How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Sagittarius Woman Jealous?


The Archer woman ruled by Jupiter can be a control freak even though she is known for her love for freedom in her personal space. ​Are you trying to attract a Sagittarius woman or get her back after a breakup by making her jealous? Can it help and how will she react? What is the dark side of the Sagittarius female?

Astrology has secrets to reveal about this woman, her heart and her psychology! Here are a few things you need to know if you want to make a Sagittarius woman jealous!

Are Sagittarius women jealous and possessive?

While the Sagittarius woman is perhaps one of the least dependent and clingy among the other signs of the zodiac, she is overly overprotective about her life. She believes she has the right to decide on what concerns her and she might not approve of those who refute her opinions. She is straightforward and won’t mince her words while teaching those a lesson who hurt her with lies.

If their emotions are toyed with or she is backstabbed, she will put up a brilliant act like the relationship never existed in the first place. They are usually open-minded and friendly but if the fan of jealousy is flamed too bright, the fire may take much effort to be put off. They want to be appreciated for exactly who they are. Rather than forcing Sagittarius women to blend into molds that please others at the cost of their happiness, she feels the need to be accepted for her uniqueness.

What makes the Sagittarius woman jealous?

Highly competitive

The Sagittarius women are dreamers and also achievers. They enjoy their lives thoroughly, reluctant to leave any room for regret. They also like being with partners who motivate them to win. They are so competitive that they could use all avenues to fight for what truly appeals to their heart. A Sagittarius woman will never entertain a third party in her relationships. She is protective and possessive. She is intolerant of anyone who eyes her prize.

Very private

While the woman born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is social and enthusiastic about her goals, she loves to keep her personal life a secret without revealing too much. She is uncaring of others’ opinions and does exactly what she pleases without a doubt. She is stubborn when she decides on something. It is hard to defer her from a path that she has chosen for herself. It drives her crazy when someone tries to take her place or exert their importance over her will.

How the Sagittarius woman shows jealousy?

Flirts with others

The Sagittarius woman is courageous, She doesn’t fear making bold moves. She likes to live her life on the edge. She won’t waste her time in deep introspection rather set off on a dating spree. In effect, she starts imagining situations of being cheated on with another female. This escalates problems and makes her vindictive. Her jealousy is fiery and she will move mountains to give someone a taste of their own medicine. If she is dumped, she will be on the lookout for her perfect mate again instead of dampening her energy and accepting defeat.

Exerts her independence

Sagittarius and Gemini are easy going when in relationships. The Sagittarius woman may deliberately take up tasks that she knows annoys her partner if she is in the mood to exert her jealousy. Dreams that were suppressed for too long may become her mission again. She may just disappear without a warning. The Sagittarius woman hates to explain herself to anyone who may not understand. She may not keep any form of contact alive just to make the other person miss her and crave for her. She may not hesitate to teach him a lesson if the need arises. To her, life is about seeking pleasures so she may not settle down easily.

Dramatic moves

The Sagittarius woman loves some drama in life. She might face some difficulty in controlling her temper. She may create a scene and indulge in substance abuse to numb the pain or fill the emotional void until she has a vision that is big enough to forget the hurt. She loves taking risks, trying to convey to the world around that she emerged a winner despite the hardships. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find her partying the night away on the day of the breakup.

Offensive words

The Sagittarius woman is very vocal about her pleasures as well as displeasures. In case she is provoked, she won’t stay quiet. She is the least tolerant of those who try and snatch away a share of what’s duly hers. She is a passionate woman who deeply loves her partner and will never shy away from claiming it in the public eye. However, there is also another side to her that may choose to avoid any communication in entirety. In this way she will look for clues about how her lover managed to pull the wool over her eyes. On a defensive mode, she will observe your interest in her and come to a strong conclusion about the fate of the relationship.

Making a Sagittarius woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

The Sagittarius woman moves on quickly. She won’t care any longer if she has no attachment whatsoever. She takes up creative projects and gets involved in her pursuits in no time. She won’t sit back and lament, more so because she may not even take any responsibility for the breakup because she is adamant that she is always right. She is a liberal woman who loves her freedom so much that no amount of tact or emotional pursuance can hold her once she has decided to give up.

Though cold and distant, the Sagittarius woman being a very friendly persona may insist on being friends after the separation. She doesn’t mind staying in touch and benefits or favours from exes may not trouble her much. They are honest individuals and there wouldn;t be much ambiguity around their aloofness. It is easier for them to cut off ties completely than have someone in their lives who dominates and restricts their freedom. Their exit plan may not linger for long, quick to make decisions the Sagittarius woman shall set off on her new adventures in no time.


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