10 Things a Pisces man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Pisces man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


Pisces men are emotional and utterly romantic. They are much likely to fall head over heels with someone easily and thus, end up with a bruised heart if they make a reckless choice in love. What makes Pisces lucky in love? Why are Pisces so passionate and intense? What does a Pisces man search for in a relationship? What qualities of a woman are likeable or hated by the Pisces man? What type of woman do Pisces like or find attractive?

Here are 10 top qualities and personality traits a Pisces man likes and dislikes in a woman and that he would evaluate to find the perfect match!

1. He likes compassionate women

The kind hearted Pisces native likes to be in the company of a woman who can fill his life with love and care. She needs to be able to nurture those around her and express her openness of mind and heart. If he meets someone who is cruel, mean or self-absorbed, he'll be turned off immediately. This man needs to feel comfortable and trusted. So, shower him with unconditional love and pour out your feelings for him. He is fond of women who understand him without the necessity of excessive verbal communication. Thus, it's the vibe that matters while choosing his perfect mate.

2. He needs to feel secure

Quite often, the man born under the Pisces Zodiac sign may feel lost or directionless. He takes a leap of faith in almost all his endeavors. He may seem insecure and hasty to those who abide by routine. So, he should feel safe in your presence. If you threaten his peace of mind or create a chaotic environment, he'll make a quick exit. He hates dealing with drama. So, be calm around him and handle all conflicts with patience if you want the Pisces man to go crazy about you. Fight for him and stand tall against all odds when he needs you. Though not a practical person in the strict sense of the term, he is intuitive to understand your motives.

3. He wants a partner in crime

The Pisces male can be reckless or put on his adventure streak. He would just do things for the fun of the experience. He loves living his life on the edge without any cares in the world. He'll seek an escape in any form whatsoever if he is in the mood for it. This could point towards his indulgences in illicit substances or exploring the tabooed aspects of life. He is rarely playing it safe. So, he needs someone who can engage in fun activities but at the same time open him up to practical solutions to his problems rather than looking for quick fixes.

4. He desires a sexually active partner

Pisceans are sexy creatures. They are sensual and charming. They naturally don't play hard to get. To a Pisces man, sex is an exchange of emotions. It's an act to unite with the divine. So, he immerses himself and finds a space to lose himself completely when he is making love to someone. He has a rich imagination and thus, his fantasies are vivid and wild. He wants a partner who is excited to fulfill them and infuse creativity in the bedroom acts. They need someone adaptable to his emotional highs and lows and liven him up with great sex.

5. He needs emotional reciprocity

Gentleness defines a Pisces native. He has a soft core that craves for a thoughtful partner who can shower him with her affection and bond with him deeper beyond physical pleasures. He dislikes women who are detached and distracted when he is around and therefore, when he is communicating his love for her, he needs her attention. He is a private person and when he confides in someone, he expects her to respect his trust and never betray him. Far from material longings, this is a zodiac sign that needs a true match of hearts or else he'll prefer being uncommitted.

6. He dislikes egoistic women

Pisces men hate being around someone who is proud and boastful. He wants a lover who is confident yet grounded or connected to her roots. If you crave for attention wherever you go or beat your own drums, he will be easily offended and push you away. He has no time or interest to stroke the ego of an insecure woman. He will be too occupied mentally if not physically to seek higher knowledge or forgets about his own needs while he takes care of the well being of all creations of God.

7. He hates being controlled

He dislikes domination or force. He is an independent person who loves to be on his own and live life in his own terms. The Pisces man is very sensitive. So, if you expect him to give in to your demands while you are unkind and aloof towards his needs, he'll not consider you worthy of his investment. He is free-willed and creative. He needs to feel happy and joyous or giving in to depression could be common with the Pisces man. Thus, the Pisces man would like a woman who is gentle, strong-willed but empathetic towards him. Unless she wins him over with her optimism and vision, he may not be quite impressed.

8. He needs to feel unconditionally loved

The Pisces man will be done with a woman who does not acknowledge his efforts. While he does expect a stable relationship, you can't win him over with wealth only. He'll test you to assure himself of your purity of heart before he takes the plunge with you. If love comes with conditions or forced upon him, the Pisces man will be turned off. He does have some quirks but he also expects you to join him in his fun escapades. He'll open up his heart to you if you stand strong with him amidst the difficulties of life.

9. He wants someone who can communicate non-verbally

He is not mercurial. He may face issues trying to translate his emotions into clearly understandable language. He can be pretty confused about his feelings for you initially. So, he'll appear shy and introverted in the beginning of the relationship. He is scared of being hurt, have a broken heart or being taken advantage of. So, if you could handle his emotions and slowly let him reveal his intentions to you, he would start trusting you. Learn to keep his secrets and get closer to him with non-sexual touches. He needs to feel the natural chemistry without much hard work. If a connection forms amidst silence, he'll be thrilled.

10. He needs to feel appreciated

Never take your Pisces man for granted. He may not put up a loud show of his talents and skills but he is a knowledgeable guy being a Jupiter ruled zodiac. Be proud of him and accept his advice when he tries to help you. He'll be more than happy to pitch in his thoughts and pull you out of a problem if you wish to follow his guide. Never double cross him or he'll be sad to have allowed you into his life. Adore him and show him that you are proud of him. If he feels let down or neglected, he'll move on.


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