When a Scorpio Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Scorpio Man Wants to Marry You!


The water sign Scorpio’s ruler Mars is a warrior of the zodiac defending his love against any external danger. He is a passionate lover. Calm on the outside while his fierceness rumbles on the inside. How do you know if a Scorpio man wants to marry you? How to make a Scorpio man propose? What is the Scorpio man’s best love match and who should a Scorpio man marry?

Here's what you should know about this zodiac sign and what astrology can reveal about his personality in love!

How is the Scorpio man as a husband?

The Scorpio man is a dreamy lover who is all in the relationship when he decides to settle down in life. His emotions run deep and he needs a woman who can flow with him wherever he directs. He can be pretty much controlling on the darker side, the level of which will depend on his past experiences. Sex life is truly gratifying when he makes love to the woman of his dreams. He will shower you with romantic downpours but if upset, his detachment could be difficult to dissect. You may try as much but his moods are incomprehensible. He has a soft heart that nurtures and cares tenderly. He is observant and vengeful so any unpardonable behaviour will not be tolerated.

How to know when a Scorpio man wants to marry you?

He introduces you to his inner circle

The Scorpio man holds his family very close to his heart. He cares about them and would ensure that they are never denied that which makes them happy. Given his attachment to his dear ones, he would only introduce them to those he trusts completely. This man has trust issues. He fears being attached to someone and his expectations unmet. His involvement with people is quite deep and unless they honor the connection, he would keep them at a distance.

He is vulnerable with you

To find a Scorpio man engaging in a heart-to-heart connection with someone is a rarity. He fears rejection and being taken for granted is nightmarish. When he is madly in love, he will open himself up. He is emotionally intense. Unrequited love will easily break him, The Scorpio man is truly romantic, his expression of which deserves being told for centuries. Quite intense for the faintest hearts, when he gathers the courage to show you his weaknesses, you are special.

He is possessive

When a Scorpio man sees someone as a life partner, he displays aggressiveness in protecting her. He wants to make sure it is him only who is courting her. He wishes to have her all to himself and no competition is dealt with casually. If he is jealous, the Scorpion’s deadly sting will definitely hurt for a long time. There is no respite from his presence for you may see him tagging with you wherever you go. Marriage to him is a life-long commitment and if he feels a threat around his partner, a full-fledged war is on the cards.

How to get a Scorpio man to marry you and to propose?

Stay independent

The Scorpio man is attracted to a woman who is at the top of her game. Someone who displays strength of character and stands out in the crowd will never miss his gaze. He wants the best for himself and unless he has found his soulmate, he may not settle anytime soon.

Display strong loyalty

Unless a Scorpio man feels safe around you, he will stay detached. You may receive occasional engagements but never fully. He needs to be sure about wherein lies your best interest. Hence, if there is unequal commitment in the relationship, a proposal shall remain a far cry. He is quite forgiving of the past and if you are willing to take a step forward and welcome him with open arms, a happily-ever-after is on the cards.

Avoid being an open book

The Scorpio man is highly fascinated by someone who is interested in anything other-worldly. He loves the mystery of life and unravelling it is a goal which he would keep a secret. He wants a sensitive woman who keeps him on his toes and likes mysticism as much as he does. He likes the chase when he desires someone. Shake things up time and again to avoid monotony.

Reciprocate sexually

A woman who can dive deep with him effortlessly to experience their sexual fantasies will keep him interested. A power couple never tired of emotionally and physically elevating each other shall build enough sexual tension that lasts forever. The Scorpio man rules the reproductive system and sex with him is a passionate encounter that is a saga of complete surrender. With unquestionable faith established, his love interest should be able to experiment and engage enthusiastically.

How to know when a Scorpio man is ready for marriage?

He speaks about a family with you

Despite being accused of an elaborate sex life, he is on the look-out for his soulmate. Sex to him is a physical act unless he finds his perfect match. He needs an irresistible connection that makes him feel understood. He desires a significant other who is deservingly his queen. Once he finds her, he shares his hopes and dreams of a happy family. He wouldn’t hesitate to share his secret wish to be a father to your children.

He is invested in you

The depth of a Scorpio man’s passion is hard to gauge. If he imagines a wedding with you, trust that he already has the details thought of in his mind. An overthinker, he would want to know all that makes you who you are. He seeks mutual validation in his partnership. When he wants you as his significant other, he creates a space where he inspires you and stands with you. He has your best interest. You are convinced that there is nothing else that means as much to him as you do.

Who should a Scorpio man marry?

While the position of other planets provide a better view of the best compatible signs, sun signs are great to begin with.

The best matches for the water sign Scorpio are fellow water or earth signs. The top three zodiacs that make an ideal match with him are Taurus, Cancer and Pisces. Though a Taurus woman’s stubbornness is frustrating, her strength and passion is undeniably attractive. The Materialitic Taurus woman and the non-materialistic Scorpio man are the best examples of how opposites attract when they focus on their common desire for hardcore loyalty and intimacy. Cancer and Pisces are highly compassionate, intuitive and caring signs. They display no inhibition in their mystical escapades with the Scorpio man. Their merger with the sexy Scorpio guy is fairytalish.

Should I fear infidelity?

The Scorpio man is very honest when he falls in love. He wants an equal partnership where both compliment each other beautifully. He doesn't forgive or forget easily. So, if cheated on, prepare to be cheated back. Whatever you give him, it is returned back in due time. Tamper with his trust, it wouldn’t take him much time to philander. He is cautious with his emotions. So, if he has promised you his love, keep your worries at bay.


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