When a Sagittarius Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Sagittarius Man Wants to Marry You!


Were you able to get him to settle down? If so, you have some secrets to share. Because a Sagittarius man willing to get married is a rare event. He is either forced into it or his soulmate comes along. Either way, you are one lucky woman when a Sagittarius man wants to marry you. Or do you want him to propose but he hasn't been doing it? Well, even then, you have come to the right place, since it takes some special magic to get the Sagittarius male to propose marriage.

Let me share with you some secrets about the personality and psychology of the man born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Here is everything you need to know about marrying a Sagittarius man!

How Do Sagittarius Men Act When in Love?

How do you know if you are the one? That he wants to marry you and isn't being forced into it. Only if he is in love with you, can you be certain of this. Here are some signs that tell you if a Sagittarius man is falling in love with you.

He will take on a mature role in the relationship. Usually, Sagittarius men are all about having fun and living their life. But when he is in love, he realises that he has to take responsibilities too. You will see him showing up on time. Offering to give you a ride. And a lot of other things that earlier seemed alien to him.

You become a part of all his adventures. The Sagittarius guy doesn't care if he has a company or not. When he sets his mind on something, he does it. But when he's in love, he just cannot imagine an adventure without his lady love.

He will be your strongest support system. He’s taking on responsibilities you see. This means he will be there for you no matter what. The world can turn against you but he will be by your side. You will note that he never criticises you in public. And supports you even when you are wrong.

He will give you his online time too. When a Sagittarius male is trying to woo someone, he gives them all of his time. But once the thrill of the chase washes away, he takes that privilege back. However, the woman he loves will always have all of his time. That is unless she becomes too demanding.

He is honest and open with you. As a general rule, the people born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are very honest. And can be perceived as harsh too. With the distinction of the woman they love. Because for her, he will give an explanation of why he feels how he feels. And that at times means all the difference.

Sagittarius Man in Marriage: Is He a Good Husband?

There’s a quote about husbands that I especially love. “Revolutionaries make great lovers, but they make lousy husbands”. If you are not aboard the "let’s make this world a better place train" you will be dropped off at the next station.

He is so engrossed with the world outside that he might not show the same commitment to his family. Which can be troublesome for someone who wants a husband who can give his all to the family. You will have to either be of the same worldview as him. Or too patient to manage a household by yourself.

He demands a wise and tactful wife. Because you will be running the family and the marriage. Which, is a good leadership role for someone like an Aries woman or a Leo woman. But if working solo gets exhausting for you then he isn't the man.

The upside is that he will give you all the freedom you desire. The Sagittarius male will never stop his wife from anything she wishes to do. So long as you extend the same freedom to him. Which brings us to our next point.

You CANNOT control his freedom. Sure, he loves you and the kids. But he also has a life to attend to. You will have to give him the reins of his life if you expect him to be happy in the marriage. Because in an unhappy marriage, the Sagittarius man can be disloyal. He is only trumped by the Gemini man in the highest infidelity rate.

But if you can get past all of this, you wouldn’t find a more optimistic, social, loving and caring husband. He is an observer. And his years of exploring the world has taught him a lot. Use his expertise to build your perfect home.

How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Marry You?

If you are ready to go through with this rollercoaster ride, I wish you luck. Now, how do you get the coaster to park? That’s another question. Getting a Sagittarius man to commit is the hardest of all zodiac signs. So, again, you will have to be one tactful woman to get the job done. Here’s some advice on how to go about it.

Don’t expect him to marry early or at the usual marrying age. The Sagittarius guy has to find himself. Until he has done that you cannot expect him to settle down. Proposing marriage in his 20s is just not something the Sagittarius man does. So, be patient.

Tactfully, get him to start thinking about marriage. If your Sagittarius male has hit the 30s mark, then you can start your campaign. But you will have to be very subtle about it. If he feels even for once that you are trying to trick him, he will walk away. Not only from the idea of marrying you but also the relationship.

One way of being subtle is to have intellectual conversations on everything related to marriage. If there is one thing he loves more than his adventures, it's to debate. If you can start a smart debate on anything related to marriages and weddings, he will be interested. This is your opportunity to influence his mind. Make sure all your arguments are well-formed.

Make him realise that you are the only woman he needs. There are a few things that all Sagittarius expect from their partners. Freedom, spontaneity, an ability to understand them and lots of romance. Add to this the individual requirements of your Sagittarius male. And make sure he knows that he has a prize in you.

Signs a Sagittarius Man Wants to Marry You

We’ve played by the book and now it’s time to reap the results. You can tell that a Sagittarius man is going to propose if you see these signs.

You will notice a new found interest in marriage in him. When a Sagittarius guy has an idea, he cannot stop talking about it. So, he will be the one to start the conversation on getting married.

He will start giving you surprises. This is his way of preparing you for when the proposal happens. And also, his way to channel his excitement somewhere.

You will start to hear rumours from common friends. He just won’t tell you but he can tell the rest of the world. He will tell his friends about his plan. And if you have some friends with a big mouth, they will let you know.


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