slipping in and out of despair. That’s because the Pisces man is smart enough to reason himself out of jealousy. So, when he is confronted with these emotions, he just rationalises with him. But then, when you feel so strongly, it is difficult.

He has become indecisive and can’t think clearly. Do you see him struggling with keeping his thoughts together? Does he often feel like his mind is not in the present? It’s different when he’s in his fantasy world, and you know that. Because in his imaginary world, he’s never troubled.

But a jealous Pisces man is frequently and easily frustrated. The Pisces male is a very calm and collected man usually. It takes a very stressful situation to get him on the edge. So, if he is losing his control often, the jealousy has started to catch on.

Making a Pisces man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

It isn’t that making your Pisces ex-boyfriend jealous won’t have any effect. But jealousy isn’t as effective a tactic as you would like. It will help you get his attention but that’s as far as you will get. If you want to bring him back into your life, you will have to do more than just this. Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply.

Be the woman of his dreams. The Pisces man knows his dream girl. No, he probably hasn’t met her yet. But he knows what she will be like. So, your best chance is to make him believe that you are everything he needs.

Be thoughtful and sympathetic. A woman who cannot match his sentimentality and emotional nature will never be able to keep him for long. Even if you are able to attract the Pisces man, you need to be thoughtful to ensure a long-term relationship.

Always talk about the good times in your relationship. Let him think only of how happy you made him. And make new happy memories to replace the bad ones of the past.

Shower him with love and affection. Just by showing how much you care will go a long way with this man. The Pisces man is like a perfect investment opportunity. Whatever you give him will come back with great interest.


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