What to Do When a Scorpio Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Scorpio Man Ignores You?


There are some people who just can’t keep it in. When they are angry at someone they just let it out. Not if they are a Scorpio man though. The people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are known for their legendary abilities to ignore the people who have hurt them. One of my best friends is a Scorpio man and I can assure you: you don’t want to be on his bad side. Forgiveness is almost impossible for him. And he would ignore you like no one ever has. So, What to do when a Scorpio man ignores you, stops communicating, becomes distant or goes silent?

Here are some tips and adivce from astrology to help you out and better understand the psychology of this man!

My Scorpio man is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

Before we begin, we need to understand why does a Scorpio man act this way! On the outset of your relationship, if something like this happens, then the leading cause is only one.

He is confused about something. It could either be how he feels about you or your feelings about him. But no matter the reason, it is enough for the Scorpio man to hide in his shelter, away from your glare.

Or he is angry about something. Here’s a peculiar thing about a Scorpio male who is angry. He might or might not be angry at you. But he’s sure to take it out on everyone around him. And that includes avoiding everyone who cares about him.

If he’s angry at you, it's probably because you hurt him. Think back to an instant where you hurt his feelings. Did you embarrass him in front of his friends? Or said something that could have hurt him? Think hard. This is a sensitive man and he can get hurt easily. No matter what he makes you believe.

Or he’s just being himself. After all that trouble which he put you through, it might turn out that it was for nothing. Scorpio men tend to behave erratically. Mostly its because thats who they are.

How to deal with a Scorpio man when he becomes distant?

What to do when a Scorpio man pulls away? This is the most important part of this process. You need to know the right thing to say or do. Else you might risk losing the Scorpio guy forever.

So, begin by ensuring that he isn’t jealous. Ignoring their better halves also has to do with jealousy sometimes for the Scorpio man. It’s best that you make sure that it isn’t something like that which is keeping him distant. You will know if that is a problem if he starts asking pointed questions. But at no cost should you pester him.

Give him his space to figure things out. If you are eating his brains out all the time then he won’t ever try to rationalize. You need to give him his space to make sense of things. The Scorpio male doesn’t need help coming to a decision. You can only control the external factors.

He might just be busy and not really ignoring you. Are you sure that he is in fact ignoring you? Put it to the test. See if he has the time for you when it seems like an emergency of when it's something urgent. Or just find out from his friends and colleagues if the workload has increased lately.

Be proactive and smart. Don’t give him a chance to get further grumpy. Know the right things to say. And if you don't then don’t say anything. Also, know that this is about him and not you.

Don’t make it about yourself. If you create a hue and cry over his behaviour and become the victim in the situation, he will go further away. Let him have his time and give him the attention he needs.

My Scorpio man stopped texting me: What should I do?

Another way for them to express their dissent is to excommunicate you. He will barely text you and will stop talking to you unless absolutely necessary. He would never carry the conversation farther than what is needed. What should you do in that case?

Try talking about it with him. Make it a very casual conversation. Tell him that it seems he’s been very busy lately. Or that you have noticed he doesn’t text as often as he used to. Don’t make your tone accusatory.

Try being the one who texts first. This will work in your favor in two ways. If he’s angry at you he will appreciate the initiative. If he doesn’t talk despite you taking the initiative then you know something is up. This takes us to the next step.

Give him a taste of his own medicine. Now that you know what is up with him, also know that you can’t force him to talk to you. You need him to come to that decision himself. The best you can do is stop texting him, till he texts you.

But don’t let your emotions show. You don’t need to convey to him that you are not texting to achieve a purpose. Act like you didn't even notice. This way he can’t accuse you of taking the spotlight off of him.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is done with you?

I understand that your concern goes beyond his silence. You are worried if he has lost interest and may be done with you forever. If this is the end of your relationship. Well, if it were, he wouldn’t just be ignoring you... Here are some other signs to look out for.

Not only will he ignore you, but he will also become cold and nasty. He will always say the worst things to you. You will feel in his manner that he is trying to hurt you. Even when you need him he will give you a cold shoulder. And act in the rudest way possible.

You will begin to see signs on disloyalty and lying. I wouldn’t put it past a Scorpio male to cheat on a partner they are done with. Even if he isn’t cheating he would start lying to you. To get out of spending time with you or just for the heck of it. He wants you out.

No matter how hard you try, he won’t maintain more than necessary contact. You will see him online but not responding to your texts. In the worst-case scenario, he will just pack his bags and leave. Scorpio men aren’t know the ghost. But it still is a possibility.

He will lash out on you for the smallest of things. He will always be in a foul mood. Does it seem like nothing makes him happy these days? And nothing in life otherwise is going wrong? Well, then that is just the Scorpio man conveying his frustration to you. Beyond this point, you need to make a decision. Do you want to work it out? Or have you had enough of this man?


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