The Dark Side of a Sagittarius Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Sagittarius Man in a Relationship


Truth seeker and adventurous, the Archer represents the Sagittarius man in the zodiac. On the hindsight, he can be quite far-fetched in his ideals and ambitions. What are the negative traits of the Sagittarius man? How does a Sagittarius man react to being hurt in a relationship? What are the weaknesses of a Sagittarius man that you need to be aware of before starting a relationship with him?

If you are attracted by or in love with a Sagittarius man, here is all you need to know about his dark side in a relationship.

The Sagittarius man has a hard time settling down

Always on the lookout to explore and discover things, the Sagittarius man is hard to be controlled or domesticated. He fears being tied down and forced to conform to a certain standard of behavior or rules. It is difficult to convince your Sagittarius man to engage seriously for he is weighing all his options at any given point and time. He is endlessly seeking change and learning, his inquisitive nature knows no limits. This adds to their restlessness which works to the detriment of a loving relationship. He moves at a pace that is hard to keep up with. It is quite possible that one might drain out completely in the process of expecting a commitment from him. If expectations are misplaced and boundaries undefined, a tangible relationship will struggle to see the daylight.

He might stir negative conversations

The Sagittarius man is charged with a high level of energy that involves a certain level of rash exchange of ideas. The fire sign Sagittarius has a skyrocketing ego that doesn’t take criticism too well. It is a tedious task for him to take charge of his anger responsibly when he flares up. He is stubborn in his personal pursuits and quite straightforward in his relationships at home or outside. His ego might mold a narcissistic personality that refuses to budge or apologize easily. He is unabashedly confident and has no fear whatsoever. So, if triggered or has been wronged, the Sagittarius man could possibly end up becoming your worst nightmare. He doesn't mince his words and frog leaping into conclusions impulsively spoils his relationships in no time.

The Sagittarius has an insatiable ego

The Sagittarius man thinks highly of himself to the point where he expects a God-like treatment wherever he goes. A relationship with him could be toxic if he hasn’t attained a higher level of consciousness of the repercussions of his actions. If your Sagittarius man hasn't healed from a past experience, he could end up pleasing people to make himself feel worthy. His ego needs everyone to sing his praises. It is either his way or the highway. He is prone to overthinking. His high and mighty attitude is quick to judge.

On the path to self- awareness, the Sagittarius man is prone to over estimating his knowledge and intelligence. He would expect people to bow before him and do or act as he pleases. He could end up being quite the tyrant who dismisses any opinion that falls contrary to his beliefs and values. Being in a committed relationship with the Sagittarius man could be quite challenging as he expects someone to stroke his ego whenever he fancies.

He is highly indulgent in risky behaviors

The Sagittarius man is least bothered about risks that his endeavors involve. He doesn’t concern himself much while taking a leap of faith and surrendering to the universe. He would dive right in and face his fears. The urge to explore uncharted territories is too strong as if his comfort zone comes at a cost. Sinful indulgence ends up being a dangerous hobby. He is addicted to all things tabooed like alcohol and substance abuse, gambling or even a promiscuous character. It is difficult to chain him down unless he has enlightened himself to take the path that suits his highest good. The Sagittarius man has a courageous demeanor that refuses to be tamed. Hence, he would act fearlessly and contemplate over the consequences of his actions later.

He finds it hard to forgive

Romance could end up on the back burner if your Sagittarius man is hurt in a relationship. He is not necessarily looking for a relationship for his inner quest is too deep to be silenced. It is a dusted deal if he has been cheated on. His decision to settle down with someone is always involved with calculations and an analysis of the amount of freedom he would enjoy. If his emotions have been toyed with, it will be hard for him to forgive and forget. While moving on is easy, ignoring the humiliation isn’t. He will become vengeful, making every effort to avenge his misery. His deep-seated insecurities may birth a temper that is explicitly rude and unforgiving. There is no looking back or re-assessing a past problem once he has decided to move forward.

The Sagittarius men struggle to keep their promises

Unless he has signed up for something with all his heart, expect him to take things casually. The Sagittarius man is a traveler of the zodiac. He is soul- searching and seeking answers to questions that lie beyond the physical realm. He could fall in the trap of superficiality, failing to value ‘what is’ and chasing ‘what could be’. If you expect the Sagittarius man to keep his words and follow through his promises, you might be in for serious disappointment. He is all over a place and too busy to remember the hopes and dreams he sells. His innovative spirit coupled with his confidence makes him sly. The Sagittarius men are manipulative and they lie like nobody’s business. One might have issues at placing complete trust on the Sagittarius native as he displays a consistent inconsistency in thoughts, words and actions.

He may cheat on his partner

There is not a thing that troubles a Sagittarius man like predictability. He can easily get bored with a monogamous relationship. When creativity takes a backseat and he no longer finds his partner keeping up with his expectations, he will swiftly move on and look for happiness elsewhere. Just like his desire to explore the forbidden lands, he is equally experimentative of his sexuality. Once he has made up his mind, he would travel miles to bring it to fruition. It is never a challenge for a Sagittarius man to make a woman just a casual fling without bothering much about ethics. They are spoilt for choices. In case there is lack of sincerity from your end, the relationship would remain shallow. Should you force him to enjoy routine and find satisfaction in an indoorsy lifestyle, he is the wrong person for you.


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