How to know when a Pisces woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Pisces woman is done with you? 10 Signs


When a Pisces woman wants to break up with you, she shuts down and gets depressed. It's a breach of trust for a Pisces woman when she is betrayed and left alone or disregarded. Is your Pisces woman going cold and getting distant? What are the signs she has lost interest and is not into you anymore? How does she behave when she falls out of love?

Here are 10 clear signs that will tell you if a Pisces woman is done with you.

1. She acts distant

The Pisces woman needs to feel emotionally accepted in love. She is not demanding but she would expect her partner to understand her feelings and take care of her needs. When the Pisces woman feels neglected, she would make a decision to leave. When the Pisces woman acts aloof, distances herself or pretends like she does not care about you at all, she has given up on you. She wishes to avoid being in your company for it disturbs her peace.

2. She behaves selfishly

Pisces women are givers. They are very helpful to those around them. When there is a crisis they have a brilliant ability to get their loved ones feelings hopeful. They wish to spread joy and belief in the supreme force. They are known for their compassionate character and generosity. However, if the Pisces woman does not have faith in the relationship anymore, she is likely to become concerned of her own needs before anyone else's.

3. She is distracted during sex

Though the Pisces woman has difficulty focusing on a single thing for too long, when they are making love with the person they adore so much, they would be immersed in the act and lose track of everything else around them. Pisces women are highly indulgent in the act of sex and the ultimate orgasm is experienced with surrender. However, if the Pisces woman appears casual and disinterested or seems hasty, she is truly not her usual self enjoying passionate physical pleasure with her perfect partner.

4. She is rude

The woman born under the Pisces Zodiac sign prefers ignoring situations that take away her happiness and peace. She has plenty of engagements to be worried about trivial matters. If you make mistakes, she would probably forgive you easily. However, if she is struggling to let go of your misdoings and give you a fair chance again, she deeply resents taking a leap of faith in the relationship. So, she'll be mean to you and ignore your opinions like your existence does not matter to her at all.

5. She does not talk of settling down

Usually when the Pisces woman initiates a relationship it would be keeping in mind the future prospects. She wishes to settle down with someone who supports her and accepts her uniqueness. She needs a stable man who can ground her and help her with practical advice. She likes ambitious men who are serious about her and can handle her moods. When the Pisces woman does not wish to build a future with you, she is not quite convinced if you are "the one" for her.

6. She is cheating on you

Pisces women may be notoriously casual and detached when she is only exploring you as an option. She is deeply intuitive and emotionally intelligent. So, material success may not be as appealing if you fail to win her heart with patience, kindness and inspiration. She'll keep her options open and be looking for her ideal mate unless she is content. She'll philander if you fail to fulfill her needs and therefore, make her decision clear that she does not wish to pursue you.

7. She is unresponsive

She is an independent woman who does not conform to societal norms. She does not give in to control or coercion. As a gentle soul she may never retaliate aggressively, but she will be indifferent to your gestures if you make her feel uncomfortable. She is warm and loving but she needs to feel a connection that's beyond language. It has to be an effortless bond or the Pisces woman will continue to feel a lack of attraction or affinity. She may continue to keep you on the loop or ghost you. The Pisces woman could block you over calls and texts to signal her disaffection towards you.

8. She does not accommodate your demands

Pisces women are nurturing. They love their partners to the moon and back. The Venus ruled planet believes in love beyond conditions. They feel too much and express themselves emotionally during sex too. Unless a person makes concrete efforts to appreciate their demands, they could be miffed quite easily. When the Pisces woman seems depressed or cold hearted, it's a red flag.

9. She is not involved in your life

She may not directly leave your way but she'll make a slow exit. That's when the Pisces female needs closure. She participates in your daily affairs and makes you feel like you have a home in her. So nice and beautiful, she is a true companion for someone who lives a life without regrets. When the Pisces woman starts hating you, she couldn't care less about the happenings in your life. She draws her boundaries silently making you feel like an intruder in her personal space.

10. She takes everything personally

As a sensitive woman, the Pisces native is difficult to handle for she has expectations which demand seriousness. She wants a total involvement from her partner, seeing through the tough times and supporting in good and bad. It's hard for her to fathom a life where her lover keeps information from her, leads a secretive life or shows no interest in paying heed to her valuable opinions. So, when the Pisces woman gets affected by the smallest or miscommunication or wants to hold you at a distance through a passive aggressive behavior, she doesn't want you in her life.


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