How to know when a Sagittarius woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Sagittarius woman is done with you? 10 Signs


It is tough keeping up with the dynamic Sagittarius woman. You are not alone if you can't understand the pace at which she is moving. And for most things, you don't even need to keep up with her. Let her move at her own pace. That's the element she is most comfortable in. However, there are a few things that you might want to stay abreast with. One of them is if she wants to break up with you any time soon. Because just like all the other things in her life, she will end a relationship at the speed of life. The time between when she realizes that the relationship needs to end and its actual end is pretty small. So, what are the signs she has lost interest? How does she behave when she falls out of love? To act fast and quick, you need to identify the signs before it happens.

Here's what you can learn from astrology and how to tell if a Sagittarius is over you!

1. She will start preparing you for what's to come

Has she been dropping hints about how good the single-life is? Does she often talk about the woes of being in a relationship? Or has she been discussion life before she met you? Or maybe even how good your life was before you met her? Stuff like this coming from a Sagittarius girl should never be considered idle talk. Especially if it has become regular or frequent enough to take notice. She's trying to give you warnings about what's to come. Because unlike the Scorpio woman, she is completely ok with letting you break up with her. so long as she gets rid of what doesn't bring her happiness anymore.

2. If she tries to get you interested in new things, she might be over you

She must have done this when your relationship was new. Or during the chase. An attempt to get you interested in the things that she likes. Or maybe things that she thinks the two of you can enjoy together. Has that enthusiasm emerged again? If I were you, I would be more cautious than happy about this. She might not be trying to rekindle an affair. But give you the tools that will keep you occupied when she breaks your heart. She will seem very considerate that way. But it's a two-way street. If you have something to keep your mind off of her, she won't have to deal with your heartbreak.

3. If she is flirting around, the Sagittarius woman will move on quickly

Well, she's a flirt. You know that already. Maybe you guys have an agreement that she can flirt around some times. But there must be some ground rules, right? has she been crossing those ground rules? Has it begun to appear that she is trying to get under your skin with her flirting? Or maybe she's just too careless about your feelings that your opinion doesn't matter anymore. You might want to take a better look at the state of your relationship if this is happening.

4. You can tell a Sagittarius woman is over you by her detachment

Sagittarius women are known for their aloofness. They love to be in their own world, unconcerned of what's happening around. But not when something or someone dear to them is involved. They like to stay up to date on everything that matters to them. But if she seems more and more distant towards you, it might be that you are going to be kicked off the list of people she cares about. She wouldn't ask how your day went. Her enthusiasm about your recent projects won't be the same. All in all, she just won't care anymore.

5. She will grow more distant and unsympathetic

Not caring about how your day went is one thing. But not paying any attention to your feelings is another. People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign don't like to concern themselves with the lives of others. So, you won't find them meddling in other people's matters. But her behavior towards you was not like that. Until recently. You might be crying in front of her and she will only give you the bare minimum support that humanity requires her to. she's not interested in knowing what's bothering you. In fact, most of the times, she doesn't even know that something is wrong with you.

6. Her long out of town trips will become more frequent

Sagittarius females live for adventure. You must have hard drives filled with photographs and videos from all those trips that you took together. But you probably won't need any more space. because all the trips that she goes on now are not with you. She's trying new things. Undertaking new adventures. All of which are happening without you. It's like she doesn't even want you there anymore.

7. The Sagittarius female will almost disappear from your life

You rarely see her. She doesn't respond to your texts. She barely texts you unless absolutely necessary. When she's out on her adventures, she won't keep you updated either. It's as if you don't exist in her life anymore. You find out things about her from others. Social media has become your source of news on her. And whenever you try to bring this up a fight about her need for her own life begins.

8. Her evil side will begin to surface and you won't be happy about it

Here's the thing about the Sagittarius women. You might feel that they can be more concerned about the people around them. But it is in everyone's interest if she stays concerned with her own world alone. Her intellect isn't limited to current affairs. There's an evil side to her genius. A side that she uses to manipulate people and make them suffer. Her vindictiveness will begin to show if she's trying to end her relationship with you. And thus, she will begin the mind games.

9. Your efforts at reconciliation will be met with indifference

Being the mature one, the one who cares, you would want to mend fences. There are so many things that you can do to get the Sagittarius woman back. And some of them might work if you can act on time. However, if she's indifferent to your efforts, she is long past the reconciliation stage. She will make a superficial effort to make things work. But you will know her heart is not into it. The only thing she cannot do is everything that she doesn't want to. Now, she's just waiting for the right moment to end things and move on.

10. She will break-up with you

She may simply skip all the other 9 signs and jump to this one. Sagittarians are not known for their patience. The Sagittarius woman doesn't waste her time on something for which she sees no future. She will fight tooth and nail for a man she loves. But when a Sagittarius woman is done with you, she wouldn't waste time holding on to the relationship. So, when she breaks up with you, know that it is for good. From this point on, only a lucky few can turn things around. So, act while you still have the chance.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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