How to know when a Sagittarius man is done with you? 8 Signs!

How to know when a Sagittarius man is done with you? 8 Signs!


Do you love a Sagittarius man who is acting distant out of the blue? How does a Sagittarius man express his emotions when he has fallen out of love? How do you understand a Sagittarius man’s lack of interest in the relationship? What are the obvious signs that he is hurt? Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarians are quite blunt, choosing to stay away from anything that complicates their life. Lively, adaptive and lover of absolute freedom of thought and movement, the Sagittarius man won’t keep you in a fix when he is done with you.

Here are 8 signs that prove his disengagement in a relationship when he has had enough.

1. He will move on quickly

Sagittarius man is the happy-go-lucky guy of the zodiac. Never afraid of treading into troubled waters, he takes life as it is without worrying much about what happens in the future. He lives very much in the moment and likes to take each day at a time. He is usually the guy trying to make everyone around him happy, solving problems of people like they are his own. This is why he attracts a bunch of people who become long-term friends. He moves on easily from past hurt as he looks at the brighter side of things and displays optimism of the highest order. The Sagittarius man is passionate about life and is an adventurer seeking truth wherever he goes.

2. He won’t show you his tears

Adept at hiding their true emotions, the Sagittarius man would quickly divert his attention elsewhere rather than brooding over what’s lost in life. He focuses on their brighter aspects of life, he is a torchbearer of all positive virtues of life. He is a true believer of trusting the process and moving with the flow. He has the most amazing calibre of quickly turning all his sorrows into stories to tell and cherish. It is hard to tie him down to a place for he is self- sufficient, never depending on anyone. He will rarely have a sense of needing a family of his own, fearing that it would curb his freedom and take away his independence.

3. He will demand some space

The men born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are always in search of the truth. They expect complete honesty in a relationship or they are better off without it. In dealing with their internal turmoil, they crave for space. You might find them taking some time off or asking for a break from the relationship. This is the time they evaluate the situation to understand if the relationship is serving their best interest. It is a tedious task to make a Sagittarius man commit and when he does, he is the least bit tolerant of lies, rumors and deceit. When he feels that he has given away too much in the relationship and that has worked against him, he will walk away and shelter himself away from everyone’s gaze and bounce back like he was never affected in the first place

4. He might lash out verbally

To a Sagittarius man, honesty reigns supreme. The fire sign can engulf everything that comes his when he is angry. Even if that means everyone gets hurt, they wouldn’t exercise much care in their choice of words when they are hurt. The most carefree man in the zodiac without a doubt, he is fearless and prefers facing flak for his truthfulness than support pretentiousness and drama. Hence, there is no mincing of words for a Sagittarius male if one has rubbed him the wrong way.

5. He may cheat on you

It is hard to resist the Sagittarius man. He is very attractive, flirtatious and often non- monogamous. It might be hard to contain your jealousy when a Sagittarius man decides on playing tit for tat. He is a wanderer, craving to explore all that is forbidden. Sexually very active if he decides to be, Sagittarius partners can give one the best time of their life as he unleashes his passion in bed working all night long to pleasure his partner. So, when he has fallen out of love, he won’t hesitate to get back to his ways indulging in all kinds of pleasures that single hood grants upon him.

6. He spends more time with other people

Sagittarius men are quite social. They make plenty of friends and a sociable character helps them network with a wide variety of people. They are never satisfied being stuck at a single place for a long time, always seeking knowledge elsewhere. Nomads in the true sense of the term, they are far from being attached to the luxuries of life, easily blending as the situation demands. When in love, they make plans with their partner to travel round the world and explore paces together, not to mention make love in places others could only dream of. However, if your Sagittarius man leaves you behind, doesn't care enough to invite you wherever he goes he is done with you most assuredly.

7. He shuts you out completely

The Sagittarius man is scared of getting hurt and wears a brave face before the world. There is nothing that they expect from their partner than their loyalty. A Sagittarius lover will put others first at the cost of hurting themselves. He blames himself a lot, even when he was never at fault. They dive all in when they give their heart to someone and when it is played with, they can barely contain the hurt. He is afraid of being vulnerable, moving from one place to the other to distract themselves. It is almost always a self- defense mechanism for the Sagittarius man to cut himself from from you in order to find himself back when he gave away everything he had to the relationship.

8. He won’t give you a second chance

Those who put on the bravest face and the most sensitive people. The strength doesn't come without a price and that’s exactly how the Sagittarius man has learnt in life. He is a stubborn man, difficult to convince one he has made a decision. You may be all you want but if he is offended and doesn't wish to take a chance with his heart all over again, he will never look back and burn down all bridges that once connected him to you. Moreover, he like the chase when he finds someone attractive. If you have bored him or he is quite stagnated in the relationship with you, he is going to go after something that piques his interest.


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