What is Pisces Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Pisces Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


What does it mean to be a Pisces? It is a tough question to answer what it means to be something. To make the answer to this question simpler, we use associations. Associations that help explain why people born under a certain Zodiac sign behave a certain way. What makes them unique and consequently, what qualities they share with their zodiac siblings. A good way to go about it is to derive inspiration from nature. The people born under each zodiac sign identify with certain spirit animals. The nature of these animals helps us to understand their own personalities. Yet, it would be unfair to stop at just the spirit animals to understand the meaning of being Pisces.

So, in an attempt to understand the spirit of the Pisces zodiac sign, here is an article on what is Pisces spirit animal and its meaning!

What does a Pisces symbolize?

Pisces symbolize the last stage of the life cycle of a human. The old age of wisdom. It is the last stage in the karmic cycle. Much like the old age, being a Piscean comes with its own benefits and challenges. More often than not, they are the wisest in their group of friends. People often come to them for advice or talk to them about their troubles.

The Pisces men and women are blessed with a great listening ability which makes them everyone's go-to counsellor. Their calm and patient mature also gives them an edge in pressure situations. More importantly, their high expectations of the world always keep them motivated to do better. Not just for themselves but also for the world.

On the flip side are the negatives of being old. The prime issue becomes their inability to conform to reality. Pisces live in a world of their own where the rules are different. When this fantasy clashes with reality things get difficult for them. Another consequence of this fantasy is that it makes them dreamers. Dreamers who are not able to align their goals and hard work with reality. Few of them who do this successfully can achieve great things. While the others end up not achieving what they desire.

What is a Pisces spirit animal?

The Pisces often oscillate between reality and fantasy. Often when these two worlds collide, the results are cataclysmic for them. Yet, it is this existence in a fantasy that gives them a certain calm and wisdom. These are qualities that all the other signs benefit from.

Keeping with that, the first animal that relates to the Piscean spirit is the Seahorse. An interestingly unique way in which Pisces' spirit relates to the Seahorse is its growth. The body of the Seahorse remains the same from the time of its birth. The change is only in size. This resembles the consistency in the personalities of the Pisces. At the same time, the seahorse is associated with the care and protection of its young ones. Similarly, the Pisces are protective of and affectionate towards all the people who matter to them.

Another spirit animal for the Pisces is the Deer. Much like Deers, Pisces are shy and sensitive. Their sensitivity makes them empathetic towards those around them. their kind disposition makes them creatures of fantasy. They aren't made for rude, crude and impolite aspects of society. They maintain a purity about them which everyone respects and aspires to. But every now and then the evilness in the world catches up with them like the lion catches the deer.

It would be foolish to think that Pisces are weak. May come to that conclusion when they read about their spirit animal, Deer. But the strength and tenacity of the Pisces are unparalleled. This is why many Pisces find the Wolf to be their spirit animal. Much like the wolves, a Pisces likes to stay in a pack. They also exhibit Wolf's abilities to lead as people are naturally drawn to them. When things get tough, they have no problem with working as a team. They believe in the strength of many against one.

What does the Pisces symbol represent?

The symbol of every zodiac sign is not just a sign to remember them by. It is a summary and a story which tells us who they are. Pisces falls under the category of those zodiac signs which are represented by animals.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The first, very apparent, meaning of this symbol relates to how Pisces is always stuck in two worlds. Always having to choose which side to swim. Yet, unlike the Gemini, it is not a struggle between one way and its opposite. Although it does end up being a struggle for them. But the existence of yin and yang. The opposing yet complementary forces that cannot exist without one another.

Another way of looking at it is as a symbol representing the circle of life. The Karmic cycle comes full circle when it comes to Pisces. It represents the end of one age. Yet, it also brings with itself the hope, imagination and wonder of a new beginning. The aspirations associated with a new life. And the wisdom collected over a whole life cycle. It is said that the soul restarts a new journey with the Aries zodiac sign.

Which planet is Pisces ruled by?

A big part of the personality of a zodiac sign is influenced by its ruling planets. And the last planet on the zodiac cycle is ruled by Neptune, the Greek equivalent of Poseidon. Neptune is above all associated with spirituality and idealism. Both things that it imparts on the people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign. There is a conflict that arises in both the Greek and Roman mythology with regards to Neptune. While in the Greek mythology, Poseidon is one of the big three, the Romans often considered him unlucky. Which furthers the duality that is displayed by the Pisces zodiac sign.

While on one hand things like imagination, mysticism and empathy are associated with Neptune. On the other hand, are things like an illusion, deception and confusion. However, the negative influence is often offset by the co-ruler of Pisces, Jupiter. The small, yet significant, the influence of Jupiter on the Pisces, allows them to be compassionate and insightful romantics that we all know and love.


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