Are Sagittarius Men Loyal in Relationships?

Are Sagittarius Men Loyal in Relationships?


Sagittarius men have a bad reputation when it comes to relationships. Well, to be fair to everyone else, they have earned this reputation. Sagittarius are not your typical boyfriends and girlfriends. They don't subscribe to the terms and conditions of a normal relationship. They have their own way of doing things. So, if you go into a relationship with them with set expectations in mind, you will set yourself up for a major disappointment. And that is how trouble begins in their relationship. Which many times end in a cheating scandal. So, does this mean that Sagittarius are incapable of loyalty? Do all their relationships end with infidelity?

We explore that and a lot more in this article on Are Sagittarius men loyal in relationships!

Can Sagittarius be loyal?

It's imperative to start by asking “Are Sagittarius guys loyal?”. Loyalty is not limited only to relationships. People who are not loyal, remain that way in all their relationships. So, what about the Sagittarius?

Sagittarius can be extremely loyal to those close to them. You don't need to take my word for it. If you have a Sagittarius friend or know someone who does, you already know how loyal they are. It is only a matter of being close to them.

A Sagittarius man's loyalty is directly proportional to his love for you. The more devoted he is to someone, the more loyal he is. The reason why people doubt this so much is because they don't play by their expectations. They won't shower you with displays of affection all the time. In fact, they can seem pretty distant most of the time.

It is people who can't keep up with them who lose favor with the Sagittarius male. Those who don't understand them often tend to fall out with them. Sagittarius don't expect much. They just don't follow the same rules as everyone else. And this can be confusing to many.

How can you tell if a Sagittarius man is in love with you?

If a Sagittarius guy's loyalty is directly proportional to his love for you, then how do you know whether he feels that way for you or not? Does he mean it when a Sagittarius man says he loves you? Here are some signs that will help you figure things out.

The Sagittarius man keeps no secrets from the woman he loves. You will never find a reason to doubt him. He will keep nothing from you. In fact, he will be brutally honest. Especially when it comes to things related to himself. And if you ever feel like he hasn't told you something, you only need to ask.

He will shower you with compliments. They don't make grand gestures. But even they can't help themselves when it comes to expressing love. The Sagittarius man shows his love by boosting the confidence of the ones he loves. He will always appreciate all the amazing things you do. And his criticism will always be constructive.

He will go out of his way to make you a part of his life and adventures. Sagittarius men don't wait around for anyone. They don't care about keeping a company on their adventures either. But if he expresses a desire for you to be a part of all the new things he's doing, then he certainly loves you. He might not be like other boyfriends. He might not talk to you all the time. But he certainly will never leave you behind.

He might not seem like he pays attention, but he knows all the details. Sagittarius males like to participate through observation. He won't get involved in conversations much. He won't act like he knows everything. But when the time comes, he knows you more than anyone else. Because he notices everything about you. This is how he expresses love.

Do Sagittarius guys hide their feelings?

The conversation now brings us to the next big question, what about the Sagittarius man's feelings? Does he have any? Does he hide them? Well, the answer to the last question is yes and no.

On the surface, the Sagittarius man is extremely expressive. He loves to put people at ease. To do that he makes grand displays of affection. He will make loud proclamations of his love and affection. But there is not enough weight to all these claims. These are just words and everyone knows that.

The Sagittarius rarely express their true emotions. Especially not in words or grand gestures. It's the small things in which you will find his love. How he never leaves you behind when embarking on an adventure. How he always takes your advice on important matters. You will feel the difference between how he treats you and others. The difference is significant.

How to know if a Sagittarius man is cheating on you?

We have established that Sagittarius men are not disloyal. They can be loyal to their loved ones. Yet, many of them end up cheating on their partners. And you wouldn't be wrong to wonder if your Sagittarius man is cheating on you. But how do you know for sure? Here are a few signs that will help you figure out.

The most obvious sign is that he will not include you in his adventures. He can take a few solo incursions every now and then. Maybe he wants to have a boys' trip with his friends. But if he has altogether stopped asking you to join him on his adventures, you might have reason to suspect that things are over.

He will sneak around. Sagittarius men are the classic cheaters. He will probably do everything that you have heard about men who cheat. He will sneak around behind your back. Go on long unexplained trips. And be a no show for long duration of time.

He wouldn't even take out any time for you. Those days when he would do anything for you seem like a distant memory now. Anytime you ask for a little bit of his time, he will tell you that he's extremely busy. He will have time for everything else, but you.

His disinterest will manifest itself in passive aggression. Sagittarius hate conflict, which is why they are good at resolving it. But when they don't want to engage with someone, they can lose their cool. Which is what will happen with you if he's cheating on you. And his frustration will become passive aggression.

Your presence will bore him if he isn't in love with you anymore. Sagittarius males can't spend even a second will people who don't excite them. If he does put up with you for a while, he will be despondent all the time. The pain he is feeling in spending time with you will be visible in his demeanor.


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