10 Things a Sagittarius man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Sagittarius man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


Sagittarius men are optimistic, adventurous, learned and ever expanding their horizons. He is rarely serious in love, preferring casual relationships until convinced that he has found “the one”, the perfect woman, his soulmate. What does a Sagittarius man want in a woman? What are the qualities he looks for in a woman? What personality traits will make him fall in love?

Here are 10 things a Sagittarius man likes and dislikes in a woman:

1. He appreciates honesty in a woman

Honesty is the best policy with the Sagittarius male as transparency in a relationship is important to him. He wants to feel safe and love with blind faith in the woman of his dreams. He would be saddened being lied to. He is an easy-going man and would expect someone to keep things simple and open. He'll make accommodations as long as the rules of the partnership are mutually agreed upon and respected. So, he'll want a woman who is unafraid of saying what's on her mind and behaves maturely.

2. He admires knowledgeable women

The Sagittarius guy being ruled by Jupiter is all about higher learning and intellectual fulfillment. He wants to grow through his expansive understanding of the world and the adventure-filled life that he aims at. He'll go far and wide to satisfy his quest to broaden his horizons. Therefore, he'll be in search of a woman who inspires him and gives him room to fetch the necessary inputs for his success. He is quite practical and needs someone who respects his core needs and motivates him in that direction.

3. He likes women who are optimistic

This man is forgiving, generous and kind. He loves with all his heart and most importantly, he'll be standing by your side in real terms. Relationships are extreme as he is either detached totally or heavily invested in your expansion. Thus, the Sagittarius man will show you the brighter side of life and expects you to treat him as your guide and be grateful for his remarkable ability to share his understanding in order to make your life easier.

4. He wants an adventurous woman

He would be turned off by a woman who is stagnant and does not crave to learn and seek new experiences for an enriching and meaningful life. If you are open to accepting diverse ideas, be courageous and excited about life per se, he'll find your company enjoyable. He is accommodating and forever ready to take up challenging tasks. If you can support his rebellious nature and love him for who he is while being fun and proactive, he'll be chasing you.

5. He needs a woman who respects his space

The man born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is particular about his freedom. He is fun-loving and carefree and expects his woman to honor these qualities in him if she is seeking a long-term relationship with him. He has no time for clingy women who expect him to be around and catering to her whims all the time. As he is always on the move and involves himself in multiple things as he has a vibrant social life, he would hate to be answerable to anyone for his whereabouts. He is quite the fickle-minded personality, therefore, he'll desire someone cool and accommodating to spend his life with.

6. He loves sexual experimentation

Sex with a Sagittarius man is never the same. He loves doing mundane tasks in an unusual fashion and this rings true for his bedroom activities as well. He'll want to try out something new, not shying away from a bold display of affection in unexpected places outside the four walls of your comfort zone. He needs to feel charged up and sexually drawn to pursue someone with dedication. The Sagittarius man will fall hard for a woman who enlivens him and brings out his wild character between the sheets.

7. He prefers a strong and independent woman

It is important for the Sagittarius man to feel comfortable around a woman which requires him to have a deep understanding of her expectations from a relationship and her life goals. He doesn't appreciate heavy dependence and this is why he'll search for someone independently in charge of her life and strong enough to handle herself without external help. He loves confident women and he'll be invested in her if she is capable of managing her affairs without dumping her responsibilities on him.

8. He hates being controlled or dominated

He has very clear rules for those he allows into his life or gets closer to. He is blunt and straight-forward. He needs someone secure and in whom he can trust and vice versa. If a woman tries to dictate rules and expect him to become her slave, he will be gone in no time. He needs to feel satisfied about knowing your real side before he even confesses his feelings for you. He loves change and if you box him in a controlled environment.

9. He dislikes being criticized

The Sagittarius man will appear too casual even when he is in a committed relationship as he gets too relaxed around the woman he loves. He does not want to be told what to do or advised unnecessarily as he is too confident of his outlook and understanding of himself. If a woman is in the habit of picking flaws and showing his displeasure in all that he involved himself with, the Sagittarius man will be turned off.

10. He wants a compassionate lover

The Sagittarius male desires someone with a big heart and a sharp mind. An easy-going partner who can sacrifice for love. He wants a stress-free life and with a loving and caring woman he will be happy. He needs to feel the dedication and fire in her commitment or he'll be quick to break up and find a better partner. He is a true mate and a companion for life once he runs into a stable partnership. However, if he is lied to or cheated in love, he'll quickly move on.


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