What to Do When a Sagittarius Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Sagittarius Man Ignores You?


Is a Sagittarius man suddenly being cold and acting distant? Is he ignoring you? Has he stopped responding to your calls or messages? Astrology has a few things to reveal about this man, his personality in love and the way he acts when he is upset. This can help you better understand the reasons of his behavior. Understanding why he is acting moody is the first step before (re)acting in a proper way and finding an adequate solution to make him come back. Here is what you should do if your Sagittarius man ignores you suddenly!

My Sagittarius man is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

He is planning something big. Let’s also look at a positive reason why is may be acting a bit distant recently. It could be that your Sagittarius guy is up to something major in his life which needs his focus. He is just super occupied with a certain idea or work that he may not be able to disclose to anyone right at this moment. He is deeply immersed and needs some time to bring his goal to fruition. Who knows he might actually be planning a surprise for you? Be patient!

He feels suffocated. A Sagittarius man values freedom. You don’t excite him no more. He wants to explore everything that he hasn’t been exposed to yet. His life is a perfect story of a nomad whose quest for the unknown never ends. Even when he falls in love, the last thing he would be wishing for is to be tied down and asked to conform. He doesn’t wish to settle down while you do. If you have recently made him feel caged or haven’t allowed him room to be actively pursuing his passions, he is trying to gain his power back by ignoring you.

He is mad about your behavior and conduct. The Sagittarius male though has a hard time figuring out his deepest emotions, he values honesty over everything else once he plans to settle down. If he has caught you cheating or lying to him about something when he placed so much faith in you, he is bound to react aggressively to such provocation.

You are not his priority. Your Sagittarius guy may have plenty of options hovering around him presently. He is weighing them all to choose the best match for himself. Sagittarius natives are flirty. They naturally prefer diversity in life and adapt very well to change and renovation. If your Sagittarius guy has found a new interest who seems more exciting or well suited than you are, he appears aloof without paying much attention to what effect it may have on you.

How to deal with a Sagittarius man when he becomes distant?

Let him take his space. Sagittarius men don’t appreciate clingy women. Get busy with your life and let him figure out what he really wants without disturbing him. He is perfectly capable of handling his loneliness. They have a fleeting tendency that knows how to deal with negative emotions. Forcing him to see things from your point of view is a bad idea altogether.

Talk it out. One good way to clear misunderstandings is to be open about it rather than letting it pile up. The men born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are open-minded and have a beautiful ability to effortlessly communicate about everything even when they don’t agree with others’ opinions. If you guys have found a reason to talk it out, it is better to call a spade a spade rather than beating around the bush and not getting anywhere.

Take the help of a mutual friend. It often helps to have a third party perspective when two people hold on to their egos so hard. If you have known each other for quite some time, there is no doubt about a common social circle that you share. Ask for help if you find meaning to it. In case you are more private about your personal life, it is better to give this idea a pass.

Just let it be. Sagittarius men are always in awe of women who are ambitious and have things going on in their lives too. They are not capable of giving you all of their time because of their innate adventurous streak. They love women who choose to dare and channel their energies into productive outcomes. So, don’t waste your time crying over “what could be” and focus on “what is”.

My Sagittarius man stopped texting me: What should I do?

Give it some time. Avoid sending him a hundred text messages, emails or calls. If you act too desperate, he will only brand you dependent. Just avoid him like he has. Test if that affects him if you are unresponsive. If it doesn’t, he never really cared.

Let him take the initiative. If your Sagittarius guy hasn’t responded in a few days’ time, you are not anywhere in his priority list. You can’t be making a move all the time and feeding his ego when you haven’t been making mistakes.

Send him a heartfelt apology. Stop playing the blame game unnecessarily. In case you acted rash, you should make it a point to apologize to him. There is no point trying to manipulate a Sagittarius man for he usually sees through lies very well. If he has lost his trust, it is difficult to have the same person back again as he will move on quickly.

Act mature and calm. Wait for him to realize how he has wronged you even if that takes forever. If you stood up for yourself, be proud of it. Move on, don’t beg. Once you have done everything right from your end, you just let destiny decide. After all, you can’t force a connection.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man is done with you?

He blocks you everywhere. When a Sagittarius man is angry, he doesn’t care. He wouldn’t want to get in touch again. He won’t sit back mulling over what’s lost. He unfriends you from all his social media accounts or worse, changes his phone number too. It is easy for him to show an emotional detachment when he is done with you.

He gives you a piece of his mind. He is quite rigid about what he believes in. A Sagittarius man would only entertain what he wishes to and dump everything else away. It is quite difficult to calm him down when he has been triggered. There is no mincing of words. He is absolutely blunt and doesn’t care about your emotions and standpoint. He displays verbal volatility, flares up, doesn’t hold grudges and forgets easily.

He behaves like a stranger. Once a Sagittarius man has decided to give up on you, he will pretend like he never knew you in the first place. He can escape in the blink of an eye and one would never get a trace of his whereabouts. He may be secretly chuckling, posing all his faith in karma to serve him justice.


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