What is Sagittarius Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Sagittarius Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


Sagittarius is the only zodiac sign that is represented by a mythical creature. Forever aiming for the stars, wondering what lies above and beyond. While on the downside, ignoring what is right in front of them. It must be an amazing and yet, frustrating experience to be a Sagittarius. The reason why we look at the symbols of zodiac signs is to understand their origin stories. Only by looking at the past can we truly understand the present. So, what does mythology say about Sagittarius? What is the Centaur looking for?

We answer all these questions and more in this article on the Sagittarius spirit animal, its symbol and their meaning in astrology!

What animal does Sagittarius represent?

Many zodiac signs are represented by animals in astrology. The Aries’ Ram, Taurus’ Bull, Cancer’s crab, Leo’s Lion, Scorpio’s Scorpion, and Pisces’ Fishes. It is a common misconception that Sagittarius is represented by an animal. Sagittarius represents Centaurs. A centaur is a mythical creature that has a human torso and head in place of a neck on a horse's body. Whenever you hear about an animal being associated with the Sagittarius, chances are that they are referring to a spirit animal. In the next section, we will look at that.

What is the Sagittarius spirit animal?

The concept of a spirit animal entails a connection between personalities. The personality of the individual and their spirit animal. So, naturally, all Sagittarians cannot have the same spirit animal. There are different types and nature of Sagittarius. Therefore, there are a few animals whom the Sagittarius Zodiac sign can identify as their spirit animals.

The most popular is the cat. Just like a cat, the Sagittarius doesn't concern itself with all kinds of people. People usually misunderstand cats to be mean-spirited. The truth is that they only invest their emotions in those people who deserve it. Cats are just as free-spirited as the Sagittarius natives. Neither of them concerns themselves with the bondages of society. Apart from that, like the Sagittarius, cats are curious and independent.

The free-spirit and fast-moving horse is another animal that resembles the Sagittarius in spirit. Sagittarians live life at a pace, unlike any other zodiac sign. They are always ahead of everyone else. And so is the horse. The horse's intelligence sets it apart from the crowd. The same can be said about intellectual Sagittarius. The horse doesn't stop till it reaches its destination. A Sagittarians passion for their ambitions is much the same.

Why is the Centaur the symbol for Sagittarius?

There are several stories around the association of Centaur with the Sagittarius. The zodiac sign itself is represented by the Sagittarius constellation.

The constellation is said to be representing the centaur, Chiron. Chiron, the kind centaur, who taught medicine, music, hunting and prophecy. A friend of Hercules and teacher of many great heroes like Jason and Achilles. In the end, it was his friend Hercules who led to the demise of Chiron. While on a hunting trip, Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with a poison arrow. Chiron didn't die from the arrow as he was immortal. Soon after, Hercules chances upon Prometheus who has been imprisoned by Zeus for giving the gift of fire to the mortals. Prometheus cannot be set free unless someone else takes his place. that is when Chiron decides to replace Prometheus. Chiron was allowed to die and he was immortalized in the stars.

Another version of the Sagittarius constellation’s mythology comes from the Sumerian side. According to Sumerian mythology, it was Crotus, the son of the God Pan, whom the Sagittarius constellation is dedicated to. Crotus was a satyr who looked after the nine Muses, the daughters of Zeus. As Crotus was close to the muses, the requested Zeus to immortalize him in the stars. However, it is the Chiron story that is the most widely accepted version. Hence, the Sagittarius constellation is said to represent a centaur.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius: Meaning

Sagittarius is the 9th sign on the karmic wheel made of the 12 zodiac signs. Sagittarius finds itself clubbed with Aries and Leo in the elemental group of fire. The passionate and larger than life personality of the Sagittarius is a result of the influence of its element. We will talk more about this in the next section.

Sagittarius also finds itself in a group of signs called the 'mutable signs' of the zodiac. This grouping is done based on personality traits and had three groups: fixed, cardinal, and mutable. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces all constitute the mutable signs. They are the thinker and the philosophers. The intellectuals, if you will. They represent the completion of a different phase in a human being life. Or the beginning of a transition.

Sagittarius' personality is also influenced by its ruling planet, Jupiter. Jupiter impacts their affinity for knowledge and education. The men and women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign love to travel and explore, all thanks to their ruling planet. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, magnanimity, and spiritual personality translate really well in the people of this zodiac. They are fueled by a passion for life. The phrase 'high on life' was probably used by or to describe a Sagittarius. In their pursuit of the unknown many ties, they tend to ignore the known. This causes a lot of disturbance in their personal lives. However, one way or the other Sagittarius men and women find people who can keep up with them. Sagittarius do not believe in stopping to take a breath. Being born in this zodiac sign means to always push the limits, to look for new horizons, and to make use of the life that we have.

What is the element of a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is in the esteemed company of Leo and Aries is the fire sign category. The eternal fire, that consumes everything in its path. But the very element that helped humans become who they are. Such is the power of fire, without which there would be no human civilization.

To the signs that identify with it, fire imparts a passion as strong as its heat. Sagittarius knows not when to quit. They are never satisfied with the answers that they have for the always have more question. More interests. More, more, more. when they make a decision they never back down. They are excitable and impulsive. They act and then think. Any time someone runs a plan by a Sagittarius, they are in. adventure calls to them like a purpose of life.

They flare up when inspired or in a moment of passion. Their energy is not for those who are weak of heart. Only the strongest of all can handle a fire that is raging. And the Sagittarius fire is always raging. Fire is believed to be the purest of elements in many cultures. Fire lends a purity of heart and mind to its signs. This can clearly be seen in a Sagittarius who never harbors any malice towards anyone. There are far better and meaningful things for a Sagittarius to engage in.


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