What to Do When a Sagittarius Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When a Sagittarius Woman Ignores You?


When a Sagittarius woman starts ignoring you and gives you the silent treatment, she will try to express her feelings in many ways. Your attention is important to her, and if she is not satisfied with your relationship, she may decide to spend less time with you in person. You will find a change in her behavior. It is possible that this may mean that she is done with you or doesn't have the same feelings for you, but it may also be for another reason.

Here are some astrological insights that you need to know if a Sagittarius woman suddenly ignores you, is being cold and acting distant! Let's see what it means and how to deal with such situations.

My Sagittarius woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

The sudden ignorance from anyone can be a real shock. When you don’t know the reason, it may make you restless. In the case of Sagittarius women, ignorance can take different forms. Let’s see what that ignorance could mean.

She needs some space. The most common reason for Sagittarius sudden ignorance can be her need of having her space. She loves to do things she loves and for that, she needs the time of her own. It is possible that she wants to enjoy her own company for a while and that’s why she is ignoring you.

She is hurt or upset. A woman born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is very much reserved with her emotions. She doesn’t want to express her anger, stress or sadness by throwing things at you. The only possible way to deal with these emotions is keeping herself away from the person who has hurt her. It is highly possible that she is trying to get hold of the situation by ignoring you.

She is bored of you. A Sagittarius female likes adventures and mixing up with people, but if you ask her not to do what she likes or if you don’t accompany her in such adventures, she might get bored of you. She will try to adjust in the beginning but when things go out of her hand then ignorance is the only option left for her.

She is done with you. The extreme reason can be this: She is done with you or doesn't like you anymore as she used to. The last thing a Sagittarius woman will want is to break up.

How to deal with a Sagittarius woman when she becomes distant?

With ignorance, you will feel that your Sagittarius woman is being distant from you. She may hurt you in the process. There are some ways to deal with this. Here’s how:

Don't pull fights. Pulling fights is the stupidest thing one can do when the other person is already upset. It is possible that you may feel bad and angry when the one you love ignores you. It may make you go into arguments which may lead to fights and quarrels, but you need to avoid all this and be calm and patient.

Stop being too demanding. When a Sagittarius woman ignores you should stop being too demanding as it plants a lot of pressure on her. It will show you that you are being selfish and do only care for all what you need. So, give her space and wait patiently.

Don't point her flaws. Even if you want to, control your urge of pointing out the flaws of a Sagittarius woman when she is ignoring you. It may be possible that you have a bunch of things to fire back, but it's not the right time to do that. This may make her dislike you and end the relationship and move ahead.

Send her flowers. You (probably) know the power of flowers on women. This is especially true with women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

My Sagittarius woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

If she has stopped texting you and you want to talk to her again, you should try the following ways.

Keep trying. You may have been overlooked, but it’s also possible that the ignorance is because of something else and not you. If she is ignoring you because of you and you haven't reached out, then it may make her feel that the relationship is not that important to you.

Say you’re sorry. You must say sorry to her. It is possible that there's no mistake of yours, but if you want her back, you can try this. Maybe this makes your Sagittarius girlfriend rethink about and forgive you. This shows the caring side of you.

Send funny videos. A Sagittarius woman adores laughing. You need to make her smile and feel happy. It is possible that she may start talking to you as soon as you get her to smile. Or, it is also possible that she ignores you the first few times and later gives a response to you. You never know!

Go to her place. If you really do care for the relationship, then you must reach out to her place. The chances are high that she will consider your efforts. This may force her to stop ignoring you or may make her signify why this is ignorance. But she still ignores you, it is high time that you should start giving her space.

Wait for reply. Many times, a Sagittarius woman ignores you because she needs some time and space for herself. There may be something else she is going from in her life. So, it is possible that she may take time to cope with all those things and then again come back to you.

How do you know when a Sagittarius woman is done with you?

When your Sagittarius woman is done with you or doesn't love you anymore, you will get to notice changes in her behavior. It is also possible that you will know from her words and actions that she is no longer satisfied with the relationship. You need to be attentive, if you find this thing then you must try to address her worries before she gets out of it. There are some other things too which will let you know that your Sagittarius woman is done with you, they are listed below.

She is restless. A Sagittarius woman becomes impatient and frustrated when she is thinking about ending the relationship. She believes in moving on rather than wasting her time in nourishing a non-viable relationship. It is also possible that she will become aggressive and start focusing her energy on her career.

Become increasingly cruel. Random disagreements may become violent arguments, and she will insult or offend you. She will try to push you away with her abnormal behavior. She may speak to her friends about you, so they treat you in a similarly rude manner as she does. And if you are a thing of a 'tit for tat' situation that probably she will let you know about she feels for you and will end your relationship.

Has become irritating. If she has decided to end your relationship, she won’t become the bad guy. She will change her behavior and will make you feel that you should remove yourself from your relationship. She will keep doing this until you don’t end up with the relationship.

Absent and negligent. She may have decided to break up with you, without considering you or informing you about her decision. She will stop sharing her feelings and thoughts with you. She will stop answering your messages or calls and will also disregard in person. That is she will stop putting her attention toward you. She will start to be absent for whatever you two have planned together.

Sagittarius natives are emotionally reserved and that makes it difficult to know what they are feeling. Though a Sagittarius woman loves adventures and making friends, she is equally concerned about not showing her emotions. If she ignores you, that could possibly mean many things. You need to analyze the situation well to know exactly what has happened to react properly in order to get her back.


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