10 Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits you didn't know!

10 Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits you didn't know!


The ninth astrological sign, Sagittarius natives are those born between November 22 and December 21. The symbol for Sagittarius represents the Archer: half-human and half horse. This is a fire sign, which means in astrology that these people are full of energy and enthusiasm. A Sagittarius woman will always keep up with her passion and desire to learn new things. She is highly optimistic and confident. But these are the things everyone probably knows about this Zodiac sign.

Are you looking for some hidden personality traits of the Sagittarius woman? Here is what astrology can reveal us!

1. She is nerdy

If a Sagittarius female has some time, she will go and visit the library and book store, instead of wasting her time somewhere else. She loves to learn new things. Knowing things that interest her is something she always does. Also, she believes that knowledge makes her stronger. Many times, she takes her decisions using what she has learned from her favorite characters in books.

2. Great sense of humour

A Sagittarius is born with a great sense of humour. If you are around her, you can’t be sad or upset for a long time. She is that one person in a group who always makes hilarious comments without hurting anyone. She is the one who always has some funny stories to tell. Not only this, but she is also so creative with her jokes that she always comes up with something new. Her jokes are circumstances based and that makes them unique.

3. Never gets influenced by others

A Sagittarius woman will never get influenced by anyone. This is one of the most outstanding traits of her. This indicates how strong she is. She believes in doing what she wants instead of focusing on what people around her are doing. Independence is her key mindset and she applies it everywhere, even in decision making. She finds herself self-sufficient to do things on her own.

4. She is clever

Fooling a Sagittarius female is a hard task. She is born clever and always strives to improve her wisdom with books, experiences, and even people. If you think that she can be fooled easily, you are wrong because things can backfire in this case. So, even if you are trying to fool her, she will fail your plan.

5. Creative

One of the unknown traits of a Sagittarius woman is her creativity. She can be a great artist if she puts some efforts. Her curiosity to learn many things makes her creative. Wherever she goes, she tries to gather information, learn things, and apply in her life. She is keen on how things are made. Many Sagittarius women are musicians, writers, philosophers, etc.

6. No drama

If you expect a Sagittarius woman to indulge in unnecessary gossips, nonsense drama, and emotional blunders, she will not. A woman born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign does not like any kind of drama in her life. She is more focused on the people who care for her and those who she cares for. Her friend circle is always full of people who are positive and don’t indulge in gossiping. Being an archer sign, she knows what to focus on and what to not. As she is creative and nerdy, she tries to use her time on productive things instead of any drama.

7. Impatient

She has a habit of losing patience. A Sagittarius is a fire sign and she can’t wait. When things come slowly to her, she gets restless. If any project she is working on takes time, she stresses herself a lot. Even in relationships, if she thinks that it is taking a lot of time to get things on the right track, she will not move ahead. This trait of her pushes her into a lot of stressful situations.

8. Inconsistent

Both men and women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are great, but they are inconsistent. They get bored easily and you just can’t keep them entertained. A Sagittarius woman will be keeping switching between things. She is also impatient, and inconsistency adds up. This leads to a loss of motivation in her work. Many times, people label Sagittarius women careless.

9. She promises more than she can deliver

A Sagittarius woman always hopes for the best and has an extremely positive attitude. She thinks that she can do anything. This attitude of her makes her promise more than she can deliver. She loves to keep promises, but due to inconsistency and excessive work she has taken up, she often fails. This shows her another personality trait of being overconfident.

10. Not ready to commit

A Sagittarius woman does not like to fix things. She is used to the sudden changes, dynamic life and always keeps her options open. This holds for everything in her life. Therefore, when it comes to relationships, she is hesitant to commit. She feels fenced by the relationships that are too boring. She always looks for someone who can understand her needs, her nature to go out and be adventurous. But if she finds that one person, she never let him go.

A Sagittarius woman is strong and independent. She has some amazing characteristics like not getting influenced by others, searching for wisdom everywhere, etc. She is self-sufficient in every way possible. Avoiding drama and selfish people saves her time to do productive things. But some of her habits like promising more than she can deliver and inconsistency can push her into trouble.

Relationships are something she feels fenced by. She likes to indulge in love relationships but only when the other person is ready to understand her. Otherwise, she has commitment issues. She likes to be free and independent of the dynamic life.

Everyone has some good and bad characteristics, positive and negative traits. This was all about Sagittarius women's personalities.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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