What Happens When You Hurt a Pisces Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Pisces Woman?


Pisces women are compassionate, giving and romantic when they are in love. If hurt, she could reveal to you a whole new side of her dark nature. How does a Pisces woman behave when she is hurt, upset or mad at you? How do you know when she is over you and wants to breakup? How do you apologize and reconcile with her? Do Pisces women forgive easily? Why are they getting cold when they are angered?

Here is what happens when you hurt a Pisces woman, what you could expect from her and what you should do.

How does a Pisces woman act when she is hurt?

The Pisces female can lose her peace of mind when she is ignored or demeaned. She is aware of her emotional treatment to things and when asked to assess situations logically it may irritate her. She is creative and talented, gifted with the curiosity to learn about the mystical world.

Pisces women don’t appreciate being pushed or forced to do something they are not comfortable with. As a water sign, they are empathetic and compassionate. They’ll defend what’s theirs with all their heart and when threatened, they’ll be quickly irritated and would withdraw into a shelter, never returning until they feel safe again or their trust is won over.

Do Pisces hold grudges?

The Pisces woman will be depressed when she is upset with someone. She has an ideal sense of how relationships should be like and when the dream bubble breaks, she’ll have trouble facing the harsh reality. If she is being tormented, she’ll pick on the clues soon just through one’s body language. Trust her to pick on the subtle signs that you leave behind if you harbor malicious intent towards her. She won’t forget the harm that’s inflicted on her mind though her selfless nature makes her a very forgiving sign.

She would avoid wasting her time or drain herself planning revenge. She’ll simply give up and suffer in negativity. The pain would eat into her self-worth and make her suffer from a low self-confidence. When the Pisces woman is taken advantage of, she’ll be disappointed. She cannot handle the stress of vindictiveness. So, she would rather move on with other enriching experiences rather than hold grudges for a lifetime.

How do you apologize to a Pisces woman?

You’ll have to be extra considerate with the Pisces woman when you confront her after a hurtful episode. Stay patient if she bursts into tears telling you about all that killed her trust in you. If you act manipulatively or pay no attention to her emotions, she’ll understand. This woman is psychic. Her intuition generally reveals to her the malicious intentions of people even though she may not seem too clever or sly on the outside.

Hug her and hold her close to you if she wants to be in your embrace while she is trying to patch up with you. Show her that you care about her. She is soft and delicate. You’ll need to get her some flowers or chocolates just to make her feel special. While she doesn’t need material pleasures to give her heart to someone, it will only make her happy when you make some effort to reflect in your actions that you are apologetic.

Do Pisces move on quickly?

The women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are attached to memories. Your Pisces female will spend days reminiscing about the past. With a heart so big, they are givers of the zodiac. Their emotions run deep so they’ll often go beyond smothering their partners with their love. If she is hurt or her trust played with, she may have a hard time convincing herself of what transpired. She’ll mull over the whole scene repeatedly for a very long time, sometimes even get trapped in the pain for years. She often suffers from tragic outcomes despite being a generous lover.

Moving on from an ex will take time for the Pisces woman. She’ll need the support of her friends and family to accept the situation or else she’ll be weaving an imaginary fairy tale in her head. She has a forgiving nature. Her heart is an ocean of empathy and kindness. So, even if a notorious lover comes back seeking genuine forgiveness, she’ll be one of those forgetting the painful event and accepting him back.

She is strong on the inside even if her kindness is misconstrued as her weakness. So, once she is convinced that she is flogging a dead horse, she’ll give up and seek comfort elsewhere. It's only a matter of time with the Pisces woman. She will not move on immediately. She may linger for sometime, seeking answers if her questions have been dodged. On an extreme note, she may become self-destructive, being unable to handle the flow of emotions. As her pain numbs slowly, she’ll be back in her original spirit.

How do you know when a Pisces woman is over you and how does she break up?

The Pisces woman is a sucker for romance. She is in love with the idea of love. Her grace makes her super attractive. A bit fickle, if she is bored or doesn’t feel happy around the man she loves, she’ll be looking for solace elsewhere. She wants to feel satisfied emotionally with her man. If she feels being controlled or disrespected, she’ll soon enough make a choice of leaving the relationship. She is known for her ability to escape into different realities as an when her mind wanders to other supposedly greener pastures.

She values her sense of trust. She could perhaps tolerate anything but the break of trust. She may cry out loud and close down completely. She is high on her sense of self-esteem. So, once her emotions are mishandled or toyed with, she’ll just block those people from her life. You would perhaps never hear back from the Pisces woman when she has given up on a relationship with you.

She loves beauty and strives to ensure peace and serenity in her environment. So, when she breaks up, it will never be a loud show. It will be a quiet affair. She couldn’t care less about bothering herself with rash behavior or unkind words. So, when she is being let down with manipulation, ghosting, neglect or any form of subtle tricks to cause pain, she’ll pack her things and leave while holding herself partly responsible for what went wrong.


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