What Zodiac Sign is Pisces most Compatible with?

What Zodiac Sign is Pisces most Compatible with?


Are you in love with a Pisces and would like to know which Zodiac sign is a soulmate connection for them? What's the best love match for Pisces? Which signs do not get along well with Pisces? If you have these questions in mind, here are a few things you need to know about the Pisces compatibility in love with other zodiac signs.

Pisces and Aries

The inability to understand and reciprocate equally weakens the bond of the Aries and Pisces. While Pisces values touch and treats it as an elixir of life, Aries is a child who finds it difficult to communicate the love language with the same intensity.

The blunt and egoistic Aries native could easily hurt the Pisces given the latter’s sensitivity and heightened emotions while the Pisces suffer from a lack of clarity about the lofty ambitions and steadfast character of the Aries. Unless they share an openness to discuss and solve problems, mutual compatibility remains a pipe dream.

Pisces and Taurus

This is one of the most successful couples that could ever exist in astrology. A power couple in its own right, they bring out the best in each other by their mere presence.

The tenderness, care, and pleasure-seeking nature of the Taurus partner work in perfect sync with the Pisces native’s obsession with magic, mystery and the ecstasy of sexual experiences. They are passionate lovers who share a beautiful emotional bond and belief in the value of mutual satisfaction. Despite the flakiness of the Pisces, the patience and grounded character of Taurus works wonders in the relationship.

Pisces and Cancer

The Pisces and Cancer natives share an unbreakable bond where trust forms the basis of their partnership. They don’t necessarily need to communicate verbally, understanding their silences and mutual longing for tenderness without much difficulty.

Both these signs are very sensitive and compassionate who share the passion of tending to the needs of the partner before their own. They are selfless beings individually and when these big-hearted zodiacs come together to share a life together, it is truly blissful. If Pisces works towards being stable and Cancer in shrugging off its conservative ideas, they are destined to have a fairy tale ending.

Pisces and Libra

The Pisces and Libra is a couple that has difficulty in the adjustment with pace. They are both chasing dreams with polar opposite agendas.

While there is enough mutual respect and interest in satisfying one another, disrespect is easy to brew given the lack of understanding of their modes of operations. They suffer from internal chaos. There is no midway to rectify everything that goes wrong in the relationship as a result of their unplanned route of action.

Pisces and Virgo

Intensely passionate sex that is mutually satisfying broadens their understanding of each other’s innate character so very well.

The logical and analytical mind of the Virgo values the consent of the sensitive Pisces. The dreamer Pisces, on the other hand, learns the art to communicate its desires and expectations to the Virgo man at an ideal pace. Communication is mentally stimulating and they usually get along to reveal to each other their weaknesses in a constructive way which in turn fuels their self-esteem and confidence.

Pisces and Leo

Misunderstandings and disrespect might end up being the order of the day when the Pisces and Leo come together. While idealistic Pisces appears flighty and less appreciative, the fiery Leo acts high and mighty coming across as rude and selfish to the Pisces.

They find it hard to sync with each other’s expectations because they pursue different love languages. They rarely bring out the best but expose and magnify their weaknesses. Unless there is a higher level of tolerance and acceptance, this relationship will barely see daylight.

Pisces and Scorpio

The Pisces and Scorpio being water signs have a deep connection with their emotions. They share the same fascination for magic and all that exists beyond the physical realm.

Each has its own method to the madness but the couple can surely understand and bring out the best in each other with their sensitivity and depth of feelings. Both detest the rose-tinted image of an ideal partner, placing the value of trust and respect in relationships on the highest pedestal. If the Scorpio can learn to control sexual aggressiveness and the Pisces masters understanding the depth of the Scorpio’s emotions, they could pass all tests of companionship in flying colors.

Pisces and Capricorn

The rationality of the Capricorn and the emotional depth of a Pisces makes them a powerful combination. Almost an ideal yin and yang union, they fill into each other’s gaps like its meant to be.

The stability in their relationship forms the pillar of strength in this relationship. Trust develops over time as the mutual expectations clarify and build on it with patience and abundant love. They care enough to not just speak but also listen to the most real intentions of each other, negating any chance of miscommunication that can potentially wreaking havoc on their partner’s confidence.

Pisces and Aquarius

Sex life between the Pisces and Aquarius is overall satisfying. This couple will be disappointed in each other as a result of their lack of emotional compatibility.

While Aquarius wants to remain free, Pisces is looking for dependency. Hence, trust becomes a major issue. They will rarely be passionately indulged in each other’s lives, having different expectations and missions. It is also a struggle to reach a common ground where they could bring together rationality and idealism in order to resolve their conflicts.

Pisces and Gemini

This is a relationship so volatile that the partners could slip each other’s throat at a moment’s notice. The Gemini is the toddler of the Zodiac, cheerful and bubbly. The Pisces is the idealist, the dreamer.

While the Gemini wants to explore everything new, rarely showing any attachment whatsoever, Pisces believes in deep commitments. The intuitive tendencies of the Pisces are quick to pick on any deceit that the Gemini is notorious for while the latter is incredibly smart to cut through the escapist attitude of the Pisces. Even though they wear the flawless mask of an amazing couple, it is hard for them to find any real bond or connection in the presence of each other.

Pisces and Sagittarius

These natives suffer from a lack of stability, sensitivity, and passion in the relationship. Their life values and everyday conduct differ so much that they can barely reach a mutual point of agreement.

The Sagittarius is hard to be confined while the Pisces will look for someone more understanding and receptive of their emotions. While both are immensely optimistic and visionaries but detachment kills their affinity towards one another. While falling in love may have been easier but the underwater currents are far too strong for them to swim through the tide victorious.


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