10 Things a Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

10 Things a Sagittarius Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man


The Archer of the Zodiac is a wanderer with a zest for life. Ruled by the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, the Sagittarius woman is trying to search for a meaning to life. The gregarious personality of the woman born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign attracts too many people and this makes arriving at a decision a tricky affair for her. What positive qualities does a Sagittarius want in a man? What are the negative characteristics traits that kill the interest of a Sagittarius woman? What makes a man irresistible to her and what turns her off?

If you want to understand her personality, how to attract her and eventually make her fall in love with you, here is a list of 10 qualities a Sagittarius woman likes and dislikes in a man!

1. Adventurous spirit

The Sagittarius is forever on the move. Even if she is physically stagnant, her mind is traveling. Quite the restless one, she likes a man who doesn’t judge her desire for adventure. The risk-avoiding calculated moves aren’t really her thing. So, someone who could balance her out or just let her be is her true friend and lover is an ideal match for the Sagittarius female. She is fun-loving and playful and expects a man to be her partner in crime, spreading happiness wherever they go. When the optimism and flexibility of a man is married to her spontaneity and fearless spirit, it forms an ever-lasting bond.

2. Craving for change

Boredom is a mood killer for Sagittarius women. Anything monotonous sucks the life out of them, for movement and creativity are synonymous to them. An extrovert who knows how to have fun, makes everyone laugh and takes life as it comes is extremely likeable to a Sagittarius woman. She likes a charismatic man who never fails to brighten up a dull day for her. Even sex life for a Sagittarius woman needs to be coupled with variations and creativity. The fire sign desires a man with a passion for life and wildness in and outside the bedroom, uninhibited and truly adventurous.

3. Intellect

The Sagittarius woman values a partner who has an endless curiosity for knowledge. She is chasing the unknown, diving into troubled waters in order to unravel everything around that seems mystical and piques her interest. She is a student and a teacher who is willing to move a great distance in order to satisfy her thirst for wisdom. The Sagittarius woman appreciates a man who is intellectual and seduces her mind before he lusts her body. She is a confident woman who values the clarity of thought in a man. The idea of dealing with someone indecisive or unskilled at the art of communication is dreadful to her. A blunt conversation with a man who understands her point of view and is also patient to teach her everything that falls in her blind spot is her soul food.

4. Loyalty

Of all values, the woman born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign places a high amount of importance to honesty and transparency in a relationship. She doesn’t mind talking turkey even if the truth is bitter. A man who is able to call a spade a spade will instantly win her heart because she would rarely have the time or the interest to fall party to unnecessary drama. The Sagittarius woman is rarely forgiving of backstabbers. She is vengeful when hurt so when she falls in love, it is a pretty serious business that she invests herself in.

5. Love for freedom

Freedom is her birth right and she wears her independence pridefully. This streak of unrestrained movement allows her to discover the mysteries that there is. With an equally inquisitive mind of a partner, she feels even more powered and inspired to take on tasks worth the risk. She loves a man who doesn’t fear defeat even when confronted with failure. A naysayer is an interest killer for she wants a lover who is ready to take on all challenges and support her when she feels lost.

6. Confidence

Confidence is sexy to a Sagittarius female. A man who is able to light up an entire room with his presence will not miss her attention. She is fond of men who are ambitious and visionaries. He is goal oriented and in charge of his life. In a male with a strong personality, she sees someone who is an equal partner in creating the outcome that they together visualize. She prioritizes learned men who have command over their domain and can voice out their opinions without hesitation. The “never give up” attitude of the Sagittarius woman values a match who fuels her growth and doesn't obstruct her ideas and dreams.

7. Conservativeness

The most dreaded thought of a Sagittarius woman is to be with a man who loves to manipulate and control. If a man showcases rigidity in flowing with situations and taking life as it is, it is sure to put off the fire in the Sagittarius female. To have things his way and commanding conformity to a set of imposed rules will make the Sagittarius woman run in the opposite direction. It kills any kind of attraction she might experience towards him for a pushy and demanding man stagnates life for her, making way for a burning desire to be unfaithful.

8. Critical judgement

A Sagittarius woman needs a man who doesn’t always try to have the perfect outcome off a situation. He encourages her free-spirit. She is looking for newer meaning to everything under the sun and someone with an open heart and mind is surely her muse. A partner trying to clip her wings and judge all that she does without reasoning out her choices is sure to shake her foundation. She is quite strong to wade through the messiest situations and the last thing she wants in her life is to carry the baggage of dealing with a man with parochial thoughts.

9. Insecurity

The Sagittarius woman is happy in the company of someone who doesn’t feel threatened with her social personality. Being distrusted and questioned for her actions creates conflict that she wants to avoid at all times in a relationship. She does have a changeable character but being constantly targeted, misunderstood and shamed can lull a potential romantic connection. Unless a man brings similar values and beliefs to the table, the attraction is sure to fade away. She needs an irresistible mental stimulation for a passionate connection.

10. Heavy emotional attachment

A highly sensitive man with a heavy emotional baggage can kill the lightness and fun that the Sagittarius women like and want to enjoy. A Sagittarius woman is too distracted to commit to something long-term too soon. She wishes for a connection that is based upon a solid foundation friendship and each discover how their brains function. True love needs patience and a sense of security in both partners to surrender with all their heart. However, if the Sagittarius woman still have accomplished business, she may not exactly be in the state of mind to handle the attachment and honor a serious connection.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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