10 Things a Pisces Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Pisces Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


Pisces women believe in the simple pleasures of life. Represented by the symbol of two fishes, she does portray a certain level of duality of thoughts and actions. They are lively and could be attracted to someone who projects child-like qualities and embraces the innocence that life has to offer. An aggressive partner who disregards her humanistic tendencies will be disliked by the Pisces woman.

So, what qualities do Pisces women appreciate and look for in men? How can a man attract a Pisces woman? What kind of a man is compatible with a Pisces woman? Here are 10 things that a Pisces woman likes and dislikes in a man!

1. Passion in expression

In order for a strong empathetic connection to blossom, the shy Pisces woman needs a man who can draw her in with his charm. Pisces women view the world through rose-tinted glasses and hence, a natural interest in an idealistic view of life keeps her going. A skillful flirt who takes her off her feet with little passionate gestures is sure to win her heart. Piscean women love good sex and while an intellectual stimulation might satisfy them, they do long for bed pleasures to derive fulfillment in a relationship. She is all about blissful orgasms. Pisces women would love to indulge in the act of sex for long hours, patiently expressing true passion through creative expressions.

2. Spirituality

Her dreamy nature believes in the optimistic view of life. One might often find the Pisces woman indulging herself in pursuing all knowledge of the “other-wordly” realm. She has faith in the magic of life and would travel great lengths to quench her thirst for the occult. A man can easily form an instant connection with the Pisces female if he shares the same interest in spiritual knowledge, religion, Mysticism and magic.

3. Sense of authority

The Pisces woman is extremely flexible in her relationships. Often she may feel lost if she isn’t guided by someone she can blindly put her faith in. A man who is able to exercise his authority benevolently in her interest will make a great partner to the Pisces woman. While she is sweet and kind, she desires someone who can be in charge. A rational man with a clear and practical approach to the relationship who inspires her and molds all her idealism in the material world would be desirable.

4. Curiosity to learn

The Jupiter-ruled Zodiac sign will always display an insatiable hunger for higher learning. She is looking for an intelligent partner who adds to her knowledge. She wants a relationship that allows her the freedom to expand her ideas. While she does crave for a companion, most of her relationships might often begin on the note of friendship because of her inquisitive nature to know someone first. She is commitment-phobic and unless there is enough advantage in settling down, she would continue her search for a perfect mate.

5. Compassionate actions

Sensitivity is important when dealing with the woman born under the Pisces Zodiac sign. Any rash behavior or unkind word could upset her. She is delicate and taking immense care while handling her expectations is imperative to the success of a relationship with a Pisces woman. She has a heart of gold. One would rarely come across someone who lives beyond selfish interests like her. Naturally she would also like a man who wants to be of service to the society and makes the lives of others better.

6. Emotional instability

The Pisces female is well aware of her inherent shortcomings. Hence, in order for a partnership to survive, she longs for a man who will anchor her, be her pole star. A Pisces woman is deeply intuitive. She wants a strong display of emotions from her man at all times. Unless she is convinced that her man is unquestionably attached to her, she wouldn’t be convinced of anything long-term. This watery planet suffers from the highs and lows of moods and feelings and hence, she is looking for a man who grounds her on a stable bedrock.

7. Lack of ambition

Once she finds a man who works hard to achieve his goals in life, she wouldn’t let him go. A determined individual who would give his all to rise above his present circumstances and mold a successful life for himself is a true inspiration for the Pisces woman. She likes a man who showcases his wit, inventiveness and creativity in his endeavors. A lazy lad with no sense of direction and dedication to work makes her feel insecure.

8. Irresponsible behavior

The Pisces woman dislikes men who breed a callous attitude towards his life. She needs a man who can responsibly fulfill all his duties and obligations towards his people and also those around him. While she is one of the most understanding Zodiac signs, one needs to prove his love by honoring his commitments towards her. Recklessness in executing actions that impact the Pisces woman might add to her worries about the existence of true love in the relationship.

9. Curtailing freedom

This is a woman who craves for total freedom and space. Trying to trap her in a cage of gold may not go a long way. She needs to find enough room to dive deep into her thoughts, often to a point where she may be misunderstood and accused of neglecting her own responsibilities. She finds it hard to resist the magnetic pull of the land of fantasy and illusion. Someone who shuts her out and belittles her understanding of the world may end up hurting her. Therefore, a Pisces woman will like a man who adores her uniqueness and appreciates her worth whether or not it seems “reasonable” to him or not.

10. Duplicity

The Pisces woman is alleged to change her decisions quite frequently. It creates confusion and chaos to someone who expects a planned lifestyle. However, one might find a Pisces woman projecting her multi-pronged view of things as her strength for her message to the world is to look for solutions with a mutable attitude rather than tight one-track determinism. She is a loving partner and extremely supportive of her partner’s decisions. What she secretly desires from a relationship is value for her desires and opinions. She longs for harmony and therefore, unless a relationship brings harmony to her life, she would prefer solitude.


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Maria Alifa


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