How to know when a Scorpio woman is done with you? 10 signs

How to know when a Scorpio woman is done with you? 10 signs


There are so many shades of an angry Scorpio woman. It is really hard to know what her mood is like, even harder is knowing what her disposition towards you is. Because the moment a Scorpio female gets angry at you, she will start talking of never seeing you, ever again. But that's the heat talking, not her. However, that is where the trouble begins. It is really difficult to tell when she goes from being angry at you at the moment to actually never seeing you ever again. How do you know when she is not interested in you anymore and want to break up? How does she behave when she falls out of love?

If you have hit a rough patch with the Scorpio girl in your life, here's how you know when a Scorpio woman is done with you!

1. If she no longer listens to reason, she's getting over you quickly

The Scorpio women love to dance to their own tune. They rarely let other people tell them right from wrong. Doesn't sound like the Scorpio woman you know? Well, that's because she only makes an exception for the people she loves. However, if that love is waning, she will treat you the same as everyone else. This means that she will no longer pay any attention to your inputs. Any time you try and stop her from doing something irrational. Or try to show her the right way of doing things, she will lash out at you. Or straight out ignore whatever you tell her. In other words, your opinion will no longer be of value to her.

2. Oppressive behavior is a sign a Scorpio woman is losing interest

The Scorpio female is inherently oppressive in nature. The men and women born under the Scorpio zodiac sign love to dominate. But their treatment of their loved ones is different. If she is angry at you, the best way to pacify her is to do things her way. But if she's thinking about ending things, then she won't even let you breathe the same air as her. She will start fights over small things that are not happening the way she wants them to. It will feel as if she's trying to fix you. There is some truth to it because this is her last attempt at making the relationship work. She does it by trying to correct the faults she sees in you.

3. She wouldn't mind if you ignore her

If you know a Scorpio woman, one thing is certain, she hates being ignored. Cannot stand it. She will burst into flames if you ignore her. But lately, it has started to seem that she appreciates being left alone. For starters, she will be the one ignoring you. If you try to tackle that with ignoring her, it wouldn't have any effect on her. She doesn't even seek you out any more. To the extent that it has begun to feel like you don't even exist. Your actions don't affect her any longer. And there is always a lingering feeling that she wants to get rid of you. The farther you stay from her, the better.

4. Her cutting remarks will show that she is over you

Scorpios have a pleasing disposition. They might not be the nicest person in the room. But the certainly will the most well-mannered ones. However much they wish to be otherwise. Obviously, they are just as nice to their loved ones. Yet, when a Scorpio woman is done with someone, she makes sure that they know exactly what she thinks. Her sarcasm laden comments might give you a sense of what I mean. She will pass snide remarks. And do all the things that will make you feel bad.

5. The will to seek revenge will still be there

If you think that forgiveness will prevail once she is done with you, you are wrong. Of course, this is not an absolute sign of things being over for good. Revenge is second nature to Scorpio men and women. So, it's not an alarming sign that she wants to see you suffer. But if you feel like its an overreaction to the situation, then you might want to take cognizance of the matter. There might be a darker motive at play.

6. Her volatile nature should be clue enough that she has fallen out of love

Is she actively seeking out reasons to fight with you? Do you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around her? Is there no end to the anger and the anguish? Well, you might want to seriously consider an attempt to make amends. Scorpios are quick to anger. But even they resist frequent outbursts of it. If her outbursts have become a never-ending barrage of personal attack and insults, there's a serious problem.

7. She will make it a point to flirt with others in your presence

Here's the thing. Scorpio women love to torture the men they have fallen out of love with. She will hit you where it hurts and will do so with extreme accuracy. And a universally accurate way of hurting someone in love with you is to flirt with others. Do not expect her to be considerate about it. consideration is out of this window if things have got to this point. In fact, the biggest red alert is if she is flirting around with people closest to you. or the ones you hate the most.

8. You will never hear from her first

Scorpio men and women tend to be extremely active on social media. at least 80% of them are chatterboxes. But all of them love to stay active on social media. You never need to worry about having to text them first. They do it without instigation. But this courtesy applies only to the people they care about. People they like talking to. Their exes and prospective exes certainly don't make the cut. And if her texting behavior towards you has changed as well, it's a bad sign for you.

9. You will begin to get a sense that she won't put any effort into making amends

Any mature human being believes in sorting things out through conversation. If you did something to hurt her, you would obviously apologize. If you don't know what's wrong, you will try to make amends. In any case, even if the Scorpio female is mad, she will participate in your effort to make things better. But if your attempts have become futile due to her lack of interest, it means she has no intentions of going back. The relationship is over from her end and there is no way you can change her mind now. It is only a matter of time before she breaks things off with you.

10. She will break things off for good

No human born under the Scorpio zodiac sign will ever let their partner break up with them. They will always be the one to break up. If they don't see a break up coming then they will move heaven and earth to get back with that person. Just to be the one to break up later on. So, if the Scorpio has reached a point of no return it is only a matter of time that she will sever ties with you. You can either break up first or bide your time till it happens.


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