​When a Pisces Man Wants to Marry You!

​When a Pisces Man Wants to Marry You!


All the Pisces men I've met in my life are among the most mature people I've ever known. But here's the thing about them: They all live in a bubble. A bubble where there is a good and just world to their liking. Their eutopia. The Pisces man will only ask you to marry him if you fit into his utopia. So, congratulations if that's the case. And I'll give you precious tips and advice if you want him to propose. But before you get into that, are you sure he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? It’s easy to fall in love with the Pisces male. But if you choose the wrong fish, you might have to pay the price. To help you with your decision, here is what you need to know when a Pisces man wants to marry you!

How to Tell if a Pisces Man Loves You?

It isn't very difficult to tell when a Pisces man is in love. All you have to do is look for these signs. Not a lot of people understand his expectations of this world. But the woman he loves will.

He lets you in on his ideas and imagination. Not a lot of people can say that they have seen the world through a Pisces’ eyes. If you can make that claim, then know that he is in love with you. He wants to share his worldview with you because he believes you can help achieve it. After all, you are a part of that world.

The Pisces male tries to connect with his lover on an emotional and spiritual level. He wants to transcend this plane and enter the next one. For this, he would inquire about your spiritual beliefs. If you differ, he will try to find a middle ground. Don't let him be the only one making the effort.

He acts a little shy and awkward around you. the Pisces man is like a teenager around his crush when he falls in love. He will be a little conscious around you. And often end up in an awkward situation because of this.

When a Pisces man is in love, he likes to take charge. He feels responsible for your safety and well-being. So, he will take on the driver’s seat and make sure you never want for anything. This also means that he will get a little possessive.

Finally, a Pisces guy in love can never get enough of his lady love. He will always find excuses to see you. He will plan dates and take you out to nice restaurants. All your weekends will be packed with plans involving him.

Pisces Man in Marriage: Is He a Good Husband?

Before you decide to marry him, you have to figure out what kind of Pisces man you are marrying.

There are two types of Pisces men: the successful type and lazy bums. Needless to say, the former will be a wonderful husband. While the latter will always be a burden on your shoulders. the thing about Pisces men is that they stay on the track they choose. If he is on the path to success he will always work hard. And if he has decided to take a laid-back approach, then only a tsunami will push him forward. Can you wait for the tsunami?

But the Pisces man is the champion of his family. He will always take care of all of his family’s needs. The hardworking Pisces is ready to go the extra mile to provide for his family. He will always be there when his wife and kids need him.

The Pisces husband respects his wife like no other. Considering her an equal is default condition in the mind of the Pisces. He will seldom treat her in a manner he wouldn’t her to treat him. He is always polite, always respectful and forever loving.

However, he will seem a little aloof some times. You need to understand that he keeps slipping in and out of his fantasy world. When the burden of reality becomes too much, he will enter that magical land he has built. Be patient and don’t force him to return. A major problem with the men born under this zodiac sign is that they are all susceptible to instability.

You will need the strength to keep him and the family on track. So, it would especially help if you have a career of your own. You will need financial, emotional and spiritual strength to face all sorts of adversities.

How to Get a Pisces Man to Marry You?

If you’ve found your soulmate in the Pisces male, you’ve got to put a ring on it. Getting a Pisces man to marry you has a lot to do with knowing what he wants.

If you can build the world he desires for himself, he’s yours. He has already imagined what his life after marriage will look like. If you can give him the confidence that he will have that life after marrying you, he will be ready. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want him to have expectations that will be shattered.

You need to always project your commitment to having a serious relationship. If you don’t know what a serious relationship looks like, look at any marriage around you. The Pisces guy doesn’t fool around when he’s in a relationship. You can never get him to marry you if you don’t show the same seriousness.

Be open about your intentions to get married. Start by getting his views on the subject. Get a sense of whether he sees you walking down the aisle to him. And then show your interest in the same. Let him know your expectations. And remember to be patient. You can never get a man to make the right decision by forcing him to. Same goes for the Pisces men. Just do what you can and then let him decide.

Pisces Man Commitment Issues: Can He Cheat on You?

As loyal as he will be to a woman he loves, he is susceptible to cheating. This can happen in any marriage. And even a married Pisces man cheating on his wife is possible. While it isn’t your fault if this happens to you, you can take some measure to prevent this. Here are a few factors that might drive him away.

If you ridicule and belittle him, he will look for appreciation elsewhere. The male ego is as dominant in the Pisces man as any. Also, it is rude to belittle your loved one. So, if you want to criticise, do so in a civilised and mature way.

A woman who takes advantage of the Pisces male also drives him away. He is a fair gentleman who would never do you any harm. But if the intentions of his wife seem tainted, he will be broken hearted. This kind of toxicity can result in infidelity.

He hates cruelty in any form. A cruel act will always be severely judged in his eyes. This includes seeking revenge, trying to bring others down. And anything that requires unnecessary hatred.

Marrying a Pisces man is an important decision, so make sure to think twice about it before going that step!


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