Scorpio Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality

Scorpio Rising Sign: Influence of this Ascendant on Personality


Does it feel like you were born in the wrong zodiac sign? None of the characteristics of a typical member of your zodiac sign seems to be similar to yours. Well, it's not that your sun sign is wrong. This means that you have a strong Ascendant or Rising Sign. If you feel like you identify more with the Scorpio than you do with your own zodiac sign, then this is the blog for you. Scorpio is a very strong sign. Under a weaker influence of the sun sign, it’s not surprising to see the Scorpio Ascendant dictating the personality. But how do you recognize if you are in fact born under the Scorpio Ascendant sign?

Here’s all you need to know from astrology about the Scorpio Rising Sign and the influence of this ascendant on personality!

What is the Ascendant or the Rising Sign?

The natal chart of all human beings is made up of the influence of the various astrological signs when you are born. Your zodiac sign is the sign which is in the House of the Sun at the time of your birth. The Ascendant is the sign that was ascending over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. However, it keeps changing every two hours, which makes the Ascendant sign very sensitive to the time of birth.

Equally important is the fact that the Ascendant sign can sometimes influence our personalities more than the sun sign does. Which is why when trying to understand your personality, the Ascendant sign is as important as the sun sign.

The physical appearance of the Scorpio male and female

There are no defined physical characteristics of the Scorpio zodiac sign. However, there are certain subtle traits that you can look for to spot and identify these people.

Like a typical analysis of someone’s personality, this starts with the eyes. There is a piercing look in the eyes of the Scorpio men and women. To the extent that people under this gaze can become ill at ease. It feels as if they are looking at your very soul.

The next thing to notice is their manner of speaking. The language can be velvety smooth, husky or harshly cutting, the speech slow and calculated or fast and staccato, but what he says will never remove himself. They know themselves full well or at least they think they do. If you praise them, they will agree with you. If you criticize them, they will start questioning your motives.

While the physical appearance depends entirely on the genetics, Astrologer Linda Goodman identifies the following features in the Scorpio males and females: “Most Pluto people have powerful physiques. The features are noticeably heavy or sharp, and clearly drawn, and the nose is quite prominent, sometimes beak-shaped. Ordinarily, the complexion is very pale, almost translucent, and the brows are heavy and knit together over the bridge of the nose. There’s a crackling, electric vitality about the very presence of a Scorpio that gives him away.”

Personality and characteristics of the Scorpio

If you are scared of the Scorpio in your life, I don’t blame you.

There is a surety in their nature which makes them intimidating. If you are close to a Scorpio, you know them enough to not be scared anymore.

Because then you see a sensitive person who lives by the principles. Of course, I mean their own principles. But their definition of right and wrong is completely derived from their own view of the world. One of their qualities that I am always in awe of is their control over their emotions.

No matter what the situation might be, the Scorpios would never reveal their emotions. They are too proud to do that. Ever seen an Aries who hates to make a fuss about things in public? Or a Cancer who doesn't breakdown no matter how strong the slight? Well, they must have a Scorpio ascendant sign. But if you're a sensitive being, never go to the Scorpio to get honest.

Scorpios are brutally honest. Hey, don't know how to sugar coat things. And don't be surprised or hurt when they say something you were not ready to take.

The Scorpio Ascendant Man

There is an irresistible mystery around a man who has a Scorpio rising sign. A lot of it has to do with the conflict between the influence of the sun sign and the ascendant. But in either case, you will be drawn to him.

Once you are near, you will be intimidated and even aroused by the intensity in his character. Whatever they do, they put their heart and soul into it. Even when he engages with strangers there is a strength in his aura which cannot be ignored.

Their strong determination to succeed is trumped only by the Taurus and Capricorn zodiac signs. When the Scorpios set their mind on something, they don’t rest until they achieve it. This trickles into all aspects of their lives.

The passion of a Scorpio man is the talk of legends. They make for some of the most romantic lovers, the likes of which Jane Austen wrote about. But to get that part of his personality out, one needs to cross the rings of fire around all of that.

The Scorpio Ascendant Woman

If there were ever a woman who felt the disadvantage of being a woman in this man’s world as strongly as the Scorpio woman did, she would get her gender reassigned. It is only the strong feminine Scorpio who can take the challenges of being a woman and live them with utmost grace and elegance.

She will carry out with perfection any role that she is cast in. A mother, a daughter, an employee, a boss, a friend. There’s nothing that a Scorpio female can’t be successful at.

And because of this reason, she hates people who dare to underestimate her. It's just a result of her general distaste towards the stereotypes against a woman. But it is also the surety she has about her own abilities. But all of this doesn't mean that she is intimidating like her male counterpart.

She is a Goddess of the art of seduction. Unlike the Aries, Leo and Sagittarius women, she can subdue her drive and charm any man with her ladylike air. Combine this with her strong resolve and you get the woman that gets closest to perfection.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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