How to Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous?

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous?


Ever wondered how hard it must have been for Hercules to complete his 12 labours? How physically and emotionally grinding it must have been for him? If you had sympathy for the man, you might even develop some empathy now. Dating the Sagittarius man is a tough task in itself. But now you want to add to your troubles and make him jealous? I’m saluting you as we speak. So, what is the secret to the Sagittarius man’s envy? Does he even feel the emotion of jealousy? What hides behind that mask of strong confidence? And can this it bring him back after a breakup?

Let me reveal you everything you should know to make a Sagittarius man jealous. As well as a few tips from astrology to help you better understand the personality of this man.

Can a Sagittarius man be jealous?

The Sagittarius male’s situation with regard to this is very unique. As a general rule, the men born under this zodiac sign are not the jealous type. But a Sagittarius man who is deeply in love can get jealous sometimes. And believe me, he will not enjoy this very much.

The Sagittarius guy has a very casual attitude towards human relationships. Not just towards romantic relationships but all of them. So, emotions like jealousy rarely cross his mind or heart. It's not you, it's him. More important than that is his love for freedom. The Sagittarius man believes in living and let's live.

Anything that challenges his personal freedom or that of others bothers him. Being possessive represents just that. Therefore, he barely engages in something so damning. Only a Sagittarius man that has a strong influence from his Moon or Ascendant sign will ever be possessive. When it comes to relationships, he has a different approach than most.

He believes that jealousy and possessiveness should have no place in love. Not only does he not engage in them. He expects his partner not to do so either. But does that mean he can never be made jealous? It sure does not. A Sagittarius male very rarely falls in love. Like a deep dive, I’m going to drown in the sweet release of this love, kind of love.

He loves so strongly that it makes him susceptible to jealousy. Only a Sagittarius man who truly loves his woman will be vulnerable to this emotion. And if he is that serious about you, then you will not have any reason to make him jealous.

What can you do to make a Sagittarius man jealous?

Wonder why I brought up Hercules in the beginning? Because trying to make a Sagittarius man jealous is a herculean task. If this was his 13th labour, Hercules would have failed most likely. You will have to take some extreme steps in order to make this happen. Steps so strong and extreme that they might even jeopardise your relationship with him. Is what you are trying to achieve worth the risk? If the answer is yes, then here’s all you need to know to get the job done:

  1. Flirt with other men. What can make a Sagittarius man in love mad? His lover showing interest in others. Now Sagittarius men are one of those zodiac signs that struggle with being faithful. But when they are in love, loyalty becomes a second nature to them. Like any other human being, they expect their partners to share this belief. So, when he sees you showing a romantic inclination towards other men, he is bound to be jealous.
  2. Let him believe you are having an affair. Now usually I recommend you don't let the suspicion grow. But in this case, since we are going extreme, things will be different. Don't fuel his fire but don't put it out either. Let him feel like you are probably involved with someone else. But when he starts asking you pointed questions, calm things down. Because the road from there is very steep and goes downhill. You don’t want to lose control of this vehicle.
  3. Refuse to be a part of his plans. If you are dating a Sagittarius man, chances are that you do almost everything together. Big adventures are a part of your life. Your partnership on these adventures was what he wanted. So, take that away from him. Spend your time elsewhere. How do you think he would feel when the love of his life doesn’t even enjoy what he does anymore? But do this too much or too often, and you might lose this man. He doesn’t wait around for long.
  4. Boredom can lead to jealousy. Life with a Sagittarius man is extremely exciting for the most part. That’s what he is all about. Excitement and fun. When you take that away from him, the void leaves space for a lot of feelings he didn’t feel before. One of those feelings is that of jealousy. If you are dull and indifferent in his company, it often leads to jealousy. He would be extremely anxious to know what went wrong. Why you were acting so weird? Talk to him when he brings these concerns to you. Let him know what you need and show a willingness to work things out.

How the Sagittarius Man shows jealousy?

As extreme as the steps you had to take were, his behavior and reaction to them will be more powerful. You can understand how a man who is deeply in love would react to the feeling of jealousy. A few signs that will indicate these emotions in him are listed here.

He will be extremely rude and aggressive with the man he suspects. If he thinks you are cheating on him, he will go mad. He will let his anger be known to the man he suspects you are involved with. If you let things get out of hand, you might even witness a fist fight.

He will get extremely possessive when you are around other men. Often when jealous, the Sagittarius guy will try to protect what is his from everyone around him. In your case, it would mean everyone you are in contact with.

He will ask for your recommendations. If you aren’t participating anymore, he will try to do things that you like. He will sacrifice his own desires to make you happy.

Finally, he will let you know his concerns if you ask. He isn’t likely to bring the issue up himself. So, when you feel like things have started to get tense, talk to him. When you do talk, be as open about your feelings as you can.

Making a Sagittarius man jealous after breakup: Will it make him come back?

If the Sagittarius man broke up with you, then making him jealous will not bring him back. Try to understand his take on these things. If it was meant to be, the relationship would never have ended. And if you were done with him, or vice versa, then he has nothing to be jealous of. But you can try some other tricks to get him back.

Talk to him about all the exciting things that have happened to you since the breakup. The Sagittarius men will run away from a woman who isn’t over them. So, let him know how effortlessly you have moved on. He can never ignore an adventure, so, paint a life that sounds like one.

Invite him to join you on your next adventure. The best place to grow closer to a Sagittarius man is where he feels most alive. You probably have some ideas of what he loves to do. Plan something for that thing and invite him along.

Flirt with him. Flirting is an adventure in itself. If he feels engaged with you like that, he is sure to be interested. What’s important is to pique his interest. Do so in a positive manner and not by gaining sympathy.


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